Damascus Governorate Targeted with Planned Humanitarian Crisis by Western backed Terrorists

As the image below shows, Damascus civilians lining up for water.  Water supply was sabotaged by Western-backed AlQaeda, most likely with diesel.  Few days later gas pipeline was also damaged.  WEST  SILENT!    
                          Image FarsNews

Want to know an accurate description of bastardization that emanates from the minds of the sickest perverts? 

Four days ago U.S. ally AlQaeda in Syria dangerously contaminated fresh water springs supplying drinking water to Damascus residents (an old criminal modus operandi tutored by Israel).  Consequently the main water pipeline had to be shut and presently 4 million people in Damascus are without water. Yesterday, those same psychopaths severely damaged gas pipelines that supply gas to residential areas of Damascus.  The AlQaeda SOBs responsible for this Zionist-schooled crime claim to be "New Rebel Military Command for Damascus" (the title apparently drafted by Pentagon) who are supposedly avenging their failure in Aleppo, Homs, Daraa and other formerly occupied territories.   It's not necessary to mention the dire humanitarian crisis Damascus is engulfed in at the moment. 

According to reports, Syrian Government authorities shut the main pipeline promptly before anyone could get hurt and contaminated water did not reach the capital.

Quoting RT
"RT’s Lizzie Phelan spoke to Damascus locals who transport water to residents in cisterns. They are all concerned, and blame 'the terrorists' for cutting off the supply.  Phelan filmed people with jerrycans obtaining water from underground reserves. The people are lucky to at least have them, along with the free distribution of water by the Water Authority. Store prices are exorbitant."

As the civilians of Damascus suffer AlQaeda's bloody-minded environmental terrorism, the FAKE MEDIA is provided with another prize opportunity to sell more of its spurious pills to the insular, thumb-twiddling couch potatoes of the international community.  Get ready for some new 'styles & nuances' gradually surfacing in the misinformation world of fashion ..... something like  "Assad poisons water and cuts off gas to Damascus civilians."

More details @ FarsNews and Press TV.