Why is Vladimir Putin determined to have goodwill between Russia and the terrorist state of Burma?

Russia is involved in Burma's nuclear energy program and is one of its major defense suppliers. Putin is working on Russian investment in Myanmar’s oil and gas industry and tourism. Russian language has started being taught in the Burmese capital's foreign languages institutes and a Russian cultural center is scheduled to open soon. As expected, Russia recently stopped the UN security council from condemning the ethnic cleansing in Burma.

Russia has always been comfortable with ethnic cleansing. It also supported the slaughter of Bosnians by Chetnik Serbs. In Syria, Putin couldn't care less for the mass bloodshed. His only concern is to prevent the Russian federation becoming a hotbed of AlQaeda. It's a blessing in disguise for Bashar al-Assad that FSA is hand-in-glove with Al-Nusra Front. Otherwise Putin would have long ditched Assad, banded together with Obama to pick Syria's next leader from the SNC.

Moscow is just as brutally self-serving as Washington.  Their diplomatic cold war isn't for defending humanity (for which neither could care a rat's tail) but for their rivalry to achieve their respective egocentric goals.

Vladimir Putin is a sneaky, selfish and thick-skinned little toad.