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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Turkey's economy swirling the drain

Thieves never prosper!


Tayyip Erdogan is frantic. He tells the Turkish people to get their foreign currency "from under their mattress" and convert it to turkish lira or gold. But his own foreign currency of millions of $$$$ remains intact 'under the mattress' of Swiss and Euro banks. He wants to trade in local currency; tells Putin to pay him in liras and suggests he will pay Putin in rubles.

Hours later, Turkey's main stock exchange (Bosra Istanbul) converted all its cash into lira in response to the dictator's demand, following which, lira fell to its lowest.

Turkey isn't under invasion like Syria. Turkey is pampered by the West. Yet the economy is crawling. Tayyip is gobbling much more than his piece of the pie while the Turkish people snore under heavy sedation.

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