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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hiding under the Palestinian cause, Daddy of Al-Qaeda officially unveils his status

                                                     Hurriyet Daily

A couple of months ago opinions were afloat that Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey was having second thoughts working on a low key shift in his Syrian policy and that removal of Assad wasn't his priority any longer.  Dead wrong!  Turkish forces have been going amuck in border areas including Aleppo with the pretense of shelling Daesh. That ruse has collapsed.  Recently, Daddy of AlQaeda stated officially that "Turkey entered Syria to end Al-Assad's rule,"    something for which Israel has been desperately waiting.  It's more than pathetic that this man was walking around with a Palestinian kafia around his neck at the lawmakers' conference in Istanbul Nov.30, impersonating as a proponent of freedom and using the Palestinian cause to promote his clandestine plan of Syria, which, along with his Saudi, Qatari and Western partners is a long haul.   Unfortunately, liberation of Aleppo may not lead to a final victory for the Syrian people and their Government.

Days after the Syrian Army and its allies thrashed al-Nusra (aka Fateh al-Sham) in eastern and northern Aleppo, a new group has propped up by the name "Army of Aleppo."   No surprise.  They will keep coming.  Reason for this was provided by John Kerry last October at a joint statement from him and UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson.   Quoting Kerry. "So even if Aleppo were to fall that would not change the fundamental equation in this war because other countries will continue to support opposition, and they will continue to create more terrorists and Syria will be the victim in the end as well as the region."   In Kerry's own words, he plainly admitted that US and its allies will not give up arming and financing terrorists until the West succeeds in toppling the Syrian Govt and dismantling the country by establishing Al Qaeda rule.  Army of Aleppo is the new title given to those same depraved foster brats of America and Britain in order to shield al-Nusra or Fateh al-Sham (whatever you want to call them) as both those labels had gotten too synonymous with Al Qaeda even in the naive minds of the international community.

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