Ankara: Assassination Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov - December 19, 2016

Pro-government Turkish sources are releasing a volley of misinformation claiming Mevlut Mert Altintas was a Gulenist, he was involved in the July 15 coup and fired from his job, that he was secular and so on. The absurdity of the Turkish FM goes as far as directly blaming Fethullah Gulen for the attack.  Such outright lies provide enough evidence of Turkey's guilt of its own foreign policies.   Altintas was pro-AKP and satisfactorily employed in Turkey's riot police force. He was never fired from his job, he was simply off-duty that day. After the shooting, as he hovered around the gallery raving and ranting Al-Nusra slogans and his discontent over the events in Aleppo for almost 15 minutes, even the dumbest of the dumb would know where he came from. Yet there are people who are actually demanding evidence that Altintas was a radical.

Why did it take the Turkish security so long to confront the assassin while the victim lay dying on the art gallery floor?   All reports suggest security was flimsy or none in and around the art gallery.   Security arrangements for diplomatic official engagements are carefully planned, listing and specifying the security officers assigned to be on duty at the venue.   Mevlut Altintas was off duty on December 19.  Obviously he couldn't have been deputed the task of the ambassador's security guard Yet he entered the gallery in plainclothes with a weapon; when the metal detectors bleeped responding to the gun in his holster, he showed his police identification to get through.  No one within the security circles observed Altintas's presence, patrolling the art gallery just a few feet away from the ambassador when he wasn't even scheduled to be on duty.  Some witnesses said there no security scanning machine at the entrance at all.

Anti-Russian sentiments are at an all-time high among Turkish radicals after buying the hyperbole emanating from local and Western media on 'Russian war planes killing civilians in Aleppo.'  Mevlut Altintas's aspiration to die as a "martyr" on the floor of the art gallery after killing the "enemy" was in sympathy with the propaganda paraded in official media.  Though his ties with AlQaeda affiliate Al-Nusra were likely inspirational rather than direct, that doesn't change his status as an ardent AlQaeda admirer.

And oh! The Turkish Hurriyet itself reported today that until recently Mevlut Altintas served as a member of Erdogan's security task force to ensure that no harm came to the Turkish President. Record shows Altintas did serve Erdogan very loyally but turned his gun at Karlov.

Tayyip Erdogan has perfect security to protect himself, even a food tasting lab inside his palace, but how darn easy it is for his own police squad to shoot the ones who oppose AlQaeda!  From Erdogan's perspective this episode resembles a blessing in disguise rather than a "provocation" he keeps repeating.  Vladimir Putin, torn apart between his political sentiments for Turkey and his commitment to eliminate terror, needs to be less smug and more sagacious.  Does he not know who is squarely responsible for indoctrinating and radicalizing the young generation of Turks since the last half decade?

Turkey's foreign policy of Syria has been treacherously dangerous since the past six years.  Recruiting, training and bankrolling the AlQaeda international network to fight the Axis of Resistance and the Kurdish peshmergas has been the AKP government's top priority with welcoming support from its Western and gulf Arab partners.  Six years is a long time.  It has begun taking its toll at home and Erdogan's backyard looks squalid at best.  The AlQaeda ideology has spread like wildfire with hundreds of thousands of Daesh/AlNusra sympathizers among the Turkish youth who staunchly support the ruling AKP.  Tayyip Erdogan's decision to systematically purge the Turkish police and armed forces of Kemalists and Gulenists and replace them with hardline Salafists has created plenty of AlQaeda sympathizers among government cadres as well.  Those decades of harsh secular repression in the past have  helped the proliferation of Erdogan's fantasies still faster among the Turkish masses on the rebound.  Mevlut Altintas may have been acting alone but he definitely isn't the odd one out.  There are be millions in Turkey kissing his images gleefully and fearlessly at present. Reports suggest Altintas's superiors definitely ignored his radical inclinations, or still worse.  Some may have supported him.  The AKP will never crack down on the Salafist circles of Turkey as it viciously did on the Gulenists soon after July 15 of 2016.

Several sick Ukrainians have hailed Altintas as a hero, as have the cronies of Obama and Clinton, and of course the followers of the Al Qaeda school.

But the most pathetic of idiots are the ones who link Erdogan, his radicals and their likes with Islam.  That's like a bunch of street janitors claiming to be rocket scientists. 

Please do NOT slander my beautiful Faith because of people who DO NOT represent it but are using it as a tool and assisting the fake media to achieve its goal.