AKP's Turkey, the land of boundless hypocrisy. Some more loathsome stunts.

On December 26, as Sumeyye Erdogan Bayraktar (daughter of the ruthless  dictator) spoke at  Islamic Circle of North America or ICNA claiming Ankara was "weeding out attackers of democracy,"  back home her father's Government was doing exactly that ... attacking democracy and they were never "weeded out."   A canteen worker at Hurriyet was arrested by Turkish security forces because he allegedly said he would not want to serve tea to Erdogan.  By the way, ICNA is a hub of Wahabis promoting the terrorist invasion in Syria.

Same day, Tayyip Erdogan put up the best demo explaining the phrase 'pot calling the kettle black' when he blamed the United States for supporting Daesh.

With only 3 weeks left for Obama in office, it isn't difficult to read the intentions of his rogue friend in Ankara.  Erdogan is cooking some foul tricks so he can get just as cozy with the new U.S. administration.  He is denouncing his ex ally, AQ-Daesh and elevating the status AQ-AlNusra whom he calls "FSA" (as if the two are any different), hoping that the incoming U.S. president may appreciate his move to support "FSA."  Only time will tell how Trump  perceives this scam (which may largely depend on Putin's feedback who isn't too forthright either).  It's vital for Erdogan that Trump responds favorably.  The nosy Turkish dictator is currently focused on the Syrian town of Al-Bab (north of Aleppo City) which is still under  Daesh occupation.  He is desperately trying to transfer the occupation of Al-Bab from Daesh to Al-Nusra ("FSA").  If he succeeds, "FSA" may accept him as their boss in Al-Bab ... taking him a step closer to the image of a victorious pasha he has been fantasizing for the past 6 years.  But it's proving to be an uphill task where the pasha is the lead character at the center two major AlQaeda terror groups.  A week ago Daesh killed 18 Turks and looted a load of ammunition.  Much to Erdogan's embarrassment, Turkish forces admitted that when the "moderate FSA" are face-to-face with Daesh, they flee leaving the Turkish army to handle the fight.  In  other words, Al-Nusra isn't showing much enthusiasm confronting Daesh along side Turkish forces.  Hopefully, as time progresses, the fecal cesspool will get stickier and deeper for the pasha.