GCC Summit December 2016 - The most infuriating story of this year

           Image source and original article :  The National

A brothel owner with her band of whores. 

After killing 25,000 civilians in Yemen and injuring many more in 19 months, these depraved detractors are claiming their goal to be "principles of good neighbourliness, strict non-interference in domestic affairs, and respect for territorial integrity"  and then dumping their gory crimes on Iran by dubbing the Yemen war as Iran's "destabilizing activities.

What a blood boiler!

Writes Stop the War Coalition: "It is not surprising that Boris Johnson was severely reprimanded for his recent remark that Saudi Arabia is involved in a proxy war in the Middle East. His statement broke one of the cardinal rules of British foreign policy: do not criticise a hideous dictatorship if it is allied with Britain. Although the UK government is well aware of the fact that Saudi Arabia has provided financial and other support to Daesh and other terrorist groups in Syria and elsewhere, it rigorously avoids any criticism of the Saudis.

More broadly, UK support for the Saudi dictatorship, which is one of the greatest violators of human rights in the world, exposes the British establishment's extreme cynicism and hypocrisy. In fact, as Lindsey German points out "the British government is up to its neck in support for the Saudi bombing of Yemen, to the extent that it is actively involved in supporting operations."