Israeli Government has banned Adhan in occupied Jerusalem

Bill approved by Zionist Knesset (close ally of Al-Qaeda).

Lately Israel has banned the Adhan (Muslim call for prayer) from several mosques in Jerusalem. Within a few more months it will surely be banned from all mosques. Adhan is a very important part of our religious ritual and an integral part of Jerusalem's historical identity since over 1,400 years.  Illegal Israeli settlers have been complaining that the sound of Adhan disturbs them, conveniently forgetting their illegal status on stolen land and also ignoring that religious Jewish communities use the siren to mark the start of the Jewish Sabbath on Friday evenings which is far louder than the muezzin's Adhan and has a much longer duration.  Minutes before sunset on Friday evenings, deafening eerie sirens wail far and wide across different Jewish neighborhoods. Very often people are forcibly sent home as soon as the sirens begin.  Shops must close and street vendors selling eatables at sidewalks are often told to buzz off even if they haven't yet sold much of their products. Sirens from different neighborhoods often overlap and echo so loud they can blow your ear drums. Not just in occupied Palestine, but these sirens also sound in various Jewish neighborhoods of New York City where the U.S. government has boldly stopped the Adhan but neither the government nor the NYPD have yet been gutsy enough to stop the sirens despite complaints from thousands of mainstream non-Jewish neighbors.

The real and unbearable noise pollution in occupied Palestine comes from Israeli tanks hovering in Palestinian cities, Israeli bulldozers that demolish Palestinian homes, farms and Muslim graveyards, and the six-monthly bombing expeditions of Gaza by Israeli jets.

Yet the Zionist land robbers have the gall to label the Adhan as ""noise pollution."" The truth is that the illegal Israeli settlers in Jerusalem are not disturbed by the sound of Adhan. They resent it because it establishes an atmosphere of Muslim presence in Jerusalem.

The following excerpt from Global Research elucidates the glaring difference between the Israeli / Western idea of "tolerance" and the real tolerance that promotes justice and civilization. 

"The required respect for people of other faiths was exemplified by one of Caliph Umar’s first acts upon entering Jerusalem. He understood the sensitivity surrounding religious sites and the potential danger of changing the status quo. He thus declined an invitation from Sophronius to pray in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre lest Muslims turn it into a mosque. Instead, he stepped outside the Church to perform the midday prayer; a mosque named after him was later built on the site and exists to this day. This is in sharp contrast to the establishment of Israel in 1948, when 750,000 Palestinians were driven from their homeland at gunpoint. Villages and towns were ethnically cleansed and wiped from the face of the earth, and their mosques were also destroyed or turned into synagogues or museums; at least two became cafes and one became a cowshed."

       Minaret of Mosque of Umar in Jerusalem:  Photo: Wikipedia.  
     Saved here from Islamic Landmarks - Palestine Jerusalem.

Entrance to the Mosque of Umar in Jerusalem.  Photo: Islamic History &
Saved here from:  Islamic Landmarks - Palestine Jerusalem.
This is the place where Caliph Umar bin Khatab performed his salah after the    conquest of Jerusalem by Muslims in the year 638 A.D.  It is located across the road opposite Church of Sepulchre.        

       Interior of the Mosque of Umar in Jerusalem.  
      Saved from Islamic Landmarks - Palestine Jerusalem

Copy of the Treaty of Jerusalem.  This is the copy of the Treaty which the 2nd Caliph, Umar bin Khatab, had formulated assuring safety to the non-Muslims of Jerusalem is displayed outside the Mosuqe.  This Mosque should not be confused with the Dome of the Rock which is often mistakenly referred as Mosque of Umar.   Saved from Islamic Landmarks - Palestine Jerusalem.

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