Afghanistan - Violation of International Law Exceeds All Bounds. Special Thanks to 'Tramp'

US already had a horrendous record murdering countless Afghan civilians from 2002 onward.  According to Trump's new Afghanistan strategy dictated by the blood suckers of the Deep State, American troops are to stay in Afghanistan indefinitely.  As usual the official version is chasing Talibans and their ISIL allies, but  ninety percent of those getting killed and maimed are civilians - largely farmers and their families.  In Afghanistan and northwest Pakistan, civilian death toll has been in thousands starting from 2004 and is about to get far worse.  

Strikes by UAVs and hellfire missiles have already gotten more frequent since Trump took office.   The entire episode from Syria to Afghanistan via Iraq is much like playing teeter-totter.  As ISIL gradually gets booted out of Syria and Iraq and its senior commanders evacuated by US forces (America's future investment), Afghanistan as a sanctuary for the foot soldiers of ISIL is getting awfully attractive.

Afghan civilians, mostly villagers, have no one to turn to.  US forces are backed by their puppet President, Ashraf Ghani.   Neither do US military personnel bother to discern between civilians and terrorists in Afghanistan;  they see every Afghan as a "Taliban" and a "terrorist."  Consequently and understandably, many Afghan villagers have said that the senseless and tragic deaths of their families have pushed them into taking up arms against US forces. 

In April 2017  US forces had dropped a 21,000 pound "mother of all bombs" (moab) in eastern Afghanistan on an alleged ISIL hideout described as a maze of "tunnels and bunkers" inside a cave.  Video footage showed not only the destruction of a tunnel but the demolition of an entire village with several houses on the ground and slopes of the hill.  Much of the vegetation and trees were burned. Afghan officials reported 92 terrorists killed.  Foreign observers were barred from accessing the area and US special forces ordered their Afghan colleagues not to talk to reporters.  There is no official report on civilian casualties but it would be awfully naive to presume the civilian death toll wasn't huge.  Quoting the MOAB tweet of former Afghan President, Hamed Karzai, "This is not the war on terror but the inhuman and most brutal misuse of our country as testing ground for new and dangerous weapons."   As the first US-puppet president of Afghanistan following the 2002 invasion, did Karzai really expect anything different from the US on the long term?   Much against the requirements of international law, not a single US air strike in Afghanistan is investigated nor are the identities of those killed ever revealed.  That makes the situation ideal to disregard botched attacks where American troops can kill a hundred civilians for every single insurgent they may target successfully.  Just one example.  In November 2014 Guardian reported that US forces in Afghanistan targeted 41 Talibans but killed a total of 1,140 .... rest were innocent civilians.  

Writes FNA:  "The orders to place civilian targets on kill lists and assassinate them  come from the highest ranks of the US government, including President Trump himself.  All while the military cleans up its dismal tract record of civilian deaths by terming unidentified people killed as "enemies" or another dubious Pentagon classification called "unknown militants."  Suffice it to say, America's longest war is not just a military and intelligence agency fight on a foreign battlefield.  It is also a propaganda war against the Muslim world where the public is fed inaccuracies and lies from Washington, especially when it comes to freedom and democracy."

The picturesque countrysides of Afghanistan that were hugely popular tourist attractions in the recent past have turned into field-testing "playgrounds" for US weapons, places where "insurgents rule the ground and US warplanes 
haunt the skies," describes Intercept.

Image taken from Daily Mail.      MOAB site.