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Sunday, March 31, 2013

The term "WE" in the Noble Quran

Some non-Muslims confusedly misunderstand the expression "We" in the Noble Quran as a reference to plurality.   Needless to mention, that notion is absolutely INCORRECT.

The expression "WE" in the Noble Quran refers to the Supreme Power to Allah.  It is an expression of the Royal Decree, NOT plurality.  For that reason the term "We" is always followed by the singular part of speech in all such verses.  For example, "We were Witness to their judgment" (21:78).  "We are the All-Knower." (21:81) and many more similar verses.

When Allah Almighty addresses Himself as "We" in the Noble Quran, it must be known that this expression symbolizes the standing of royal decree and the eloquent language that is befitting while referring to the Supreme Majesty of the Almighty, the One and Only.  It is NOT a reference to plurality.

The expression "We" is a feature of the literary style in Arabic as in various other languages including English.  The style of using the term "we" is often observed in speeches and announcements of monarchs issuing decrees such as "we have ordered" or "we have decided" or "we have suspended" etc.   In English this protocol is known as the the "royal we."  The speaker is one and the plural "we" is symbolic of high status and respect.

Whenever Allah uses the expression "We," it refers strictly to Himself only, the All-Powerful and the All-Knower.   It is a symbol of the highest status and greatest of respect which only Allah is entitled to and NONE else.    The term "We" in the Quran is a gesture of Allah's unlimited glorification.  IT DOES NOT INDICATE PLURALITY.

Those who may argue claiming that the term "We" defines plurality are wholly unaware of two very important and basic factors:

(1)  Their ignorance of the principal ideology that establishes the essence of the Noble Quran, that is, the ideology of strict MONOTHEISM.

(2)  Ignorance of certain rules of Arabic and English grammar.

There are any number of verses in the Quran, from start to finish, that assert loud and clear that Allah is ONE, and NONE has the right to be worshiped except Him.  No reader of the Quran with the slightest of common sense and vision can overlook this most vital commandment and principle of the Quran.  Surah 112, At-Tawheed (meaning 'Unity'), which is known as the 'essence of the Quran,' emphasizes entirely on the Oneness of Allah.

"Say He is Allah the One and Only!
Allah the eternally Besought of all!
He begetteth not nor was begotten.
And there is none comparable unto HIM."
(At-Tawheed, 112:1-4)  [Also known as Surah Al-Ikhlas].

Thus, the subject on the unity of Allah, The Almighty, is crystal clear throughout His Final Message.  There is absolutely NO room for any doubts, confusion nor ambiguity.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Killing field in Burma

A few days ago, human rights' activists, victims and witnesses in Burma had released a report  based on their careful monitoring of the situation that the Buddhist monks and mobs were planning a third wave of deadly attack on the minority Muslims of the country within two weeks.   That has already begun much less than a fortnight before the release of their report.

It is more than just shameful that while the massive genocide and ethnic cleansing goes on unabated in Burma slaughtering the Muslim minority, intellectual frauds are giving a totally different spin to 'human rights violation in Burma.'   The Buddhist people of Burma, the Buddhist monks and the entire security apparatus of the country are collaborating and working together.  Fierce riots against the Muslim minority has spread throughout the length and breath of the country well beyond the Rakhine state.    It has turned Burma into the next 'killing field' of the region after Cambodia.  But intellectual phoneys loyally serving the Western  powers and their third world allies have put a thick cover over this genocide.   While mentioning the "oppression" in Burma, their paperback books and newspaper reports mention NOT of the country-wide massacre of the minorities in Burma.  Instead they talk of the hackneyed old political myth involving the "oppression of the Burmese people by the junta."   Coupled with the media blackout on the massacre of Burmese Muslims, deceptive authors and analysts are piling up layers and layers of deceit to fool their naive readers.

The truth at present on the ground in Burma couldn't be more different than what you might read in paperbacks and so-called bestsellers decorated on the shelves of Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Chapters/Indigo etc.  There is no rift between the Buddhist people/monks and the Myanmar junta.  Rather, the people and the monks of Myanmar are carrying out regular assignments given to them by the military government of Myanmar in total agreement with the Myanmar opposition leader to unleash one of the most horrific mayhem against the Muslim minority of the country ever witnessed anywhere in the modern era. 

The latest report below from Burma Task Force USA.


Two days of rioting have left at least five dead – some reports say 14 -- and two mosques burned down in central Burma. These numbers are also normally grossly underreported in Burma, which has strict control of information in the country, so the death toll is largely much higher.

The New York Times is reporting that a mob of Buddhists, some of them monks, started the rioting in the Muslim quarter of Meiktila, a city in central Burma.

One reporter who witnessed the attacks told the New York Times that the scene was “like a killing field.”

“Even the police told me that they could not handle what they witnessed,” said Wunna Naing. “Children were among the victims.”

The most disturbing part of these attacks against Muslims is that this violence has spread from Rakhine State and the persecuted Rohingya Muslims to other parts of Burma. Buddhists are now rising up against Muslims who are considered citizens of the country, unlike the Rohingya, who have been denied citizenship in their ancestral land and are discriminated against because of their dark skin.

Just last month, Buddhists attacked what they said was a masjid being built without permission in Yangon.

A few latest images out of many. It's not easy to get them because of msm blackout and barring the entry of all photo journalists in the country by the Burmese government supported by the opposition.