Trump Mafia - The 2016 Inheritors

~  They are all in it together  ~

The geezer's phone conversation with the terror kingpin at Riyadh:  Source PressTV Video Clip

Focus carefully on the 90-day travel ban and 120-day visa ban on seven Muslim states.  Bush and Obama routinely bombed five out of seven countries which Trump recently banned because the scheme to topple all seven on  Trump's ban list was already in the pipeline years ago.  Accordingly Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Pakistan were excluded by Trump's con men, each of those three countries having a different political interest for Washington despite Trump's pre-election admissions recognizing Saudi Arabia as the prime financier of terror and Turkey a supporter of Daesh.

It's the failure of over-throwing Bashar al-Assad in Syria that helped delay the attack on Iran.  After six years of mayhem, Syria might be left at the mercy of Turkey, Yemen to Saudi Arabia while Big Daddy turns to Iran, the most powerful member of the Resistance.

Shortly prior to Trump's "notice," Iran dumped the US Dollar giving a major blow to an ever-sluggish US economy. Consequently, National Sec. Adviser Michael Flynn, a rabid anti-Iran warmonger, claimed Iran's ballistic missile test to be a violation and Press Sec. Sean Spicer LIED accusing Iran of attacking a US navy vessel in Yemen. The purpose of this depraved string of manipulations was to prepare  "legal" grounds for immediate re-implementation of sanctions that would win the support of the American people and those across the West.  The other bit of frustration came from the fact that during the past one month, Yemeni revolutionary forces had won a series of victories against their Saudi invaders.  That needed to be stopped too.

Trump administration is aware that military action against Iran will not be liked by majority around the world.  America needs plenty of deceit to build, what would appear to the international community, as a just and convincing case.  In the coming days or months, US is likely to propose a humiliating one-sided deal beneath a misleading facade of a fair offer showing equitability, peace and legitimacy as the consolidated goal pursued by the White House.  Iran's rejection of that deceit would be the perfect opportunity to portray her as an aggressive, combative party determined to go nuclear by ignoring an ideal option to avoid war.  The undertaking to comply with this pledge for organized crime at the behest of their Jewish masters was started by GWB at the dawn of the 3rd millennium, stoically continued by Obama, hailed by Clinton and exacerbated with pleasure by Trump.  Apart from  Israeli hegemony in the region being a top priority, the New World has sadly entered an era when it can only count on wars for upswing economy .. to whatever extent that's now possible.  America laments that it's a bit too late in the day to get hung up on ethics; it won't abandon those attractive resources of a specific Muslim block for the sake of preserving their sovereignty.

Trump, who hates Iran, says he wants cordial relations with Russia.  Russia has been an ally to Iran but is also elated at the prospect of having close ties with Trump's America, the enemy of Iran.  Considering that the new US administration (like its predecessor) has already started nagging Russia over the Ukraine issue, the goodwill of his US counterpart is more precious to Putin than ever before.  It's hard to guess where this intricate maze of relations may end up, but it certainly won't help to produce a favorable solution for Iran.  The situation puts Putin in a dilemma when, at some point, he will have to choose between the Islamic Republic and Donald Trump.    It's won't be easy for good relations to continue between Russia and Iran, and next to impossible to improve.

Last but not least, the latest post-Obama plans are also designed to drive a wedge between members of the Resistance.  Wrapped up with Iran, Trump's administration would probably have lesser time for tinkering with Syria compared to Obama, Clinton and Kerry .. and for a while Erdogan may need to walk on eggshells supporting his terrorist allies until he gains some more trust of those new guys at the WH.  That could provide some relief to Syria, at least temporarily.  For Iran it's the opposite.  But fortunately until now, this aspect has not been reflected neither by the governments of Syria nor Iran.  Since the past six years, Syyed Ali Khamanei has resolutely perceived the invasion of Syria as an attack on the Resistance.