Idlib province and Jarablus city (Aleppo) turned into luxury resorts for AlQaeda

Starting point for evacuation is Al-Rastan town in Homs province. In the first week of May, 70 buses carried terrorists and their families into Idlib and Jarablus from Al-Rastan. Evacuation is ongoing as Syrian forces continue mop-up operations. Al-Rastan has been buzzing with the noise of ammunition fired by departing terrorists (majority Nusra Front) wanting to empty their firearms before handing them over and traveling to Idlib and Jarablus in comfortable coaches. Courtesy - U.S. Deep State.

Shit that's been shat needs to be flushed. If it's jettisoned periodically in a shallow pit, filling up into a festering fecal quagmire, what can one expect other than severe environmental poisoning? It breaks America's heart if members of this network are tried in a court of law.