Yemen Mass Murder by NeoCons & Puppets - No End in Sight

November 14, 2017 there was a very huge rally in Yemen against deadly Saudi bombings and blockade of Yemeni ports.  This aggression by Saudi Arabia with Western weapons to silence Yemeni revolutionaries began nearly 3 years ago.

         Yemen Press

Yemen has been devastated by Saudi Arabia, Barack Obama and Donald Trump through needless aggression these murderers are too embarrassed to explain even to themselves.  Most parts of the country are flattened with bombs supplied to the Kingdom by the US and Britain.  Over 20,000 are dead and thrice as many severely injured or maimed.  Yemen in on the brink of famine.  At least 12 million are starving, malnourished, no potable water, and the largest outbreak of cholera ever in world history.   Five thousand cases of cholera are reported each day.  The ones suffering most are the children and elderly.  Yemen's hospitals (whatever is left of them after nearly 3 years of relentless bombing) are overwhelmed with acute shortage of beds.  Children are often put on matresses which too they need to share.  With very little food and medicines and thousands of sick children, it's been heart-rending for families to choose which child to save.  Saudi blockade of Yemeni ports preventing the flow of humanitarian aid has made matters infinitely worse.  While the Yemeni people are dying like insects, the Western world isn't even aware that their governments are playing the horrifying accomplices in this senseless and prolonged mass murder.  

Deliberately destroying Yemen's infrastructure, the Saudi government barks shamelessly over occasional missiles landing in Riyadh from Yemen as response.  On November 13 the Political Council of Yemen announced that missiles and rockets landing in Riyadh are "normal and legitimate positions in the light of the aggression against Yemeni people."  Yemenis have vowed never to surrender to the cowardly Kingdom.  

After the Zionist occupation of Palestine, all copy-cat tyrants around the world have created their own 'palestines' - Saudi Arabia in Yemen, India in Kashmir, Burma in Cox's Bazar .. and many more similar tyranny against the weak by the strong, against the marginalized by the privileged.  Once an evil practice is accepted or permitted anywhere in the world, it's only a matter of time for dozens more to sprout across the planet.  Evil is the most irresistible temptation for the human heart. 

Yemen hospital images at IBTimes