Sisi's rollicking failure on Jerusalem

        In New York, September 2017.   Image source Egyptian Streets.

Leaders of Egypt and Saudi Arabia knew all along that Trump was seriously preparing to recognize Jerusalem as part of Israel. Egypt's Abdel Fattah Sisi caved in as early as September 2017, extending a warm handshake to Netanyahu and urging the Palestinians to "co-exist in peace with Israel," as if it's that simple to survive within the cold-blooded apartheid conditions imposed by the Zionist regime. This capitulation to slavery is done in the name of "national interest" but in reality it's the interest of the Egyptian elites only. Both Egypt and the Saudi Kingdom are pursuing an identical policy on Jerusalem .. a pretense of slight displeasure in public but acceptance with abundance of pleasure behind closed doors.

Egypt needs an annual package of over a billion USD to fatten its aristocrats, a perk which was withheld in bits and parts by the US until the summer of 2017 on grounds of "human rights concerns." All Sisi needed to do to get that money coming in again was a declaration of unconditional support for Zionist policies. While a few itty-bitty protests in Iran are viewed as an ideal opportunity to gossip and plan war, inflation in Egypt has hit 31% and continues to climb despite the multi billion dollar gifts. Middle-class Egyptian families often find it head-spinning to figure out what to cook for dinner. A decent meal is getting more or less unaffordable for commoners.

Furthermore, the Egyptian and Israeli intelligence have been very close for years and Abdel Fattah Sisi is too well aware of that. Early January 2018, it wasn't the least bit surprising when an Egyptian intelligence officer, Ashraf Kholi, urged television talk show hosts to persuade viewers to accept Trump's stand on Jerusalem. Kholi admitted the move was very unjust but considered conflict with Israel much against Egypt's "national interest." He said Palestinians should make do with Ramallah and forget Jerusalem. But Kholi himself forgets that illegal Israeli settlements are rapidly encroaching across the entire West Bank. Both intelligentsia share military equipment and training to encounter common regional threats. Both have a common foe, Hamas, with plenty of information to share. Based on mutual understanding, though Israel has openly assisted Al-Nusra Front and many other terrorist groups in Syria, it allowed Egypt to increase its military presence in Sinai (much beyond the maximum level agreed in 1979 peace treaty) to combat Daesh. This is a relationship between two institutions where Jerusalem, the Al-Aqsa premises, the Palestinian issue and the suffering of its people have no significance at all.

Undoubtedly, the tug of war between Sisi and Morsi bringing Muslim Brotherhood in the center of the picture as an adversary of the Egyptian government has strengthened ties between the two intelligence groups, further diminishing the spirit of the Egyptian government to negotiate for the Palestinian cause compared to Mubarak's era.

None of this muck represents the common Egyptians but who cares for the masses in a heavily militarized police-world that babbles democracy?

Israeli officials have been bubbling over Sisi's first meeting with Netanyahu. They see it as a very "meaningful step.