Terrorist-Apartheid State Of Burma Continues to Use Rape As Genocidal Weapon

Gang rape of Rohingya Muslim women by Burmese military is widespread, happening daily. Reported at BTF Newsletter, a group of Rohingya teenage girls were recently gang-raped inside a Mosque raided by Burmese forces. World powers are putting humanity to shame with their silence and glaring bias. What the Western world sees as transition to "democracy" in Burma has actually worsened an already deplorable human rights situation. The misogynist government headed by Aung San Su Kyi is flagrantly concealing incidents of rape and defending the rapists .. just as terrible as the Rape Capital of the world, India, or even worse. 

Though the Nobel Institute has gotten scandalously politicized, if it has retained a shred of self-respect, it ought to immediately revoke the Nobel peace prize of the disgraced Burmese leader, Aung San Su Kyi. This depraved creature has precisely the same mentality as AlQaeda or the Irgun-Haganah Zion mafia or KKK.

Horror stories of rape faced by Rohingya women:


  1. Amrika stays quiet until Burma has something they want. Disgusting 🤢


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