Ramadan 2018 in Aleppo after Liberation

Remarkable resilience ....

Few places in the world have been devastated by foreign terrorists with US ammunition as much as Aleppo in this longest war in history.  From July 2012 to the fall of 2016, Aleppo city (one of the largest in Syria) turned hell on earth until the Syrian Army succeeded in blocking dozens of terrorists' supply lines.   A horde of AlQaeda occupiers (majority Al-Nusra) booted out from most of Aleppo province, Ramadan 2018 once again regains the traditional Syrian beauty ... its former serenity, freedom, cultural decor, Iftar gatherings, the fabulous food, tarawih prayers and pre-sahoor get-togethers of family and friends ....  all of this without the constant fear of attacks by America's gun wielding takfiri savages who slaughtered many, injured many and traumatized the women, children and men of Aleppo for four long years.   The world does not even have the decency to remember it.  

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