Hard Life Ravages Beauty

The Afghan woman, Sharbat Gula

Images from Diply dot com

First photographed in 1984 at an Afghan refugee camp in Pakistan when she was 11 or 12, her exact age not known. The image went viral on the covers of National Geographic (without the help of the internet social media !!). Next, she was photographed in 2002, married with 3 kids. Reportedly Sharbat led a very difficult and arduous life growing up in a war-torn country and as a refugee. According to her brother she has had only one happy day in her entire life - her wedding day. She was fortunate America's so-called mujahideen (now taliban) didn't attack her wedding party. Though Afghan war is long over, recently in 2016, Sharbat was arrested in Pakistan for allegedly possessing a forged identity card. She was treated with respect and deported to her country.

The first 2 images of 1984 and 2002 taken by Steve McCurry. The third not sure, probably by authorities in Pakistan, a mug shot after arrest for fake identity card.

Sad that tough circumstances didn't allow this young girl with enormous natural beauty to preserve her youth and charm beyond a few short years. The story is a vivid real-life example how difficult times change ravishing looks into ravaged looks. It's something the celebrity media never tells us while publicizing only the other side of life as if beauty is synonymous with a $12 million grooming allowance and a $25,000 Alexander McQueen evening gown.