Stealth Occupation Of Syria As Sponsors Join The Proxies

        Image Al-Masdar News

To briefly describe the present illegal US occupation of Syria, there are altogether up to 9 US bases across the country .. most important ones in Hasaka, Tal Abad and Tanf. These bases are cleverly placed to serve asbuffer zones preventing the Syrian Army from advancing to strategic points it needs to access in the course of its battlefield operations against foreign invaders.

The goal of the hegemons: Partitioning Syria establishing an independent Kurdistan, total protection of Israeli occupied Golan Heights in western Syria and AlQaeda to be left intact inside Syria.

Despite Russian support for the Syrian government in fighting AlQaeda, an independent Kurdistan is not Putin's problem.  As long as the Syrian government doesn't jeopardize Russian interests and Putin is guaranteed AlQaeda won't reach the borders of Russia, the Russian leader wouldn't mind watching Assad preside over a broken, fragmented Syria. Having said that, the illegal presence of US bases in Syria isn't causing too many sleepless nights for Mr. Putin.

Marauders of the New World are moving precisely on the same path outlined by the Obama regime. The delay and silence in executing Kerry's "plan B" by Trump regime may give the impression of the picture being a bit different on the ground. That's only a perceptual deception. Orders coming from the Deep State have no bearing on who might be its performer at the Oval Office. The strategy is, even if Assad remains, he must be left with a rump portion, beleaguered, isolated and powerless .. the bare remnants of sovereignty wiped out. It was straight from the horse's mouth when a senior commander of Kurdish backed SDF, one of Pentagon's trusted proxies, stated "The US is setting up its military bases in the territories that were liberated from Daesh by our fighters during the fight against terrorism." Replacing one gang of perverts with another is NO reason to rejoice, if only the international community knew.

The hegemons haven't yet finished working on the exploit in Syria and they have begun contemplating on starting another. Three days ago, James Mattis stated to the media that relations between Iran and US cannot improve unless there's a regime change in Iran. Recall the expression "regime change?" It began its journey from Iraq to Libya to Syria .. and now peering into Iran.

Never in world history has the violation of the rule of law (be it international or national) been displayed in such staggering proportions!

“You can’t get a more obvious violation of international law than to actually move in and set up a military base in a sovereign country that has never taken any offensive action towards our country.” ~ Senator Richard Black

What might be the endgame for the knights of the "moderate" FSA and some ethnic groups:

If Syria is partitioned by the neocon outlaws and their double-dealing serfs, the very small band of indigenous Syrian salafists (sprouting from the Syrian branch of MB) commonly dubbed as "moderates" of the so-called FSA will be in for some rude awakening.  It won't be too different for those Assyrian, Armenian, Turkmen and Circassian fighters of the soi-disant SDF now cavorting with militias of the US forces.  By the way, "FSA" has recently been renamed "NSA" (from Free Syrian Army to New Syrian Army) by their US trainers.

Not unknown to anyone, the Syrians of "FSA" turned "NSA" have been too tiny a minority to topple the government so the need arose for its western sponsors to periodically recruit, train and arm thousands of foreign terrorist fighters within the AlQaeda network for the dirty mission to Syria.  The goal of FSA/NSA was to  establish their own style of radical government in Syria somewhat resembling the ousted Morsi regime in Egypt.   Though they didn't want foreign fighters to make themselves permanently cozy inside Syria, there was no way of avoiding it.  Without AlQaeda the "moderates" could do nothing.  Whichever AlQaeda faction they joined, their job description included sweeping the floors of occupied AlQaeda barracks, brewing tea and arranging prostitutes for the heathen-takfiri invaders.  These "moderates" invariably ended up becoming small-fry backseaters with zero authority to make decisions on military operations nor were they allowed to retain the arms cache coming from the West;  their political wing, Syrian National Council (SNC), based in Turkey persistently made a clown of itself on the international stage bragging over transition to "democracy."

Simple as it was, these  brainless nincompoops couldn't visualize they had been aiming their guns at their own foot, paving the way for intruders and trolls in exchange for acquiring a non-entity status for themselves.   If Syrian Kurds are given independence by the 'gracious' Washington DC, the rest of Syria with an abundance of AlQaeda factions will be a hub for anarchists similar to the jungles where wild beasts have their own territorial demarcations with recurrent deadly brawls.  The marginalized minorities consisting of "FSA/NSA moderates,"  Assyrians, Turkmen, Armenians and Circassians waiting for a prosperous future in the absence of Bashar al-Assad, will at best, get jobs at daily wages to scrub the toilet bowls and clean-up the morning crap of their AlQaeda or Kurdish bosses.