Justice for little Rabia

Image from ARY News

Justice is a costly commodity.  Only a handful can afford it, depending on what kind of money you have and what sort of strings you can pull.

The image caption reads:  "The girl's body was found in Mangopir (suburban Karachi).  Postmortem showed she was violated (raped and tortured) and murdered by strangulation." 

It happened April 15 in a small Pakistani town called Orangi, 10 miles from downtown Karachi, Pakistan's largest city and only seaport.   Rabia, the  six-year-old daughter of Baka Muhammed was raped, tortured and strangled to death by a gang, the ringleader of which was a distant relative of Baka's in-laws.  The criminal claimed it was an act of revenge as he wasn't on friendly terms with the girl's father.  The gang leader and his son are arrested.  But other members of the gang are still at large.  The place where the crime occurred (barely 1.5 km from the girl's home) has not been sealed by the police.   When a friend of the little girl's father arranged a protest, it was disrupted by their opponents and the protesters were arrested for "terrorism," some injured and one killed by police fire.  

Why isn't anyone bothered to demand justice for little Rabia?   Because her father is poor laborer who can afford nothing beyond a donkey cart for transport.

Only four months ago 6-year-old Zainab Amin, daughter of a shopkeeper, was raped and murdered by strangulation in the city of Kasur, Punjab province.  DNA confirmed the suspect as the multiple murderer / rapist who killed Zainab and eight other girls in Kasur earlier.  Yet this slimeball is lounging in custody ... free accommodation, free food.  It isn't simply a Pakistani problem, it's happening just about everywhere in this darn planet .. one way or another.  Price tag on dispensing justice remains exorbitant even if the killers are nabbed with evidence, making full voluntary confession.  They remain the beneficiaries, laughing down the years.