Astana Peace Talks on Syria's Crisis

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But unfortunately the so-called Syrian opposition is represented by a notorious terror pervert.  Don't waste your time being too hopeful.

Mohammed Alloush, a member of the terrorist group, Jaysh (formerly Liwa), is currently representing all AlQaeda terrorists at the talks in Astana.   Jaysh (JI) is a hardline Salafist group created by Saudi Arabia in 2012 by pouring in millions of dollars to neutralize the growing strength of Al-Nusra.  Ironically, JI has been working closely with Al-Nusra and they are the best of friends.   Alloush couldn't refrain from provocation even at the table in Astana, addressing the Syrian Government as a bloody despotic regime” backed by “vengeful sectarian militias.”  The goof doesn't know or won't say that 75% of the Syrian Army consists of Sunni Muslims.  Shiia Muslims are 15% and the rest Christians and Druze.  Scoundrels of the so-called Syrian opposition have been taking advantage of the world's ignorance for nearly six years with the help of a very stupid fiction, painting Syria as a sectarian community and defaming the country's national Army as a gang of brutal "Shabiha" or a sectarian militia comprising of Alawite Shiias hunting down Sunnis and Christians.  

                               Terrorist M. Alloush.
                               Image from:  The Natiional May 2016.                                

Mohammed Alloush has carried out numerous terror acts in Syria under the leadership of his cousin, Zahran Alloush, calling for cleansing the country of Shiites and used many civilians as caged human shields.  His group officially announced responsibility for murdering the Syrian defense minister, deputy defense minister and assistant vice-president in the Damascus bombing of July 2012.  Thankfully Zahran Alloush was killed during Russian air strikes in December 2015.  Mohammed Alloush stated in September 2016 that his fighters do NOT seek fight with Israel. 

The media is obscure on the roots of the Alloush family.  Some sources claim they are from Douma.  But their patriarch, Abdullah Alloush (Zahran's father), is a resident of Saudi Arabia.  The question is, does anyone really expect a man like Alloush and his lot to accept or heed "reconciliation"? 

The armed gangs of terrorists dressed in their executive suits are bellowing away in Astana that the Syrian Government hasn't demonstrated serious commitment to the ceasefire, using the allegation as a stumbling block.  A quick overview of the ceasefire joke says that Daesh and Al-Nusra, the two top aggressors, are excluded from the truce.  That has left them free to continue the violence (along with the smaller fries tied to their apron strings) as desired by pro-war circles and Turkey.  So, each time a car bomb explodes somewhere in Syria killing scores (and there have been many since the start of 2017), Turkey reprimands Iran to pressure Hezbollah and SAA to "stop violating the ceasefire."
~ need my deep breath ~

It's not known how many of those "rebels" present in Astana are from ISIL and Al-Nusra.  But several of them are definitely there.  Ahrar ash-Sham, another major terror group linked to the AlQaeda chain active in northern and central Syria, has boycotted the event as a gesture of sympathy to Al-Nusra at Wadi Barada.  Al-Nusra poisoned fresh potable water for 5 million people in Rif Damascus and the response by the Syrian Army to confront this war crime is cited as the cause for protest by ""moderate"" Ahrar ash-Sham.

Quoting President Assad at TBS TV: "We don’t have expectations, let’s say, we have hopes from Astana...  Of course, ISIS is one of the aspects of terrorism, one of the organizations; when you talk about ISIS you have to talk about al-Nusra, and you have so many Al Qaeda-affiliated groups now within Syria."  A very relevant point that's long been overlooked or not understood.   The AlQaeda plague has proliferated in proportions  unimaginable.  If any government claims it's on a mission to eradicate terrorism, it must categorically mention its intent to target "all terrorists" without naming any specific groups as that would indicate handling a small part of the problem, not the whole. 

Needless to say, President Bashar al-Assad's decision on allowing terrorist groups to join "reconciliations" is not an independent one.  That was already decided by Lavrov who stated to RT  "We are not trying to oust the political opposition from the process, but we want the armed groups to take full reorientation in this process .."   And the President alluded to this unfortunate situation that has shattered Syria's sovereignty and bound his hands in his statement:  "This is the only thing that we can expect in the meantime."   However, Syria won't talk of a transitional government and President Assad explained why in the interview when he stated  "The President’s departure or staying in office can only be decided through the ballot boxes."   How might Russia and Turkey grapple their disagreement over this issue is unclear.  A lot may depend on how far Turkey succeeds in bullying Russia. 

If can spare sometime, do please go through President Bashar al-Assad's recent interview with Japanese Channel TBS-TV posted at Syrian Free Press, as always giving out the truth the way it stands.