The Bana scam: As the hoax gets unravelled

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When the terrorists were on the verge of defeat in East Aleppo, there were frantic tweets from Bana and family that no one was helping them to "evacuate" even though tons of images went viral of East Aleppo civilians walking away to Syrian Army controlled posts, untroubled and unruffled ... the Bana family probably expected the Syrian Army to evacuate them in a golden palanquin while the rest of the civilians walk.   

As their tearful tweets with thousands of red hearts raved and ranted over no help for evacuation, a day after East Aleppo was liberated and retaken by the Syrian Army, it was discovered that Bana and her family had already escaped to Turkey and even had a meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Erdogan in their 1100-room alcazar.   Just the kind of scenario  that could make one's stomach churn.  Not Bana's fault.  She is just a little girl.  She barely knows the tool her parents and their friends have made out of her.  It's just so unfortunte that the unsuspecting little girl's name is getting used unrelentingly to symbolize her family's treachery.

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Bana's father, Ghassan, is a dangerous terrorist with many young takfiri followers from the international AQ network. He was received by the Turkish President, Tayyip Erdogan, as a hero.  According to reports, Ghassan is an important member of the splinter AQ group, the Al-Safwa Battalion of Aleppo.  The quantum of blood splattered all over both his hands haven't yet been evaluated, but needless to say, is expected to be plenty.  Sources in Syria have said Ghassan was under direct orders from Ankara.
The above image is a recent group photo of terrorist Ghassan, his wife Fatema and their 3 children including Bana with President and first lady of Turkey in their Ankara palace.

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This is Bana's father in the white-check shirt with automatic gun in hand with his terrorist buddies.

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Ghassan and his 2 kids (Bana not seen here) shortly before evacuating East Aleppo when he shaved to alter the terror look.

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The poor suffering runaway family, well-dressed, fit as a fiddle, Bana and her little brother with Erdogan and wife Emine in Ankara palace soon after taking off from East Aleppo after defeat of Al-Nusra and affiliate AQ groups. 

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The poor little girl has no idea of the role she's been sucked into.  By the time she's older to realize it, her mind will have already been indoctrinated and programed irreversibly.

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The real identity of this thug hasn't been discovered yet.  He's the same wretch with the pseudo name "Al-Hamdo" feigning to be Bana's teacher and appeared in Twitter with her.  All that can be ascertained is that he is another foul insect cavorting in the fecal terror cesspool getting stinkier and stinkier with pots of money & weapons from Western and Gulf Arab governments.
You may also like to watch this video on the Bana family hobnobbing with the Erdogans.

The true sufferers are a very different lot:

East Aleppo in north-west Syria, formerly a vibrant province of cheer and prosperity with a close-knit community turned Hell-on-earth under terrorist occupation since over 3 years where a morsel of rice would cost more than an emerald necklace studded on gold and silver!   The terror gangs of Al-Nusra and the smaller splinter groups wouldn't lift the siege, wouldn't allow aid convoys to enter, blocked exit routes so the poor civilians and their little children - who led simple lives and had no money to pay as bribes - could not escape.  Neither the Western governments, nor Turkey nor the Gulf Arab states could care less for those real sufferers.