Yemen: Rift between two US allies - Saudi Arabia and Emirates

This image from Al-Jazeera- May 13, 2017 shows supporters of Southern Movement in Aden rallying behind Aden's former governor, Aidarous al-Zubaidi, recently dismissed by Saudi backed Rabo Mansur Hadi.  It confirms that the Southern Movement has broken ranks with Hadi's Government.

UAE isn't getting along well with Saudi backed Rabo Mansur Hadi, to the extent that he recently addressed UAE as an "occupation power."   Hadi's inner circle is divided into pro-Saudi and pro-UAE, former accusing the latter of buying weapons to target Hadi's government.   

UAE is disgruntled.  As a member of the coalition, it has suffered more casualties than expected during the last two years of the war in Yemen and achieved nothing in return.  This includes the death of Sheikh Rashid, son of the ruler of Dubai, who was
killed in the Yemeni revolutionary forces' Katyusha attack in Ma'rib province of Yemen.   The truth was covered up by an absurd story that the healthy 33-year-old playboy died of a sudden "heart attack."  The cover-up was necessary because the people of UAE were never enthusiastic about this war.

 Al-Zubaidi, Governor of Aden appointed by Hadi, was kicked out on May 10 for lining up with UAE.   He turned separatist and declared Aden autonomous, much to the pleasure of the Southern Movement.  This Movement, led by Yemeni Sunnis for an independent South Yemen, has been stirring up since several years prior to the war.  When the war began, the Southern Movement allied itself with Hadi presuming that if Ansarullah (Houthi) took over Yemen, it wouldn't allow South Yemen to secede.  But two years on, after continuous bombings by the Saudi coalition flattening eighty percent of the country's infrastructure, matters have unfolded differently.  Ansarullah isn't interested in taking all of Yemen.  They are interested in an independent Northern Yemen where they are predominant.  That suits  Southern Movement fine.   But Saudi Arabia agrees with neither.  It wants the entire country under the rule of a solid Saudi-US-UK-backed puppet and at present Rabo Mansur Hadi is their guy.

Riyadh is befuddled, as it always is in times of trouble.  Apart from the anxious shit-fits, House of Saud doesn't have a clue how handle its fallout with UAE.  Strait of Bab el-Mandab which is located close to the port of Aden is a strategic waterway for international maritime traffic. The presence of a pro-UAE faction based in Aden controlling Bab el-Mandab would be of great advantage to the economy of UAE but a disaster for the Saudis which they won't tolerate.

In addition to the profound humanitarian crisis, the situation has exacerbated well beyond a sectarian war.

                 Image source:  Syria360 Wordpress