Syria October 2016 | Summary of what looks to be coming

                     Image without the caption taken  from Syrian Free Press

Countrywide military operations by the Syrian Army and allies targeting terrorist positions have been successful beyond Washington's expectation. Across Aleppo, Idleb, Deir-Ezzor, Homs, Hama and Daraa, many of America's paid bandits are getting killed; their armored vehicles, ammunition caches, tunnels and car bomb factories blown off. Al-Nusra, Noor Eddin Zinki, Jaysh al-Fateh, Abna al-Sham, Jund al-Aqsa and the professed Al-Murabitin movement are among the ones getting the worst thrashing. "Latest 4 Days in Syria"  at SFP gives a vivid account.

Rising desperation of the three permanent U.N. members (U.S., U.K. & France) for failing to initiate "regime change" in Syria can be a foreshadow of a nightmare most of us would never want to think about. Yes, direct military combat by NATO powers against Syria and its allies, Hezbollah and Iran, and could also include the Kurdish Peoples Defense unit. Whether or not Russia would stand by Syria isn't a million-dollar question. Putin will almost certainly wave goodbye and disappear into oblivion. The entire dreaded scenario isn't simply an opinion. It's a very real threat that looks to be getting uncomfortably close.

The layout of the neocon strategy for eventually jumping into Syria is internationalization of this war. For five years the rogue global powers have made Syria the center of their geopolitical activities and interests, rudely ignoring the country's sovereignty like Syria is a no-man's land in the Middle-East. U.S., Turkey, Britain and France have been brazenly expanding their illegal military operations inside Syria and the U.N. hasn't uttered a word of condemnation. Turkey may have patched-up its relations with Russia, but not with Syria. Many are getting this wrong including a story on Al-Masdar News that Turkey's subtle policy-shift on Syria allows Assad to stay in power until the next Syrian elections. I wish, but facts on the ground don't conform with this sort of unreal optimism. Turkish borders with Syria are still wide open with all essential supply lines intact allowing passage of manpower, weapons and food. Tayyip Erdogan remains an eager a participant of closed-door meetings with EU for replacing Assad with some Saudi fav. Turkey's "policy shift" is a time waster for Syria and little beyond the pipe-dreams of armchair strategists. It sprouts from the fact that sources like Al-Masdar and SFP that are evidently pro-Russia prefer to downplay the resumption of Putin's honeymoon with Erdogan and the vital role of the Russian Intelligence in saving Erodgan's life by undermining the coup d'etat of July 15th. Consequently, painting a nicer picture of Erdogan may obscure Russia's bad decision of normalizing ties with Turkey. 

As the hype of the official media races in full gear, the international community has already swallowed many of its spurious pills and is now quite prepared to accept the news of another Western invasion of a Middle-Eastern country to ""topple Assad the dictator"" .... as soon as the bogus U.S. polls are over.