Jill Stein post-election fundraising scam. Disgraceful would be an understatement.

                          Source of meme:  Huffington Shitpost - Twitter.
Jill Stein is the leader of America's Green Party who ran as an independent getting barely 1% of popular votes.  Since Nov.24 she joined the Clinton bandwagon, fundraising for a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Though Stein admits she has no evidence of election fraud, she continues to support raising money for a recount.
Here is the summary of this $$$$$$$ lover's saga.  She started on November 24 with her fundraising goal at  $2,500,000.  By the end of the same day, Stein had collected that amount and felt she needed $2 million more.  The fundraising goal was raised to $4,500,000.  The following day, November 25, Stein learned she had collected over $4 million.  Even that wasn't enough to quench her greed.  She needed another $2 million;  consequently the fundraising goal again rose to $7,000,000.

In less than 3 days this crook helped herself to $4 million plus, enough to make her bank account look like a fat tom cat!

It's all a part of the raucous to suddenly dump the electoral college because Clinton is leading by 2 million "popular votes." Unfortunately, very few Americans know their own election system well enough to catch their own cheats.  There's a big difference between votes cast & votes counted.  Votes cast are actually the popular votes, not votes counted. As per the country's rules for decades, bulk of popular votes cast after those 270 electoral votes are tabulated. Thus, there's never an evidence of how many votes cast for both candidates have been counted and how many tabulated after the end-game of electoral victory.  Presently, with the glaring bias of the U.S. establishment + media, is  hacking of popular votes in favor of the establishment's fav really more impossible than fair play?

Writes ZeroHedge:  "So, with nearly $5mm raised so far, the question is no longer whether recounts will occur in WI, MI and PA but just how much Jill Stein will be able to drain from the pockets of disaffected Hillary supporters to fund her long-shot efforts."

It's not a matter of supporting any candidate.  When it comes to politics, especially U.S., I see them all as wacky and warped under the crushing pressure of egocentrism plus Zionist political occupation.  None are worthy of my cheerleader spirit.  However, as I've always stated and reiterate, there ought to be an element of logic and decency in every event to bring a semblance of civilization, at the very least.  Not like this.

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