Disharmony Within The Takfiri Mafia : Qatar Kicked Out

                Image source:  Press TV News

Inside the Saud dominated Arabian Peninsula, survival is for the fittest.   Observers say it started after Trump's recent visit to Saudi Arabia .... the sword dance and signing of $110-billion arms deal ... Qatar got a bit jealous and the Qatari ruler blew a raspberry at Riyadh and Washington.   Criticism is one thing that has a severe allergic reaction on the Sauds.   Qatar is banished and stamped a pariah with the accusation of "supporting terrorism" - a vivid portrayal of 'pot calling the kettle black.' According to Palestinian journalist, Abdel Bari Atwan, whose readings are accurate more often than not, this could be a prelude to a military invasion in Qatar.   With 10,000 marines stationed there, Washington is scratching its head.   Looks like the approach of a new era when Wahabis will be going to war with each other.   Infighting, wrangling and cranky shit-fits arising from greed and ambition have long been inherent weaknesses within Takfiris.   Saudi Arabia and UAE are already seriously at odds over Yemen.

Not sure how far this is correct;  Qatar reportedly accused US and KSA of trying to destabilize Iran.   Anger of the House of Saud was already close to boiling point because of the Qatari Emir's support for Palestinian Resistance Movement (Hamas). The comment on Iran made the fury boil over completely.  

The story has yet another aspect.  Ostracizing Qatar seems to have come at a very convenient moment.  Recent terror attacks in London and Manchester were carried out by AlQaeda - Daesh and LIFG, respectively.  Theresa May and her predecessor are silently nursing their guilt (as you sow, so shall you reap).   Trump grabbed the incidents as an excuse to justify and re-implement Muslim travel ban in the US.   It was only the British opposition leader who nailed it with the right reaction.   Quoting Jeremy Corbyn, "We do need to have some difficult conversations starting with Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states that have funded and fueled extremist ideology." That must have rattled the Kingdom's fragile ego.   Deciding to be rigidly on the defensive, it hurriedly ganged up with UAE and Bahrain taking some preemptive steps to play the angels of peace and dump the Qataris as the fall guys.

By the way, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have a history of showdowns.  The last one was in 2014, and it started from the early 1900s.