Yemen: Ansarallah pledge

Leader of Ansarallah Revolutionary Movement, Abdel Malik Bedreddin Houthi, promises to assist Hezbollah whenever or wherever there's a war with Israel, be it in Lebanon or Palestine. Hopefully this remarkable gesture of solidarity - complete rejection of the ideology of sectarianism - may awaken several Palestinian journalists playing the sectarian card who have thus far been astonishingly insensitive to the Yemeni cause ... have either supported the senseless bombardment or remained silent despite similar oppression of themselves in their own country by the allies of the invaders of Yemen.

Malik Houthi had earlier pledged the same in July 2017. The only countries / entities that presently recognize the Palestinian cause and are ready to assist unconditionally are Iran, Syria under Bashar al-Assad, Hezbollah of South Lebanon and the Ansarallah revolutionary movement of Yemen. It's high time the Palestinians realized that forging a structure of fraternity with this bloc would be their best choice without a doubt. Otherwise they will only worsen their isolation and strengthen their foes.

Long War Journal
Middle-East Eye