Syria: Amidst Obama's brand of pluralism, the Syrian Army, its allies and people stand together.

Syrians gather in the lobby of a damaged apartment block, bearing a poster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (R) and Hassan Nasrallah, south of the Syrian capital Damascus on April 25, 2016
                                                 Image source:  Yahoo News

Diversity, tolerance, commitment and communication.  That was pre-war Syria.  A land where ethnic, sectarian or religious violence was unknown for centuries at a stretch until 2011;  where Sunni Muslims, Shiia Muslims, Christians, Arabs, Kurds lived in perfect harmony ....  the third safest country in the world. You never needed to fear for your life on account of your religion, sect or race.  You never needed to fear getting raped, mugged or held at gunpoint for your wallet.  Today, with the courtesy of the ""first world,"" one doesn't need to fear being a terrorist in Syria.  With more than a hundred pampered terror groups on a murder spree within the once serene and beautiful country, all ambitious killers from around the world are heading to the Levant.  Reminiscent of the convicts' gold rush from Europe to the 17th century New World across the Atlantic.

As the battle in Aleppo (often referred to as Syria's Stalingard) rages on with Al-Quds also playing a decisive role alongside SAA and allies, the styles and colors of Western propaganda are changing like fashion.  With the old neocon tune of striving for "democracy in Syria" getting monotonous and redundant, it's now changed to striving for "pluralism" in Syria.  Subsequently, the brainwashing techniques have been revamped.  Fables flashing across mainstream channels begin with the glorification of White Helmets (buddies of Al-Nusra Front and many other terror groups), that Assad hates Sunnis and the SAA is his "private sectarian militia force."  The fiction continues to paint Syria as a sectarian community and the defamation of the country's national Army and Air Force as a gang of brutal "Shabiha" comprising of Alawite Shiias hunting down and relentlessly bombing Sunnis and Christians .. not even sparing children.

Despite being sandwiched between the two most deadly sources of propaganda,  - the neocons in the West and Zionists of the illegal state - the Syrian Army, its allies and the Syrian people stand together.  Not to forget, it includes the Syrian-Palestinians as well.  With decades of a common cause and common sacrifices, almost the entire community of Palestinians in Syria are behind the Syrian Government. 

The spirit to fight this fitna since half a decade is far from lost.  It's the sheep of the international community who have lost the battle with their media.

A glimpse of the remarkable courage & spirit of Syrian forces, Aleppo Oct.4 in horribly dangerous conditions .. mines, sniper firing, shelling.  A plain message to the world of loyalty to Faith, land and leader and a fight to the end.