Yemen Funeral Massacre - October 8, 2016

               Image: Interalex      Inset: The Intercept

According to The Intercept, soon after the funeral massacre WH spokesman Ned Price stated that US will be reviewing its weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, quote “U.S. security cooperation with Saudi Arabia is not a blank check.”   But a quick look at US weapons transaction record with Saudi Arabia and the prevailing US military actions tell us that the statement from Ned Price was a load of hot air;  a momentary response after the embarrassment of a US-made MK-82 bomb fragment with code was caught in camera within the massacre site.

The US has supplied Saudi Arabia with more than $20 billion worth of weapons during its 18-month war against Yemen including tons of MK-82 bombs.  Throughout Obama's 8-year regime, he has sold more than $115 billion worth of weapons (believe it or not!)  to the Saudi coalition, beating the record of all his predecessors.

--  With more than 20,000 Yemenis dead in 18 months.
--  82% of Yemen's 27 million population in need of humanitarian assistance (half of them children).

--  Statistically, a minor child dies in Yemen every 3 hours by Saudi coalition air strikes.  
--  More than 325,000 children dead from preventive diseases. 
--  10,000 children dead in the past 12 months.
--  No healthcare, no water, no food, no electricity (forget about schools and marketplaces).

And now, the 'kind-hearted' Ned Price talks of reviewing that catastrophic "blank check" while the pirates of naval destroyer USS Mason lurk along the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait targeting Houthi coastal positions.  What a cute reprimand from the White House for its beloved rogue Kingdom and its gulf allies.