White Helmets member & Al-Jazeera journalist Mahmoud Raslan ..

The man openly revels with deadly terrorists while the world sees him as a 'compassionate humanitarian.'


            Above images from:   Off Guardian dot org |  "An ID for Mahmoud Raslan"

Last August 2016 Mahmoud Raslan photographed an injured 5-year-old Syrian child sitting on an ambulance seat, covered with dust with a streak of blood at the side of his forehead after an alleged airstrike with all fingers pointing to the Syrian air force. The image went viral in the social media and all official news sites. Raslan became a hero overnight as a savior of children from "Assad's barrel bombs." He stated, “tears started to drop as I took the photo, I have cried many times while filming traumatized children. I always cry. We war photographers always cry. Last night everyone cried.”

Those must be the strangest of tears ever. Soon after, at least half a dozen images emerged of the previous month, July 2016, showing Mahmoud Raslan gleaming with joy in the company of Al-Zinki child killers who brutally beheaded a 12-year-old Palestinian boy. Raslan admitted his double role in his own words “I would never work with any group that disagrees with my personal beliefs, but sometimes we have to take pictures with them.”

As America scrambles to construct a war crimes case against Assad to help the cause of the final assault, it claims that every injured civilian in Syria to be a victim of airstrikes by Syrian Air Force because the terrorists "don't have air power." Did the US spend $9 billion in five years for sending cotton candy machines to terrorists in Syria? Until now 70,000 SAA personnel have been killed and many more badly wounded by America's armed bandits. Do those US-made Fagot launchers with 9M111M missiles and 9K113 Konkurs missile system fire rose petals?