SYRIA: Three unprovoked strikes by war criminals of the NWO Camarilla, April 13, 2018

The war crime was carried out despite a forthright UN declaration on June 2014 that "100 percent" of all chemical weapons had been destroyed or removed.   So, what did these ferals hit on April 13th ?  

They destroyed the Syrian Scientific Research Centre that was not even remotely linked with chemicals.  But the camarilla "suspected" what they wanted the world to believe, so they bombed. 

Another target was a  military facility near Homs where it was "assessed" that Syria "stockpiled chemical weapons."   This was simply an armory for storing conventional military arsenal Syria needs to defend herself as would any other country invaded by foreigners.  The missile that targeted the military facility was diverted from its path, resulting in the death of 3 civilians.  UN Security Council, the overt abettor, wasted no time rejecting Russia's condemnation of April 13 airstrikes against Syria.   It forgets its joint declaration along with the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons on June 2014, quote:  “With this last movement, the total of declared chemical weapons materials destroyed or removed from Syria has reached 100 per cent.  The most operationally challenging task within the effort to eliminate the Syrian chemical weapons programme has come to an end.”  UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed the announcement and congratulated the joint mission for completing 'this most challenging of tasks' .."   Fact check News UN org

The international community is supposed to conclude that in barely four years the Syrian government has already "stockpiled chemical weapons" with such magical haste that the wingnuts had to scamper in to save Syrian lives!!    The assault  was followed by the statement:  "U.S. 'locked and loaded' if Syria chemical weapons use concerns arise again."  Let's rephrase that more candidly.   Looks like our worst nightmare may come true.  NATO, this time titled "US coalition" or "FUKUS" (France, UK, US) implies there will be more airstrikes until Syria is subjugated into a puppet state and its government toppled.   How long would it take to construct another false flag?  Would it be too lofty a task for Israel to send another little truckload of bane from its incalculable stash of lethal poisons to its allies, Jaysh and Nusra, next door?    They have exhausted all of their tactical strategies to no avail.  Framing Damascus, no matter how sloppy the machination, is the only hope. 

The innuendo is very plain.   The guiltless is no more entitled to plead inculpable.  Neither is murder  the slightest of crime any longer.  The only facet that matters is, who gets killed and by whom.