Want to know how Britain brought "democracy" to pre-revolution Iran?


The man on horseback is the British ambassador in Tehran in early 1920s.  The man standing by the side is Reza Khan Ghazagh, the father of the late Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi of Iran (who was kicked out in the 1978/79 homegrown revolution).  Reza Khan Ghazagh, as can be seen in the picture, was the groom of the horse ridden by the British ambassador in Tehran.  Reza Khan Ghazagh's  job was to take care of the British ambassador's horse.  This horse-servant was made the "king" of Iran by the British intelligentsia by toppling the Qajar dynasty and establishing the "Pahlavi dynasty" in 1925. 

For their own selfish reasons, it was again the British along with the Soviet Union which forced this horse-servant to abdicate in 1941 (soon after the start of WW2) and brought his son, Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi, on the throne who ruled for a brutal 38 years until 1978 when he was given the boots by the Iranian people. 

Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi's eldest son, "prince" Reza Pahlavi II, is living in luxury in exile in the United States of America since the past 30 years on the billions of dollars his father stole from the Iranian people.  This utterly stupid and shameless grandson of the man who used to clean the feces of the British ambassador's horse, still calls himself a "crown prince" and the "successor" of the "Pahlavi dynasty."  Despite knowing how profoundly the Iranian people hate the Pahlavi family, this man - a "prince" in his own dreams - is determined to forcibly rule his country again on his father's footsteps.  The so-called puppet prince in exile has gone to the extent of begging Israel to increase its co-operation with the Iranian opposition which includes the terror organization MKO. 

Reza Khan Ghazagh, horse groom, first "king" of the Pahlavi dynasty and father of the deposed Shah of Iran.

The deposed Shah of Iran, self-declared "shahinshah" and son of the horse groom, Reza Khan Ghazagh.

"Prince" in waiting, desires still unfulfilled, hated and loathed in his country - Reza Pahlavi II, son of the deposed Shah and grandson of the horse-groom.

This is how the West chooses its dictator-puppets when it wants to steal a country's wealth and destroy its sovereignty with the title of "bringing democracy" to that country.