Hindu terrorist leader commits arson against Rohingya Muslims

On April 15 at 3 a.m., a Hindu terrorist who is leader of the youth-wing of India's ruling party set ablaze 56 Rohingya-Muslim refugee camps in New Delhi. The 230 refugees ran for their lives but all of their belongings were burned and all camps destroyed. The terrorist leader and his vandals were never arrested by Delhi police nor did Modi's party take  action against them. No mention of this story in western mainstream media.

Genocide and terror in Burma's Arakan province against the Rohingya-Muslim minority have displaced 1.5 million and half a million have been murdered in cold blood by the Burmese military, monks and mobs with complete support from the government of Suu Kyi. Rohingya Muslims have suffered for decades at the hands of Burma's buddhist majority but this is the worst it's ever been, fraught with horrifying incidents of rape, carnage, death and destruction. Most displaced refugees have fled to Bangladesh, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. In India there are about 18,000 registered Rohingya-Muslim refugees. Those in the camps of New Delhi were targeted again, this time by the terrorists of India's ruling party.

The top ethnic cleanser of the modern world, Aung San Su Kyi, is giving away the homes and villages of Rohingya-Muslims killed and displaced to the buddhists of Bangladesh and eastern India. She intends to put the Rohingya refugees in newly built giant concentration camps, if they return, and her government calls this "repatriation." The world and the Nobel institute continue their silence, tumbling into unfathomable shame!