Pakistan's "Anne Frank" visits home

Globe trotters Malala and dad Ziauddin.   All expenses prepaid by .... you know who.

Recently the cloak-and-dagger Yusufzai gang sneaked into Pakistan, a country that's already fraught with shills and dissemblers of the local media. Twitter allowed only the juicy welcomes from the Pak libertines, a clique with wacko notions of progressiveness based on aping the anti humanists of the West. The preponderance of anti Malala tweets were hurriedly shut out, reaffirming and authenticating that the nation continues to dislike the plaster-saint and the foxy bribable papa.

What if a U.S. drone had shattered her skull (as with so many little kids across northern Pakistan and Afghanistan) instead of a Taliban bullet? Would any of those social climbers know tonight whether 'Malala' was the name of a person or a brand of potato chips? Nobel Prize is no more as in the 1950s. It is now a powerful political tool which endorses a wholly different set of credentials, explicitly derogatory and reserved for the choicest of felons and shysters. But those buggers just can't see daylight.