Unelected PMs of U.K. .. plenty of them

                                  Cartoon image from Gary Barker Illustrations

While UK's Theresa May is making big plans to be the first leader to meet Donald Trump, she forgets the most important aspect concerning her own political career. She has walked into 10 Downing Street as an unelected leader with no public mandate ... not a single popular vote cast to her credit. History tells us that this is nothing uncommon in the UK.   The fact-check list of a country that boasts the loudest about "democracy" shows half of all British PMs since the last one hundred years have sneaked into office unelected, using "parliamentary democracy" as the lame excuse.  Gordon Brown, John Major, James Callaghan,Harold Macmillan, the drunkard Winston Churchill and several more. None of them ever faced the British public at the ballot box. In 2007 May said about Brown "he has no democratic mandate." Today she is precisely in the same situation. Without the peoples' mandate she's made herself comfortable at Downing Street, constructing foreign policies and worrying about the legitimacy of the Syrian President, fairly elected twice by his people.

Where is the verdict of your people to assert the legitimacy of your incessant political prattling, Mrs. May?

Fact Check List:

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   Fact Check List Source.  Full Fact . org