Mohammed Shohayet: The Rohingya 'Aylan Kurdi'

Image & Story @  ABNA News "Toddler Rohingya Refugee's Body Similar to Aylan Kurdi"


16-month-old Rohingya boy Mohammed Shohayet was drowned and washed ashore off the Naf river, his lifeless body lying face down on January 4, 2017. A stark reminder of an identical incident in September 2015 on the shores of the Mediterranean that took the life of the little Syrian boy, Aylan Kurdi, his mother and brother. Mohammed Shohayet's mother and 3-year-old brother were fleeing the genocide of Buddhist terrorists in Myanmar under Suu Kyi regime. They attempted to cross the river from Myanmar to Bangladesh on boat. When Myanmar's brutal police force discovered that some Rohingyas were trying leave, they began firing. The Rohingyas got panicky and rushed onto the boat together. The boat was overloaded and sank shortly after it left. Mohamed Shohayet's father had already reached the other side of the river a few days earlier. He was waiting for his family to arrive. Instead, like Aylan's father, he is beside himself with grief.  

The other heartless government sits next door to Myanmar in Bangladesh.  The deceitful and autocratic Bangladesh PM, Sheik Haseena, promised at the U.N. that her government would accommodate Rohingya refugees.  But the policy implemented at home by Sheikh Haseena is the opposite.  Such undercover policies of the treacherous Bangladesh government only makes it easier for the killer government and Buddhist mobs of Myanmar to hunt down the Rohingya minority. 

During the OIC meeting held in Kaula Lampur held on January 19, FM and Deputy FM of Iran and the PM of Malaysia have loudly appealed to the UN and the international community to push for an immediate end to this 6-year apartheid-genocidal-terror against the Rohingya minority in Myanmar. These are the only two countries that have spoken. But Western leaders and their allies remain committed only to taking lives, not saving them.

At least Aylan Kurdi got coverage for a while. But it's been almost three weeks and no one knows who Mohammed Shohayet was.  Is it because Aylan was well dressed and Shohayet was apparently much poorer, barefoot in tattered clothes?  And appearances matter so much in the eyes of the "developed" world (I mean, developed in inbred callousness) ....