Omran's father speaks

Remember Omran Daqneesh?   He is the little 5-year-old Syrian boy of Aleppo used by White Helmets and CNN (namely the repellent Christiane Amanpour) to demonize the Syrian and Russian forces chasing AlQaeda in Aleppo in the summer of 2016.   During a Russian airstrike in Aleppo city, Omran suffered a minor cut at the side of his head.  Consequently, the little boy was supposedly "rescued" by White Helmets and utilized after artfully creating the disheveled look with dust and blood; then he was made to sit in an ambulance seat and photographed.  That image was made to go viral as a top anti-Assad propaganda.

Even the dumb international community didn't take too long to weed out the manipulation from the actual truth.  

Telegraph, despite regurgitating that platitude "brutality of the Assad regime, " stated .. quote:  

"Omran's image was widely used to illustrate the brutality of the Assad regime as it tried to crush the opposition in Aleppo, Syria's largest city.    But his family, like many others in rebel-held east Aleppo, are reported to have remained loyal to the regime throughout the siege.   They refused all media interviews and reportedly went into regime-held Aleppo when they had a chance."

Straight from the horse's mouth ... with burps and hiccups.   

There were millions of other families in Aleppo city who felt the same.  They voluntarily returned to those areas of Aleppo city controlled by the Syrian army.    If the Syrian government was so profoundly detested by its people as the international cabal constantly tells the world, what better chance would these people have to lambaste their "regime" than situations like these with White Helmets and a band of mainstream reporters setting up the stage with skin-deep enhancements? 

RT's editor-in-chief, Margarita Simonyan states:  "Our journalists have revealed one of the most terrible deceptions about Syria .. next time we'll take Christiane Amanpour and anyone else who's willing to go.   But only if they have the courage to talk to Omran and his family."

Omran is healthy and happy, living in his Aleppo home with his family and often holds the Syrian flag with the 2 green stars.  

Muhammed Kheir Daqneesh (Omran's father) speaks directly to RT:   "Media used my son for their purposes.  I didn't ask for anything ...... they photographed him without my consent" .. he then brought his son home, washed and treated his wound .... "all I want from them is to leave him alone."