Activist Post |   Western Charity: The Selling, Trading & Weaponization of Syria's Children.

White Helmets aren't the only bunch of crooks. There are many more similar NGOs based in UK and France such as Light Charity, Fatimiya Trust, Masoom, Baraka City etc. etc. Some of them were genuinely providing humanitarian assistance to Gaza before 2011. But their philanthropic ideology changed drastically after the spring of 2011, their respect for humanity falling to utter disrespect.  All such organizations are attached to a specific terror group (or groups) inside Syria, and all are funded and encouraged by the West. Their prime strategy is using orphaned Syrian children as propaganda tools. Al Qaeda recruits masquerading as Syrians are picked by "charity workers" for phony interviews showing their enthusiasm for the ""revolution."" These so-called charities are infiltrating into Syria by joining aid convoys in Europe and consequently the donations they carry end up directly in the hands of terrorist fighters.

These criminals, impersonating as managers of humanitarian organizations, are all over the online social media posting images of helping injured civilians and getting thousands of thumbs-up from naive friends and  followers.

International terrorists belonging to different AQ factions, each faction having its own title, have their 'recreation camps' in the outskirts of Jordan and Turkey.  They periodically visit these camps for weapon reinforcements and then return to Syria to kill, plunder and kidnap Syrian civilians.  The official media stamps each such episode as "government atrocities."

As abduction and trafficking of Syrian women, girls and children by foreign fighters continues to be a booming business, many new recruits from around the world are hired by phony humanitarians and charities as "rebels" with promises of a 'beautiful bride.' 

Abducted children, women, orphans and the disabled of Syria are paraded in Youtube channels to discredit the Syrian government, cashing in the sentiments of viewers. It's a tactic that has helped many fraudulent charity foundations to gain international public support and loads of money.  Needless to say, that money never reaches the suffering women, children and disabled.

Their sponsors are silently watching the crime market they have have successfully established after downgrading their ambitions from conquest of Syria to dismemberment of Syria.

Very few wars in the history of this planet have caused so much human suffering;  and very few countries or communities in the world have been stifled with the force of such brutal injustice as Syria in the third millennium.

Below is an excerpt from Activist Post. It's one of the most precise summaries of this catastrophic scenario I've read so far, revealing the sordid activities of this huge mafia running with direct Western collaboration in the garb of "Muslim charities."

"It has been over 5 years of US-Saudi and NATO driven proxy war on Syria. Syria’s children have been used, orphaned, slaughtered, abused, abducted, kidnapped, sold by US/NATO- backed al Qaeda groups and ISIS/Daesh also within the outskirts of refugee camps in Jordan/Turkey/Lebanon. Syria’s children have been sold to Saudi pedophiles touring refugee camps, sold to organ traffickers, used as human shields, used towards fabricating Syrian government and Syrian army atrocities .... countless have had their organs harvested or forced into prostitution.

No voice representing the mandate of the Syrian people is to be heard. The Syrian perspective has been silenced. The communities in Syria who have peacefully co-existed since the beginning of time, united in their grief and fight to eradicate the terrorism brought in from the outside, is whitewashed in favor of a sectarian war narrative describing a “civil war” and “revolution” to which fanatical mercenaries recruited from over 70 different countries are sent into Syria to help implement. Otherwise, this “revolution” would never exist."