Agreements East Aleppo and Fuaa & Kefraya - A Comparison

Bargains are designed by the U.S. only to suit the terrorists.

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In exchange for their evacuation along with their families in East Aleppo, the terrorists agreed to lift the lengthy siege of the twin villages of Fuaa and Kefraya in Idlib province (60km south of Aleppo) and free the 12,000 long-suffering civilians held hostage by Al-Nusra & affiliates for 21 months. This concession was adamantly demanded by Iran as part of the East Aleppo deal. But as soon as the green buses approached the villages of Fuaa and Kefraya, the terror-thugs held up their US-made automatic weapons in defiance, barricaded the two villages and torched at least two green buses.

Compare the bargain in East Aleppo with the one in Fuaa and Kefraya. While all terrorists enjoyed the privilege of evacuation from East Aleppo on the insistence of Kerry, Al-Nusra (breaking its promise to Syria and Iran) allowed only 750 civilians to be evacuated from the villages of Fuaa and Kefraya which included just the elderly and the sick. Yet Al-Nusra was never pressured by the West, nor Turkey nor Russia to lift the siege and allow the evacuation of all residents of Fuaa and Kefraya. That's the sort of blatant preferential treatment AlQaeda terrorists are enjoying .. similar to the Zionists. The most typical characteristics of takfiri terrorists are ingratitude, deceit and callousness.

By the way, Idlib region is one of the last terrorist strongholds in Syria and is expected to be the next major battleground. Observers have opined that the strategy of the Syrian military is to advance toward Idlib after Aleppo is fully secure. This would be another key battle. Whenever it happens, Turkey (striving for permanent bases at Jarablus and Al-Bab) will almost certainly play a lead role with various AlQaeda groups against the Syrian forces.

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Tragic situation of civilians in Fuaa and Kefraya for 21 months because of siege by terrorists and still no relief.   No food, no water, no electricity, no medicines and no media coverage.