East Aleppo (Syria) : Bana Al-Abed Hoax via Twitter

                                  Image: 21Century Wire

Utilizing little girls with dolls and teddy bears to cash-in on sentiments of the international sheep community has been an old stratagem of the mainstream fake news media.  Child exploitation resumes once again as fake news is running out of options on the Syrian war.

When Syria was invaded in February 2011, a rogue in Britain named Tom MacMaster  started a fake blog titled "Gay girl of Damascus."   This fictitious "gay girl" was portrayed as an American-Syrian called "Amina Omari."  MacMaster filled this blog with bogus entries of repression of a "pro-democracy movement" by the Syrian Government, all in the name of Amina Omari with a phony photograph.  Four months later in June 2011, a girl from London named Jelena Lecic along with her friends told Guardian that the blog was fake, MacMaster was the author not "Amina," and the image of the girl in the blog was that of Jelena Lecic with the pseudo name, "Amina."  Unfortunately, the history of fake news has a knack to repeat itself.   At the moment the official Western media is mesmerized by the fake Bana project.

The hoax involving Bana Al-Abed of Aleppo :-
Bana Al-Abed, the 7-year-old Aleppo girl at Twitter, is supposedly tweeting in perfect English using hashtags and the typical social media word contractions like "POTUS," "OMG" etc.   When some suspicious readers questioned the authenticity of this account, they were dismissed as "trolls."   Bana's mother, "Fatemah," who is also tweeting via her daughter's account, claims she studied English in a Syrian institute for 3 years and then began tutoring her then 4-year-old daughter. 

The Fake News Media cannot or will not understand that such stories are apt for theaters but lack the coherence to fit in real life.  You cannot suddenly master a second language in just 3 years, develop fluency, teach your 4-year-old child and then she too develops fluency at age 7 in the midst of an Al-Nusra occupied war zone like east Aleppo where all schools, colleges and universities are destroyed, girls, women and boys aren't allowed to attend academic institutions and people are struggling to stay alive seeking the scarce necessities like food, water and medicines.  The Syrian war is nearly 6-years-old and Bana is 7, which means she has lived virtually all her life in a country at war where children have barely been able to devote a total of 7 weeks to education, let alone exhibit their proficiency in a second language.  Syria is an Arabic speaking country where the common masses speak little English as their medium of communication.  One of the biggest hurdles for Syrian refugee families coming to Canada and Britain has been the language issue.  The unusual English language 'talents' of the young Syrian mother from Aleppo and her 7-year-old daughter are certainly at odds with realism, to say the least.

                               Image without top caption 21stCenturyWire

Invading criminals are just that.  Calling themselves "city councilors" won't change anything.

7-year-old Bana Al-Abed from Arabic speaking east Aleppo has used staggering hashtags in her Twitter account that read #HolocaustAleppo #MassacreInAleppo #StopAleppoMassacre.   Her tweets with graphic descriptions on how the Syrian Army is bombing them - grammatically more flawless than those by many Americans and Brits - are getting thousands of likes and millions of retweets/shares.  Is little Bana such a language-genius?  When she was videotaped for a few seconds on Youtube, she was struggling to speak a sentence in English she was told to 'recite' before the camera.  Fact check at You Tube.

Quoting Editor's note: "[EDITOR’S NOTE: Clearly, Bana cannot speak very much English, surely nothing near her incisive, highly nuanced and politicized, and often cynical commentary on Twitter. For Western media outlets like NBC News, The Guardian, the London Telegraph and others to suggest Bana wrote any of her Tweets – shows the level of news fakery that these mainstream corporate media outlets normally operate on.]"

Bana AlAbed's twitter theatrics after the capture of Hanano by SAA:
On November 27, 2016 when Syrian Army entered east Aleppo and captured Hanano area, Bana's twitter account mysteriously (or should we say manipulatively) disappeared.  The purpose was to make her twitter fans fearful of her safety at the hands of the Syrian Army.  The next day, her account was back.   BBC gleefully reported Bana and her mother were safe in an undisclosed location followed by resumption of Twitter propaganda by Fatema and Bana and more fake tears from the sheep community.  Surprising, no one questioned the gaffe in the manipulation that even if Bana and her mother were bombed and killed, Bana's twitter account would not disappear overnight, only it wouldn't be updated by them.

Partner in propaganda crime:
There's another guy in this mischief-ridden scenario named Al-Hamdo who is supposed to be Bana's teacher and an 'activist.'  Looking at him, it's easy to sense he is another one of those thugs blowing smoke.  Whoever he is and whatever might be his real name, he is undoubtedly helping to promote this poorly designed propaganda with ideas and editions in tweets by Bana and her mother.

                                            Image:  21stCenturyWire

Examples of some puff-piece tweets supposedly written the 7-year-old girl in unblemished second language read as follows :-

"People are dying like flies here I don't know what is next. The bombs are just like falling rain"

"I'm very afraid of the planes now when I hear them. Dark night and very dangerous Aleppo I pray tonight will be calm for me and all."

"This is my reading place where I wanted to start reading Harry Potter but it's bombed. I will never forget. - Bana"

J.K. Rowling tweeted:
"Love you too, Bana! Thinking of you, keep safe Aleppo."   This got nearly 8,000 likes and close to 2,000 retweets.

More and similar tweets from the girl and her shady mother can be found in the link of 21stCenturyWire at the end of this post.

The one-sided rants against Syrian and Russian war planes are endless.  But NO mention of the foreign occupying terrorists who dispersed hundreds of civilians in east Aleppo with machine guns, killing many, because those demonstrators rallied against the blockade of exit routes by terrorists.  No mention of the infinite misery and deaths of civilians caused by Hell Cannons and its variants, Thunder Cannons and Mortar Cannons and much more fired in west Aleppo by terrorists.

Quoting an important excerpt from 21stCenturyWire on the Bana scam project:
"Bana’s family may be in a position to repeat the dubious claim that Russia bombed a school in Idlib, but show no interest in the atrocities caused by hellfire cannon directed by terrorists at western Aleppo.  There can be no doubt that the Bana Project is a scam, that the tweets are written to promote the NATO narrative of the Syrian War, with regard to the participation of Syrian and Russian forces, in order to facilitate regime change in Syria.
The sympathies of the Bana Project are totally with the extremists who are terrorising residents of eastern Aleppo, shelling western Aleppo, and are in imminent danger of being forced out by the Syrian Arab Army and allies like Hezbollah and the Palestinian Al Quds brigade.
From the first days Bana accused Assad and Putin of perpetrating a holocaust, a massacre, of carrying out a bombing campaign using cluster bombs, phosphorus, thermite bombs, and of course barrel bombs.  Since then the account has continued the theme of bombing and Assad/Putin culpability, along with constant calls for the world to do something, ‘to stop the bombing’.

Bana, as we are told, lives with her parents and two brothers in Aleppo. Her mother Fatemah is a teacher who ‘manages Bana’s twitter account’ and occasionally tweets herself, and her father Ghassan works in the ‘legal department of the local council’, whatever that means – the area is totally controlled by al Nusra [al Qaeda in Syria] who have set up their own council."

21st Century Wire.com is presently one of the few outlets that has candidly exposed the ongoing Bana Project - "Child Exploitation. Who is 'Bana' of Aleppo?"  by Barbara McKenzie.  Please take some time to check the details that contain plenty more than the contents within the above excerpt.