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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Turkey's Theatrics on Jarablus

Jarablus is the northern-most city of Aleppo province in Syria.  It was under ISIL occupation for a while.  If you recall, in September 2016 (or probably end August), Turkish army along with some smaller bands of AQ (aka "FSA") launched the so-called Euphrates Shield Operations in Jarablus and took the city from ISIL.  Within 24 hours Turkey bragged of "liberating" Jarablus.  All that was a huge bluff. There were plenty of  eye-witnesses including local activists and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) who consistently confirmed that there was absolutely NO battle between Turkey and ISIL in Jarablus.  The Turks took the city without a fight and with willing consent of ISIL because there were clandestine agreements between the two.  Fighting took place only between the Turks and the Kurds after ISIL passed on Jarablus to Turkey.  That's when the Turkish army and its AQ "FSA" allies went on a hostile spree clearing up villages around Jarablus area, driving out the Kurdish Democratic Union Party which is supposed to be the Syrian affiliate of PKK - Turkey's arch enemy.  But there was definitely NO fight between ISIL and Turkey in Jarablus.  This story was cleverly and deceitfully spun around by mainstream sources as "Turkish-backed Syrian rebels take Jarablus."

Despite being the closest friend of all AlQaeda terrorist factions, Turkey tries to put up a facade that the reason for its presence in northwest Syria is to curb terrorism for the security of Turkish borders.  The world doesn't need to be told that  Erdogani Turkey is a combination of radicalization, greed and ambition and wants to take advantage of the Syrian war to the fullest to grab as much Syrian territory as possible.  And thus the shameless act of hoisting of the Turkish flag on Syrian soil.  

Moreover, occupation of places like Jarablus and Al-Bab will help Tayyip Erdogan to prevent the Syrian Kurds from linking these strategic points with Kobane, also creating obstacles for the Syrian Army during future operations against ISIL in terrorist occupied Raqqa.  Not to mention, all of this will further embellish his sweet dreams of a legendary sultan.

Syrian Free Press
Ara News

Friday, December 30, 2016

Demolitions of Palestinian Homes in Occupied Palestine

A little Palestinian boy in East Jerusalem cries sitting on a sofa in the midst of the rubble of his family home demolished by the illegal state of Israel two months ago, October 2016. The illegal Zionist authorities claimed the house was built "without a permit" - their standard criminal excuse for devastating the lives of Palestinian families.  The demolition of this little boy's house left 30 members of a family homeless.  2016 has so far been the worst year for demolitions of Palestinian homes.  2017 is expected to be no better.

The sort of violations we are compelled to  watch helplessly everyday that continue to wreak havoc in favor of oppression and gross injustice give no respite from heartbreak and tears.

Details: Electronic Intifada

Damascus Governorate Targeted with Planned Humanitarian Crisis by Western backed Terrorists

As the image below shows, Damascus civilians lining up for water.  Water supply was sabotaged by Western-backed AlQaeda, most likely with diesel.  Few days later gas pipeline was also damaged.  WEST  SILENT!    
                          Image FarsNews

Want to know an accurate description of bastardization that emanates from the minds of the sickest perverts? 

Four days ago U.S. ally AlQaeda in Syria dangerously contaminated fresh water springs supplying drinking water to Damascus residents (an old criminal modus operandi tutored by Israel).  Consequently the main water pipeline had to be shut and presently 4 million people in Damascus are without water. Yesterday, those same psychopaths severely damaged gas pipelines that supply gas to residential areas of Damascus.  The AlQaeda SOBs responsible for this Zionist-schooled crime claim to be "New Rebel Military Command for Damascus" (the title apparently drafted by Pentagon) who are supposedly avenging their failure in Aleppo, Homs, Daraa and other formerly occupied territories.   It's not necessary to mention the dire humanitarian crisis Damascus is engulfed in at the moment. 

According to reports, Syrian Government authorities shut the main pipeline promptly before anyone could get hurt and contaminated water did not reach the capital.

Quoting RT
"RT’s Lizzie Phelan spoke to Damascus locals who transport water to residents in cisterns. They are all concerned, and blame 'the terrorists' for cutting off the supply.  Phelan filmed people with jerrycans obtaining water from underground reserves. The people are lucky to at least have them, along with the free distribution of water by the Water Authority. Store prices are exorbitant."

As the civilians of Damascus suffer AlQaeda's bloody-minded environmental terrorism, the FAKE MEDIA is provided with another prize opportunity to sell more of its spurious pills to the insular, thumb-twiddling couch potatoes of the international community.  Get ready for some new 'styles & nuances' gradually surfacing in the misinformation world of fashion ..... something like  "Assad poisons water and cuts off gas to Damascus civilians."

More details @ FarsNews and Press TV.         

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

AKP's Turkey, the land of boundless hypocrisy. Some more loathsome stunts.

On December 26, as Sumeyye Erdogan Bayraktar (daughter of the ruthless  dictator) spoke at  Islamic Circle of North America or ICNA claiming Ankara was "weeding out attackers of democracy,"  back home her father's Government was doing exactly that ... attacking democracy and they were never "weeded out."   A canteen worker at Hurriyet was arrested by Turkish security forces because he allegedly said he would not want to serve tea to Erdogan.  By the way, ICNA is a hub of Wahabis promoting the terrorist invasion in Syria.

Same day, Tayyip Erdogan put up the best demo explaining the phrase 'pot calling the kettle black' when he blamed the United States for supporting Daesh.

With only 3 weeks left for Obama in office, it isn't difficult to read the intentions of his rogue friend in Ankara.  Erdogan is cooking some foul tricks so he can get just as cozy with the new U.S. administration.  He is denouncing his ex ally, AQ-Daesh and elevating the status AQ-AlNusra whom he calls "FSA" (as if the two are any different), hoping that the incoming U.S. president may appreciate his move to support "FSA."  Only time will tell how Trump  perceives this scam (which may largely depend on Putin's feedback who isn't too forthright either).  It's vital for Erdogan that Trump responds favorably.  The nosy Turkish dictator is currently focused on the Syrian town of Al-Bab (north of Aleppo City) which is still under  Daesh occupation.  He is desperately trying to transfer the occupation of Al-Bab from Daesh to Al-Nusra ("FSA").  If he succeeds, "FSA" may accept him as their boss in Al-Bab ... taking him a step closer to the image of a victorious pasha he has been fantasizing for the past 6 years.  But it's proving to be an uphill task where the pasha is the lead character at the center two major AlQaeda terror groups.  A week ago Daesh killed 18 Turks and looted a load of ammunition.  Much to Erdogan's embarrassment, Turkish forces admitted that when the "moderate FSA" are face-to-face with Daesh, they flee leaving the Turkish army to handle the fight.  In  other words, Al-Nusra isn't showing much enthusiasm confronting Daesh along side Turkish forces.  Hopefully, as time progresses, the fecal cesspool will get stickier and deeper for the pasha. 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Bana scam: As the hoax gets unravelled

Inline image 1

When the terrorists were on the verge of defeat in East Aleppo, there were frantic tweets from Bana and family that no one was helping them to "evacuate" even though tons of images went viral of East Aleppo civilians walking away to Syrian Army controlled posts, untroubled and unruffled ... the Bana family probably expected the Syrian Army to evacuate them in a golden palanquin while the rest of the civilians walk.   

As their tearful tweets with thousands of red hearts raved and ranted over no help for evacuation, a day after East Aleppo was liberated and retaken by the Syrian Army, it was discovered that Bana and her family had already escaped to Turkey and even had a meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Erdogan in their 1100-room alcazar.   Just the kind of scenario  that could make one's stomach churn.  Not Bana's fault.  She is just a little girl.  She barely knows the tool her parents and their friends have made out of her.  It's just so unfortunte that the unsuspecting little girl's name is getting used unrelentingly to symbolize her family's treachery.

Inline image 2

Bana's father, Ghassan, is a dangerous terrorist with many young takfiri followers from the international AQ network. He was received by the Turkish President, Tayyip Erdogan, as a hero.  According to reports, Ghassan is an important member of the splinter AQ group, the Al-Safwa Battalion of Aleppo.  The quantum of blood splattered all over both his hands haven't yet been evaluated, but needless to say, is expected to be plenty.  Sources in Syria have said Ghassan was under direct orders from Ankara.
The above image is a recent group photo of terrorist Ghassan, his wife Fatema and their 3 children including Bana with President and first lady of Turkey in their Ankara palace.

Inline image 4Inline image 5
This is Bana's father in the white-check shirt with automatic gun in hand with his terrorist buddies.

Inline image 6

Inline image 7
Ghassan and his 2 kids (Bana not seen here) shortly before evacuating East Aleppo when he shaved to alter the terror look.

Inline image 8
The poor suffering runaway family, well-dressed, fit as a fiddle, Bana and her little brother with Erdogan and wife Emine in Ankara palace soon after taking off from East Aleppo after defeat of Al-Nusra and affiliate AQ groups. 

Inline image 9
The poor little girl has no idea of the role she's been sucked into.  By the time she's older to realize it, her mind will have already been indoctrinated and programed irreversibly.

Inline image 10
The real identity of this thug hasn't been discovered yet.  He's the same wretch with the pseudo name "Al-Hamdo" feigning to be Bana's teacher and appeared in Twitter with her.  All that can be ascertained is that he is another foul insect cavorting in the fecal terror cesspool getting stinkier and stinkier with pots of money & weapons from Western and Gulf Arab governments.
You may also like to watch this video on the Bana family hobnobbing with the Erdogans.

The true sufferers are a very different lot:

East Aleppo in north-west Syria, formerly a vibrant province of cheer and prosperity with a close-knit community turned Hell-on-earth under terrorist occupation since over 3 years where a morsel of rice would cost more than an emerald necklace studded on gold and silver!   The terror gangs of Al-Nusra and the smaller splinter groups wouldn't lift the siege, wouldn't allow aid convoys to enter, blocked exit routes so the poor civilians and their little children - who led simple lives and had no money to pay as bribes - could not escape.  Neither the Western governments, nor Turkey nor the Gulf Arab states could care less for those real sufferers.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ankara: Assassination Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov - December 19, 2016

Pro-government Turkish sources are releasing a volley of misinformation claiming Mevlut Mert Altintas was a Gulenist, he was involved in the July 15 coup and fired from his job, that he was secular and so on. The absurdity of the Turkish FM goes as far as directly blaming Fethullah Gulen for the attack.  Such outright lies provide enough evidence of Turkey's guilt of its own foreign policies.   Altintas was pro-AKP and satisfactorily employed in Turkey's riot police force. He was never fired from his job, he was simply off-duty that day. After the shooting, as he hovered around the gallery raving and ranting Al-Nusra slogans and his discontent over the events in Aleppo for almost 15 minutes, even the dumbest of the dumb would know where he came from. Yet there are people who are actually demanding evidence that Altintas was a radical.

Why did it take the Turkish security so long to confront the assassin while the victim lay dying on the art gallery floor?   All reports suggest security was flimsy or none in and around the art gallery.   Security arrangements for diplomatic official engagements are carefully planned, listing and specifying the security officers assigned to be on duty at the venue.   Mevlut Altintas was off duty on December 19.  Obviously he couldn't have been deputed the task of the ambassador's security guard Yet he entered the gallery in plainclothes with a weapon; when the metal detectors bleeped responding to the gun in his holster, he showed his police identification to get through.  No one within the security circles observed Altintas's presence, patrolling the art gallery just a few feet away from the ambassador when he wasn't even scheduled to be on duty.  Some witnesses said there no security scanning machine at the entrance at all.

Anti-Russian sentiments are at an all-time high among Turkish radicals after buying the hyperbole emanating from local and Western media on 'Russian war planes killing civilians in Aleppo.'  Mevlut Altintas's aspiration to die as a "martyr" on the floor of the art gallery after killing the "enemy" was in sympathy with the propaganda paraded in official media.  Though his ties with AlQaeda affiliate Al-Nusra were likely inspirational rather than direct, that doesn't change his status as an ardent AlQaeda admirer.

And oh! The Turkish Hurriyet itself reported today that until recently Mevlut Altintas served as a member of Erdogan's security task force to ensure that no harm came to the Turkish President. Record shows Altintas did serve Erdogan very loyally but turned his gun at Karlov.

Tayyip Erdogan has perfect security to protect himself, even a food tasting lab inside his palace, but how darn easy it is for his own police squad to shoot the ones who oppose AlQaeda!  From Erdogan's perspective this episode resembles a blessing in disguise rather than a "provocation" he keeps repeating.  Vladimir Putin, torn apart between his political sentiments for Turkey and his commitment to eliminate terror, needs to be less smug and more sagacious.  Does he not know who is squarely responsible for indoctrinating and radicalizing the young generation of Turks since the last half decade?

Turkey's foreign policy of Syria has been treacherously dangerous since the past six years.  Recruiting, training and bankrolling the AlQaeda international network to fight the Axis of Resistance and the Kurdish peshmergas has been the AKP government's top priority with welcoming support from its Western and gulf Arab partners.  Six years is a long time.  It has begun taking its toll at home and Erdogan's backyard looks squalid at best.  The AlQaeda ideology has spread like wildfire with hundreds of thousands of Daesh/AlNusra sympathizers among the Turkish youth who staunchly support the ruling AKP.  Tayyip Erdogan's decision to systematically purge the Turkish police and armed forces of Kemalists and Gulenists and replace them with hardline Salafists has created plenty of AlQaeda sympathizers among government cadres as well.  Those decades of harsh secular repression in the past have  helped the proliferation of Erdogan's fantasies still faster among the Turkish masses on the rebound.  Mevlut Altintas may have been acting alone but he definitely isn't the odd one out.  There are be millions in Turkey kissing his images gleefully and fearlessly at present. Reports suggest Altintas's superiors definitely ignored his radical inclinations, or still worse.  Some may have supported him.  The AKP will never crack down on the Salafist circles of Turkey as it viciously did on the Gulenists soon after July 15 of 2016.

Several sick Ukrainians have hailed Altintas as a hero, as have the cronies of Obama and Clinton, and of course the followers of the Al Qaeda school.

But the most pathetic of idiots are the ones who link Erdogan, his radicals and their likes with Islam.  That's like a bunch of street janitors claiming to be rocket scientists. 

Please do NOT slander my beautiful Faith because of people who DO NOT represent it but are using it as a tool and assisting the fake media to achieve its goal.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hard Life Ravages Beauty

The Afghan woman, Sharbat Gula

Images from Diply dot com

First photographed in 1984 at an Afghan refugee camp in Pakistan when she was 11 or 12, her exact age not known. The image went viral on the covers of National Geographic (without the help of the internet social media !!). Next, she was photographed in 2002, married with 3 kids. Reportedly Sharbat led a very difficult and arduous life growing up in a war-torn country and as a refugee. According to her brother she has had only one happy day in her entire life - her wedding day. She was fortunate America's so-called mujahideen (now taliban) didn't attack her wedding party. Though Afghan war is long over, recently in 2016, Sharbat was arrested in Pakistan for allegedly possessing a forged identity card. She was treated with respect and deported to her country.

The first 2 images of 1984 and 2002 taken by Steve McCurry. The third not sure, probably by authorities in Pakistan, a mug shot after arrest for fake identity card.

Sad that tough circumstances didn't allow this young girl with enormous natural beauty to preserve her youth and charm beyond a few short years. The story is a vivid real-life example how difficult times change ravishing looks into ravaged looks. It's something the celebrity media never tells us while publicizing only the other side of life as if beauty is synonymous with a $12 million grooming allowance and a $25,000 Alexander McQueen evening gown.

Friday, December 16, 2016


Western govts and Turkey couldn't care a damn for civilians. Their only concern is safety of terrorists.

Head spinning propaganda is being unleashed by heartbroken Western powers on the defeat of the proxies they trained, armed and funded. Retaking of occupied Aleppo by Syrian forces is being distorted as “fall of Aleppo.” U.N. calls it “uncompromising military victory.” Official media is on complete denial and is dealing with its grief with lies over lies over lies. Absurdities have gone to the extent of posting screaming headlines on “summary executions of women and children” by Syrian Army, its Hezbollah & Iranian allies and Russia. These gory fantasies abound despite the fact that numerous images and video footages have appeared (many shown by the mainstream media itself) of civilians walking  towards territories controlled by Syrian government forces, unruffled and untroubled.

As losers keep leeching on, Turkey is planning another ‘negotiation’ between terrorists and the Syrian government in Kazakhstan for "regime change" in Syria.

There is one good news for the West though. Kerry, who had been running helter-skelter to secure safe passage for Al-Nusra from East Aleppo, has achieved what he wanted. Aleppo ceasefire negotiated between Lavrov and Erdogan fulfills Kerry's wishes. It does not represent the consent of Syria nor her allies - Hezbollah and Iran. Thousands of AlQaeda terrorists from East Aleppo have been whisked away to safety inside Turkey instead of trials in Syrian military courts & execution for their unprovoked aggression and numerous, hair-raising war crimes on Syrian soil. Presence of the Syrian Army in East Aleppo is a huge relief for civilians. Yet, the permanency of the liberation of Aleppo is doubtful.

After the victory of the Syrian forces in Aleppo, the panic-stricken Father of Terrorists U.S.A. has decided to arm the Mother of Terrorists AlQaeda without any restrictions. According to former U.S. diplomat, Jim Jatras, "U.S. is handing out arms like Christmas cookies to preserve terrorist assets in Syria." Watch the video.

Monday, December 12, 2016

GCC Summit December 2016 - The most infuriating story of this year

           Image source and original article :  The National

A brothel owner with her band of whores. 

After killing 25,000 civilians in Yemen and injuring many more in 19 months, these depraved detractors are claiming their goal to be "principles of good neighbourliness, strict non-interference in domestic affairs, and respect for territorial integrity"  and then dumping their gory crimes on Iran by dubbing the Yemen war as Iran's "destabilizing activities.

What a blood boiler!

Writes Stop the War Coalition: "It is not surprising that Boris Johnson was severely reprimanded for his recent remark that Saudi Arabia is involved in a proxy war in the Middle East. His statement broke one of the cardinal rules of British foreign policy: do not criticise a hideous dictatorship if it is allied with Britain. Although the UK government is well aware of the fact that Saudi Arabia has provided financial and other support to Daesh and other terrorist groups in Syria and elsewhere, it rigorously avoids any criticism of the Saudis.

More broadly, UK support for the Saudi dictatorship, which is one of the greatest violators of human rights in the world, exposes the British establishment's extreme cynicism and hypocrisy. In fact, as Lindsey German points out "the British government is up to its neck in support for the Saudi bombing of Yemen, to the extent that it is actively involved in supporting operations."

Israeli Government has banned Adhan in occupied Jerusalem

Bill approved by Zionist Knesset (close ally of Al-Qaeda).

Lately Israel has banned the Adhan (Muslim call for prayer) from several mosques in Jerusalem. Within a few more months it will surely be banned from all mosques. Adhan is a very important part of our religious ritual and an integral part of Jerusalem's historical identity since over 1,400 years.  Illegal Israeli settlers have been complaining that the sound of Adhan disturbs them, conveniently forgetting their illegal status on stolen land and also ignoring that religious Jewish communities use the siren to mark the start of the Jewish Sabbath on Friday evenings which is far louder than the muezzin's Adhan and has a much longer duration.  Minutes before sunset on Friday evenings, deafening eerie sirens wail far and wide across different Jewish neighborhoods. Very often people are forcibly sent home as soon as the sirens begin.  Shops must close and street vendors selling eatables at sidewalks are often told to buzz off even if they haven't yet sold much of their products. Sirens from different neighborhoods often overlap and echo so loud they can blow your ear drums. Not just in occupied Palestine, but these sirens also sound in various Jewish neighborhoods of New York City where the U.S. government has boldly stopped the Adhan but neither the government nor the NYPD have yet been gutsy enough to stop the sirens despite complaints from thousands of mainstream non-Jewish neighbors.

The real and unbearable noise pollution in occupied Palestine comes from Israeli tanks hovering in Palestinian cities, Israeli bulldozers that demolish Palestinian homes, farms and Muslim graveyards, and the six-monthly bombing expeditions of Gaza by Israeli jets.

Yet the Zionist land robbers have the gall to label the Adhan as ""noise pollution."" The truth is that the illegal Israeli settlers in Jerusalem are not disturbed by the sound of Adhan. They resent it because it establishes an atmosphere of Muslim presence in Jerusalem.

The following excerpt from Global Research elucidates the glaring difference between the Israeli / Western idea of "tolerance" and the real tolerance that promotes justice and civilization. 

"The required respect for people of other faiths was exemplified by one of Caliph Umar’s first acts upon entering Jerusalem. He understood the sensitivity surrounding religious sites and the potential danger of changing the status quo. He thus declined an invitation from Sophronius to pray in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre lest Muslims turn it into a mosque. Instead, he stepped outside the Church to perform the midday prayer; a mosque named after him was later built on the site and exists to this day. This is in sharp contrast to the establishment of Israel in 1948, when 750,000 Palestinians were driven from their homeland at gunpoint. Villages and towns were ethnically cleansed and wiped from the face of the earth, and their mosques were also destroyed or turned into synagogues or museums; at least two became cafes and one became a cowshed."

       Minaret of Mosque of Umar in Jerusalem:  Photo: Wikipedia.  
     Saved here from Islamic Landmarks - Palestine Jerusalem.

Entrance to the Mosque of Umar in Jerusalem.  Photo: Islamic History & Travel.com
Saved here from:  Islamic Landmarks - Palestine Jerusalem.
This is the place where Caliph Umar bin Khatab performed his salah after the    conquest of Jerusalem by Muslims in the year 638 A.D.  It is located across the road opposite Church of Sepulchre.        

       Interior of the Mosque of Umar in Jerusalem.  
      Saved from Islamic Landmarks - Palestine Jerusalem

Copy of the Treaty of Jerusalem.  This is the copy of the Treaty which the 2nd Caliph, Umar bin Khatab, had formulated assuring safety to the non-Muslims of Jerusalem is displayed outside the Mosuqe.  This Mosque should not be confused with the Dome of the Rock which is often mistakenly referred as Mosque of Umar.   Saved from Islamic Landmarks - Palestine Jerusalem.

Palestine: Church defies Israeli ban; performs Muslim call to Prayers
Israel's Muezzin Bill seeks Judaisation of Jerusalem 
Israel moves forward with banning calls to Prayer 
Jerusalem Endowment: Israeli ban on Adhan war on Islam 

Sunday, December 11, 2016


As SAA and allies take over 93% of East Aleppo, panic spreads like wildfire in terrorists' ranks. "Moderate opposition" is down on its knees, eager to discuss a deal on withdrawal. John Kerry frantic to rescue his defeated thugs wants to negotiate their 'departure' with Lavrov. If they're allowed departure, they will retreat and hide in Turkey. That's Kerry's motive to whisk them off to a terrorist-friendly country and keep them handy for the future, in case Trump changes his mind which isn't altogether impossible. But there can be no departures for captured terrorists. They must be tried in military court on Syrian soil and hanged. 

Meanwhile, at the WH depravity reaches new low with Barack Obama's goodbye gift to terrorists. His recent decree announces U.S. military assistance to terrorists in Syria to be unlimited, waiving all restrictions on weapons delivery including surface-to-surface missiles. According to Obama, this "transaction is essential to the national security interests of the U.S." The purpose is to prolong the war in Syria making it a seesaw conflict. So, what we learn today is that terrorists are now re-entering Palmyra's northern neighborhoods after being chased out of the city 9 months ago by SAA. Barack Obama is for sure the meanest, bitchiest President ever in this world. Makes Bush look like a sober genius.

Military assistance for terrorists unlimited

John Kerry's deal for terrorists

Detailed story: Syrian Free Press

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

East Aleppo (Syria) : Bana Al-Abed Hoax via Twitter

                                  Image: 21Century Wire

Utilizing little girls with dolls and teddy bears to cash-in on sentiments of the international sheep community has been an old stratagem of the mainstream fake news media.  Child exploitation resumes once again as fake news is running out of options on the Syrian war.

When Syria was invaded in February 2011, a rogue in Britain named Tom MacMaster  started a fake blog titled "Gay girl of Damascus."   This fictitious "gay girl" was portrayed as an American-Syrian called "Amina Omari."  MacMaster filled this blog with bogus entries of repression of a "pro-democracy movement" by the Syrian Government, all in the name of Amina Omari with a phony photograph.  Four months later in June 2011, a girl from London named Jelena Lecic along with her friends told Guardian that the blog was fake, MacMaster was the author not "Amina," and the image of the girl in the blog was that of Jelena Lecic with the pseudo name, "Amina."  Unfortunately, the history of fake news has a knack to repeat itself.   At the moment the official Western media is mesmerized by the fake Bana project.

The hoax involving Bana Al-Abed of Aleppo :-
Bana Al-Abed, the 7-year-old Aleppo girl at Twitter, is supposedly tweeting in perfect English using hashtags and the typical social media word contractions like "POTUS," "OMG" etc.   When some suspicious readers questioned the authenticity of this account, they were dismissed as "trolls."   Bana's mother, "Fatemah," who is also tweeting via her daughter's account, claims she studied English in a Syrian institute for 3 years and then began tutoring her then 4-year-old daughter. 

The Fake News Media cannot or will not understand that such stories are apt for theaters but lack the coherence to fit in real life.  You cannot suddenly master a second language in just 3 years, develop fluency, teach your 4-year-old child and then she too develops fluency at age 7 in the midst of an Al-Nusra occupied war zone like east Aleppo where all schools, colleges and universities are destroyed, girls, women and boys aren't allowed to attend academic institutions and people are struggling to stay alive seeking the scarce necessities like food, water and medicines.  The Syrian war is nearly 6-years-old and Bana is 7, which means she has lived virtually all her life in a country at war where children have barely been able to devote a total of 7 weeks to education, let alone exhibit their proficiency in a second language.  Syria is an Arabic speaking country where the common masses speak little English as their medium of communication.  One of the biggest hurdles for Syrian refugee families coming to Canada and Britain has been the language issue.  The unusual English language 'talents' of the young Syrian mother from Aleppo and her 7-year-old daughter are certainly at odds with realism, to say the least.

                               Image without top caption 21stCenturyWire

Invading criminals are just that.  Calling themselves "city councilors" won't change anything.

7-year-old Bana Al-Abed from Arabic speaking east Aleppo has used staggering hashtags in her Twitter account that read #HolocaustAleppo #MassacreInAleppo #StopAleppoMassacre.   Her tweets with graphic descriptions on how the Syrian Army is bombing them - grammatically more flawless than those by many Americans and Brits - are getting thousands of likes and millions of retweets/shares.  Is little Bana such a language-genius?  When she was videotaped for a few seconds on Youtube, she was struggling to speak a sentence in English she was told to 'recite' before the camera.  Fact check at You Tube.

Quoting Editor's note: "[EDITOR’S NOTE: Clearly, Bana cannot speak very much English, surely nothing near her incisive, highly nuanced and politicized, and often cynical commentary on Twitter. For Western media outlets like NBC News, The Guardian, the London Telegraph and others to suggest Bana wrote any of her Tweets – shows the level of news fakery that these mainstream corporate media outlets normally operate on.]"

Bana AlAbed's twitter theatrics after the capture of Hanano by SAA:
On November 27, 2016 when Syrian Army entered east Aleppo and captured Hanano area, Bana's twitter account mysteriously (or should we say manipulatively) disappeared.  The purpose was to make her twitter fans fearful of her safety at the hands of the Syrian Army.  The next day, her account was back.   BBC gleefully reported Bana and her mother were safe in an undisclosed location followed by resumption of Twitter propaganda by Fatema and Bana and more fake tears from the sheep community.  Surprising, no one questioned the gaffe in the manipulation that even if Bana and her mother were bombed and killed, Bana's twitter account would not disappear overnight, only it wouldn't be updated by them.

Partner in propaganda crime:
There's another guy in this mischief-ridden scenario named Al-Hamdo who is supposed to be Bana's teacher and an 'activist.'  Looking at him, it's easy to sense he is another one of those thugs blowing smoke.  Whoever he is and whatever might be his real name, he is undoubtedly helping to promote this poorly designed propaganda with ideas and editions in tweets by Bana and her mother.

                                            Image:  21stCenturyWire

Examples of some puff-piece tweets supposedly written the 7-year-old girl in unblemished second language read as follows :-

"People are dying like flies here I don't know what is next. The bombs are just like falling rain"

"I'm very afraid of the planes now when I hear them. Dark night and very dangerous Aleppo I pray tonight will be calm for me and all."

"This is my reading place where I wanted to start reading Harry Potter but it's bombed. I will never forget. - Bana"

J.K. Rowling tweeted:
"Love you too, Bana! Thinking of you, keep safe Aleppo."   This got nearly 8,000 likes and close to 2,000 retweets.

More and similar tweets from the girl and her shady mother can be found in the link of 21stCenturyWire at the end of this post.

The one-sided rants against Syrian and Russian war planes are endless.  But NO mention of the foreign occupying terrorists who dispersed hundreds of civilians in east Aleppo with machine guns, killing many, because those demonstrators rallied against the blockade of exit routes by terrorists.  No mention of the infinite misery and deaths of civilians caused by Hell Cannons and its variants, Thunder Cannons and Mortar Cannons and much more fired in west Aleppo by terrorists.

Quoting an important excerpt from 21stCenturyWire on the Bana scam project:
"Bana’s family may be in a position to repeat the dubious claim that Russia bombed a school in Idlib, but show no interest in the atrocities caused by hellfire cannon directed by terrorists at western Aleppo.  There can be no doubt that the Bana Project is a scam, that the tweets are written to promote the NATO narrative of the Syrian War, with regard to the participation of Syrian and Russian forces, in order to facilitate regime change in Syria.
The sympathies of the Bana Project are totally with the extremists who are terrorising residents of eastern Aleppo, shelling western Aleppo, and are in imminent danger of being forced out by the Syrian Arab Army and allies like Hezbollah and the Palestinian Al Quds brigade.
From the first days Bana accused Assad and Putin of perpetrating a holocaust, a massacre, of carrying out a bombing campaign using cluster bombs, phosphorus, thermite bombs, and of course barrel bombs.  Since then the account has continued the theme of bombing and Assad/Putin culpability, along with constant calls for the world to do something, ‘to stop the bombing’.

Bana, as we are told, lives with her parents and two brothers in Aleppo. Her mother Fatemah is a teacher who ‘manages Bana’s twitter account’ and occasionally tweets herself, and her father Ghassan works in the ‘legal department of the local council’, whatever that means – the area is totally controlled by al Nusra [al Qaeda in Syria] who have set up their own council."

21st Century Wire.com is presently one of the few outlets that has candidly exposed the ongoing Bana Project - "Child Exploitation. Who is 'Bana' of Aleppo?"  by Barbara McKenzie.  Please take some time to check the details that contain plenty more than the contents within the above excerpt.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Turkey's economy swirling the drain

Thieves never prosper!


Tayyip Erdogan is frantic. He tells the Turkish people to get their foreign currency "from under their mattress" and convert it to turkish lira or gold. But his own foreign currency of millions of $$$$ remains intact 'under the mattress' of Swiss and Euro banks. He wants to trade in local currency; tells Putin to pay him in liras and suggests he will pay Putin in rubles.

Hours later, Turkey's main stock exchange (Bosra Istanbul) converted all its cash into lira in response to the dictator's demand, following which, lira fell to its lowest.

Turkey isn't under invasion like Syria. Turkey is pampered by the West. Yet the economy is crawling. Tayyip is gobbling much more than his piece of the pie while the Turkish people snore under heavy sedation.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hiding under the Palestinian cause, Daddy of Al-Qaeda officially unveils his status

                                                     Hurriyet Daily

A couple of months ago opinions were afloat that Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey was having second thoughts working on a low key shift in his Syrian policy and that removal of Assad wasn't his priority any longer.  Dead wrong!  Turkish forces have been going amuck in border areas including Aleppo with the pretense of shelling Daesh. That ruse has collapsed.  Recently, Daddy of AlQaeda stated officially that "Turkey entered Syria to end Al-Assad's rule,"    something for which Israel has been desperately waiting.  It's more than pathetic that this man was walking around with a Palestinian kafia around his neck at the lawmakers' conference in Istanbul Nov.30, impersonating as a proponent of freedom and using the Palestinian cause to promote his clandestine plan of Syria, which, along with his Saudi, Qatari and Western partners is a long haul.   Unfortunately, liberation of Aleppo may not lead to a final victory for the Syrian people and their Government.

Days after the Syrian Army and its allies thrashed al-Nusra (aka Fateh al-Sham) in eastern and northern Aleppo, a new group has propped up by the name "Army of Aleppo."   No surprise.  They will keep coming.  Reason for this was provided by John Kerry last October at a joint statement from him and UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson.   Quoting Kerry. "So even if Aleppo were to fall that would not change the fundamental equation in this war because other countries will continue to support opposition, and they will continue to create more terrorists and Syria will be the victim in the end as well as the region."   In Kerry's own words, he plainly admitted that US and its allies will not give up arming and financing terrorists until the West succeeds in toppling the Syrian Govt and dismantling the country by establishing Al Qaeda rule.  Army of Aleppo is the new title given to those same depraved foster brats of America and Britain in order to shield al-Nusra or Fateh al-Sham (whatever you want to call them) as both those labels had gotten too synonymous with Al Qaeda even in the naive minds of the international community.