Western govts and Turkey couldn't care a damn for civilians. Their only concern is safety of terrorists.

Head spinning propaganda is being unleashed by heartbroken Western powers on the defeat of the proxies they trained, armed and funded. Retaking of occupied Aleppo by Syrian forces is being distorted as “fall of Aleppo.” U.N. calls it “uncompromising military victory.” Official media is on complete denial and is dealing with its grief with lies over lies over lies. Absurdities have gone to the extent of posting screaming headlines on “summary executions of women and children” by Syrian Army, its Hezbollah & Iranian allies and Russia. These gory fantasies abound despite the fact that numerous images and video footages have appeared (many shown by the mainstream media itself) of civilians walking  towards territories controlled by Syrian government forces, unruffled and untroubled.

As losers keep leeching on, Turkey is planning another ‘negotiation’ between terrorists and the Syrian government in Kazakhstan for "regime change" in Syria.

There is one good news for the West though. Kerry, who had been running helter-skelter to secure safe passage for Al-Nusra from East Aleppo, has achieved what he wanted. Aleppo ceasefire negotiated between Lavrov and Erdogan fulfills Kerry's wishes. It does not represent the consent of Syria nor her allies - Hezbollah and Iran. Thousands of AlQaeda terrorists from East Aleppo have been whisked away to safety inside Turkey instead of trials in Syrian military courts & execution for their unprovoked aggression and numerous, hair-raising war crimes on Syrian soil. Presence of the Syrian Army in East Aleppo is a huge relief for civilians. Yet, the permanency of the liberation of Aleppo is doubtful.

After the victory of the Syrian forces in Aleppo, the panic-stricken Father of Terrorists U.S.A. has decided to arm the Mother of Terrorists AlQaeda without any restrictions. According to former U.S. diplomat, Jim Jatras, "U.S. is handing out arms like Christmas cookies to preserve terrorist assets in Syria." Watch the video.