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Monday, November 14, 2016

Summary: Start of post-Obama war-torn Middle-East

                                              Image source:  Avax News

Will the glimmer of hope finally coming from Washington DC materialize into something positive and constructive ending these cruel wars?  The issue is fraught with questions at this point.

                                       Image source:  Same as first one

To cut a long story short ....

A lot depends on how Vladimir Putin interacts with the new US administration, emphasizing that the entire terrorist circle within Syria consisting of some one hundred groups or more needs to be annihilated, not just ISIL. Putin's love-hate-love relations with the House of Tayyip is definitely a potential obstacle, but I hope I'm wrong. Reportedly  Trump's relation with the House of Saud is fractious. Common sense says that may be an encouraging sign for the Yemeni people and a far cry from the 8-year Obama regime gifting the Sauds with $116 billion worth of deadly weapons.  But the path of modern politics is rife with a hidden spirit of mutual give-and-take that stinks so bad and clashes  viciously with the essence of justice as well as common sense.  Thus endless questions loom at that front too. 

Despite the opinion of many observers, we know that the Syrian war is not about gas pipelines nor oil. The real goal is to make the region conducive to Israeli hegemony, to set up an Israeli friendly rule (and Israel sees Al Qaeda as its perfect choice, no matter which group), to dismember Syria and consequently dismember the Resistance which would also result in a weaker Hezbollah and a weaker Iran.  Though much less enthusiastic about wars than the Clintonized DNC, Trump too has made a few cursory insinuations on Assad as "not a good man."  Whether he said that to promote his election campaign OR over genuine concerns for Tel Aviv and U.S. rightism will be proven after January 2017. 

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