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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fate of Palestinian Christians who wanted to see the Pope in Jerusalem on May 25, 2014

Palestinian Christians who were trying to get a glimpse of the Pope  in occupied Jerusalem while he was passing by were beaten up by Israeli  police.  It included women, children and the disabled.  Several men  were arrested.  The church authorities arranged their meeting with the  Pope but the Israeli police shifted them to another portion of the  street, then accused them of blocking the street and cracked down on  them.  In a desperate letter to the Pope, Palestinian Christians  mentioned of their distress and how much they were longing to be  liberated.   But the Pope is apparently another stooge of Israel like  the rest of the Western leaders.   He was received in Ben-Gurion airport  by Shimon Peres and Binyamin Netanyahu with the usual protocol  including a full guard of honor and thus he was happy.  He didn't care a  rat's tail for those Christians who wanted to see or meet him but  instead were beaten up by the Israeli police. 

Until 1967  when Israel occupied East Jerusalem, there were 24,000 Palestinian  Christians living in Jerusalem.  Now there are less than 9,000.  Most of  them have left because of similar hardships faced by Palestinian  Muslims that include isolation and separation from their families  because of the apartheid wall, confiscation of properties, house  demolitions, denial of residency rights and restriction on movements.


Monday, May 26, 2014

Kidnapping a disabled man and throwing away his wheelchair on the street

This happened four days ago on May 22 in Hebron, occupied Palestine.  Kamal Khairy Abdeen is paralyzed waist down since 1994.  He was shot in the spine by the Jewish terrorist, Baruch Goldstein, when the terrorist attacked the Ibrahimi Masjid in Hebron on February 1994, killing 29  Palestinian worshipers and seriously injuring at least 125. 

On May 22,  Kamal Khairy Abdeen was kidnapped for no rhyme or reason, this time by  another group of terrorists, the undercover Israeli forces. They knew  that Abdeen cannot move without his wheelchair, yet they forced him into  their jeep and tossed away his wheelchair on the road. 

Israeli Army Kidnaps A Disabled Palestinian, Throw His Wheelchair

Those who do not know about the massacre of February 1994 at the  Ibrahimi Masjid by bigoted madman, Goldstein, check the details in my blog entry at blogspot, December 2013.  Instead of apologizing and compensating the bereaved  Palestinian families, the Zionist government used this massacre as an  excuse to promote apartheid and occupy major parts of Hebron including  the most important street of the city, Shuhada Street.   Since the last twenty years, Palestinians are barred from entering Shuhada Street.  It's only open for Jews, despite numerous protests by Palestinians and numerous international activists for two decades.

About Shuhada Street, Hebron

These are photos of Kamal Khairy Abdeen, first shot and paralyzed by a Zionist terrorist and then kidnapped by Israeli forces.  Please keep him in your prayers that the terrorists don't hurt him again.  May God Almighty grant courage to the members of Abdeen's family.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Skating on the apartheid wall

Kenny Reed (aka “The Traveler”) is an American professional street skater who  traveled to Palestine in October 2013 to help build the skate ramp in the town of Qalqilya.  He travels to far-off corners of the globe to share his love of  skating and teaching children how to experience the freedom it inspires.  Kenny spent over two weeks in Qalqilya. After the ramp was  finished, Kenny, with his Palestinian friends, went to the apartheid wall surrounding Qalqilya  to embark on what may be the first documented wall ride by a skater in  Palestine.
(Via Tumblr)


"Democracy" of U.S. proxy war in Syian town of Darraa

Via  'News from Syria' - Tumblr  May 23, 2014. 

"Breaking News:
FSA commit a massacre in Daraa just a few minutes ago when  they targeted with a mortar shell an “election tent” where people were just singing, having a good time and showing support “peacefuly” for  President Bashar Al Assad for the election on June 3rd.

Until now 25 young men/women and children have died and hundreds injured. Injured were rushed to the hospital.  Please keep them in your prayers.

It is a presidential election. It is called democracy.  They  can show support for whomever they want. They don't deserve to be  killed.  FSA rebels called for democracy and freedom.   But this is how they apply it.

This picture was taken just few minutes ago  .... will update"


But instead of condemning such an act and calling it  outright terror, this mad mad world will surely condemn the Syrian  government for holding elections. Analogically it's a bit like a thief breaking into a house, and instead of looking upon the thief as a gross violator, the neighbors blame the residents of the house for having a home.

Moans and bleating noises from Al-Qaeda over Hezbollah

Al-Qaeda mercenaries have been fighting face-to-face with Hezbollah for  the first time in their lives in Syria.  It's been a rattling experience  for the former, despite billions of dollars worth of assistance pouring  into Syria from U.S., E.U., GCC nations, and with Turkey and Israel  playing hospitable hosts by providing them with accommodation, safe  haven and medical treatment.

Mystery sponsors of weapons and money to Al-Qaeda in Syria are no  longer secret news, carrying a striking resemblance to that old script  already  used for Iraq to topple Saddam.  The only difference between the powwow  of Iraq and Syria is that the Syrian confab has a different cast -  instead of Saddam, it's Assad who is the "brutal, chemical weapons-using dictator." 

While Saudi Arabia is backing Al-Qaeda in Syria, Qatar is mainly  behind Muslim Brotherhood.  Saudi Arabia has spent a minimal of $9  billion on weapons, training and salaries of mercenaries during the last  3 years.  Until 2013, Qatar had spent $3 billion in Syria, excluding  a one-off monthly salary as bonus to terrorists in Aleppo of $150 each.   It's now almost mid 2014 and Qatar's funding of the Syrian war is  likely close to $4 billion.

Industrial hardware and other costly items  from factories and shops in  Aleppo and other Syrian cities close to Syrian-Turkish border  have been plundered/smuggled by gatecrashing Turks with the help of the "jihadists."

Al-Nusra Front which is the official Al Qaeda  franchise in Syria and most radical of all, is supported by wealthy individuals not only in Saudi Arabia  but in most gulf countries and to an extent in Qatar as well, despite  Qatar primarily being a Brotherhood base.

Direct funding by the United States to Al-Qaeda and other "jihadis" in Syria has been in the  billions.  U.S. is now also considering sending manpads to the terrorists.  

Truckloads of drugs sent to the "jihadis" have been  smuggled periodically into Syria via Turkey from various AQ financiers.   Several illegal consignments of Captagon pills have been intercepted  and confiscated by Syrian customs and security forces that have widely  been shown on Youtube videos and other news sites.  It's not known precisely how much worth  of drugs have been sent to the infiltrating criminals inside Syria, but  surely drugs cost big money which is viewed as an investment by the financiers.  

E.U. has not only been sending its taxpayers' money  directly to the terrorists in Syria but has also lifted Syrian oil  sanctions from rebel held areas within the country to help terrorists  get control over Syrian oil wells and pipelines in the rebel held areas  and consolidate their power.  The main beneficiaries of EU’s lifting of  sanctions have been Al Nusra  Front and several other smaller terrorist groups who now control  majority of the oil wells in Deir Ezzor province by forcibly evicting the indigenous Sunni  tribes.  Reportedly, they have also seized control of certain Kurdish  sectors to the north-east.   According to Abu Saif, a fighter of the  Muslim Brotherhood, who is apparently wary of Al-Nusra:  “Jabhat al-Nusra is investing in the Syrian economy to reinforce its  position in Syria and Iraq.  Al-Nusra fighters are selling everything  that falls into their hands from wheat, archaeological relics, factory  equipment, oil drilling and imaging machines, cars, spare parts and  crude oil.”

Another Al-Qaeda franchise, LIFG,  presently the rulers of oil-rich Libya which has been turned into one of  the richest entities in the world by the courtesy of NATO, is  hand-in-glove with Al-Nusra.

Weapons that are sent to smaller groups of  Syrian "jihadis" fall into the hands of Al-Qaeda  fighters in little time.  There is no meaningful distinction between Al-Nusra and the  so-called Free Syrian Army or any other groups categorized as  "rebels."  Al-Nusra is the boss of all "jihadist" groups currently operating in  Syria.   

In spite of such colossal pampering, Al-Qaeda ingrates in Syria are whining and  grumbling that they're poor, lacking in resources and support.   However, not hard to guess, their real issue is lack of battlefield  strategy, lack of military discipline, lack of ideology and therefore a  complete lack of commitment to a cause.  All of these shortcomings have  been bundled together and twisted the other way round to portray  themselves as the deprived ones.

While talking to Al-Akhbar, some Al-Qaeda cry babies upset  over their failure cut comical figures in an attempt to camouflage the truth.  Concerning their experience with confronting Hezbollah soldiers,  here's what some of them had to say:

"some Hezbollah fighters looked like they were possessed."

"We hit three of them but they continued to descend. Only a crazy person would do that. Their courage is not normal."

"it is certain that they are using drugs"  When asked, "wasn't it an open secret that Al-Qaeda was the one on drugs  for years since the Syrian war began?"   The man's response: "Pills are forbidden by our Sharia."   Seems likely that this Al-Qaeda mercenary was on drugs at the time he made these sub-standard comments. 

Another AQ interviewee jumped in trying to be a bit more candid: "Their side also forbids pills. Even if they were your enemies do not underestimate them. I saw them with my two eyes."

Yet another Al-Qaeda sympathizer inside Syria from Lebanon trying to play the underdog:

"They (Hezbollah) are also more numerous and their weapons are more modern and more  powerful. They have warplanes, tanks, Burkan rockets, and other types of  rockets, which we know nothing about. They also have their uniforms and  meals, which cost thousands of [US] dollars. On the other hand,  al-Qaeda fighters need to borrow money and pay for their weapons and  ammunition from their own pockets."

Excuse me?   Al-Qaeda fighters need to borrow money and pay for their weapon from  their pockets ??  Isn't this going a bit too far insulting the  intelligence of readers?  

But how can you expect an  uneducated and opportunist terrorist network like al-Qaeda to have the slightest  understanding of a well-organized welfare entity with a solid goal like Hezbollah?

Hezbollah surely is NOT receiving funds from U.S. nor  E.U. nor the GCC states.  It's using its own funds as a welfare  organization which it has been for years, also paying stipends to its  war widows, orphans and needy seniors.  Hezbollah isn't only a Lebanese  paramilitary force and an important political party within the Lebanese  parliament.  Hezbollah's social jihad as a non-profits organization  plays just an important a role.   Hezbollah has meticulously been  providing social services (including healthcare), and its social-service  provision has been increasing community support for Hezbollah.  Its  humanitarian work by volunteers and employees of  Hezbollah’s nonprofit health and  social-service  organizations is a vital part of the act of resistance or jihad that is  integral to Hezbollah’s struggle against Israel and all imperialist  forces.  Presently there are also several NGOs in Lebanon operated by  Hezbollah, legally registered.  

Hezbollah's visionary financial and welfare planning  is also a personification of simplicity.  It's social-welfare  headquarters situated in a crowded dusty street with potholes, looks simple  like any other  building in Beirut’s southern suburb.  Its entrance consists of a dark  stairway with no signs or nameplates leading to the office.  You would  probably be   unimpressed until this point if you're an admirer of flashy and plush  exteriors.  But when you step inside Hezbollah's welfare office, it's a  typical modern workplace setting with dedicated employees attending to  their clients' loan applications and other requests from behind a long stretch of sparkling glass  windows.  In summary, Hezbollah has a highly organized system of health  and social-service system made up of the Social  Unit, the Education Unit and the Islamic Health Unit which make up an  elaborate network of service providers.  Additionally, it also runs its  own television network, Al-Manar. 

The international  community only speaks of Hezbollah's military action against Israeli  offensives as this is the only facet of Hezbollah's activities which is  covered by the mainstream media with tons of distortions in favor of  Israel.  

Not Al-Qaeda, but it is Hezbollah that is isolated by the international community, yet a disciplined  fighting  force.  Its only allies are Syria and Iran .... the group  recognized as the Resistance in the region.  At present Syria is under attack and needs Hezbollah's help.  Iran under Hasan Rouhani's  presidency has been blatantly lukewarm toward the Resistance and is  trying to keep a low profile of its relation with  Hezbollah to appease the U.S. for lifting sanctions.  In plain terms,  Hezbollah is pretty much on its own.  Its decision to join the Syrian  war is a part of its pledge to the Resistance when Hassan Nasrallah announced that his Party "would bear the responsibilities and the sacrifices. This battle is ours, and I promise you victory!''  A few weeks later, Hezbollah fighters along with the Syrian Arab Army recaptured  the strategic city of Al-Qusair in June 2013.  Qusair had been a  terrorist hub for months prior to that.  It was a victory that turned  the tables and has not allowed the invaders to get the upper hand in any  battle within Syria until the present. 

It's laughable to read AQ statements slandering Hezbollah as taking "drugs"  while compelled to acknowledge its organized and fearless  confrontation of Salafist "jihadists."  It's also inherent of losers to  give a spin to their own shortcomings and dump them on their rivals.  If  Al-Qaeda and its comrades in Syria were not generously and  systematically assisted by the U.S., E.U. and GCC states, they wouldn't be  able to last in Syria for six months, let alone three years.  Al-Qaeda  was not helped by the U.S. in Afghanistan so it lost.  Muslim  Brotherhood and AQ infiltrators aren't being helped by the West in Egypt  so they have been unable to make any headway against the Egyptian  government.  Al-Qaeda was helped in Libya by NATO, so it won.  It's  being helped by proxy in Syria by U.S., E.U. and their Middle Eastern allies, so  it's been able to acquire a nuisance value. Yet it's not winning because  NATO, al-Qaeda's official air force, has not yet complied to its  request to carpet bomb Syria. 

Al-Qaeda is commonly known for its  lack of battlefield acumen and  frequent  infighting rife within ambitious self-seekers.  In addition to brutalities on civilians in the areas they  control, they are often shown in images posing "fearlessly" before the  camera holding Israeli or U.S. made automatic weapons.  But they have never achieved victory on the battlefield unless NATO  comes along to do the bombing for them.  Their only chance to occupy Syria  was when Obama was considering a military intervention in Syria in August  2013.  But when the White House decided otherwise, Al-Qaeda was  heartbroken because it's never been able to win any war until  NATO pops in to play the most vital role.

o far 162,000 Syrians have been killed since 2011 including at least 35,000 army men, and millions  displaced who are refugees in the neighboring countries or within Syria.

Al-Akhbar's conversation with AQ:
"Hezbollah fighters and the "jihadis:" Mad, drugged, homicidal, and hungry


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Syria: A city of 3 million deprived of drinking water as a strategy of war, and the silence of the world

Water supply has been cut off in Aleppo, Syria's largest northern city,  with a population of 3 million since early May 2014 reportedly by  U.S. allies in the Syrian war, the Al-Nusra terrorists.   Jabhat al-Nusra is a franchise of Al-Qaeda.

How utterly shameful!  Of course, that's an understatement.

Let me quote Pravda.ru (English) on this one:  "Hear the cries of Aleppo dying?  No??  Where is the outcry to save these  people? All of the notorious empire-serving human rights organizations  and the corporate media are silent, deliberately ignoring the plight of  the people in Aleppo, Syria. The FUKUS axis (France, UK and US) is perpetrating a human  disaster by arming and supporting terrorists within Syria who have cut  off water and electricity to the people of Aleppo. Under the 1949 Geneva Convention, collective punishment is a war crime.  Article 33 of the Fourth Convention states: 'No protected person may be  punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed.'  .. The main source of drinking water in  Aleppo, the Suleiman al-Halabi station, has been cut off for the whole  city by FUKUS axis sponsored terrorists for over 10 consecutive days,  sending water to Quiq River and wasting it to prevent citizens from  having clean water."

That expression "notorious empire-serving human rights organizations" made me say "spot on" louder than ever!  The words "humanitarian" or "human rights activist" have turned into an ugly joke.  Most of them are actually the most self-seeking, narcissistic bluffers and pets of the New World Order that hang around the mainstream media to distract the naive public via glitzy entertainment news.  That explains their perpetual and conspicuous absence from genuine disaster zones, and why they never show up where they should.

Water is the most special gift from Allah Almighty to humanity and to  every other species living in this planet.  Life comes to a grinding  halt without water.  At the same time, drinking water needs to be clean  otherwise it can cause serious illnesses. With summer approaching, the  children and the elderly in Aleppo are particularly reported to be  desperate without water.  The 3 million Aleppo residents are being  compelled to drink filthy water from roadsides or they simply die of  thirst.

As usual, the terrorists are blaming the government claiming that the  main water supply line was seriously damaged during an air raid across  Aleppo.  The government has vehemently refuted this allegation.  The  Syrian Foreign Ministry stated the UN Security Council's  President that terrorists  have been "punishing three million persons because they renounced the  crimes committed by the terrorists, adding that this act is yet another  crime committed by the terrorist groups against the city's civilians."

Aleppo's governor Mohammed Wahid Akkad told the state-run Sana news  agency that water supplies to the neighborhoods of Midan, Suleimaniyeh  and Aziziyeh were cut off and that repair work is under way.  Videos  posted online by the Local Coordination Committees (LCC) showed water  gushing  through one of Midan's streets that look like a small river. 

Quoting a Russian citizen:  "The same dirty tactics being used by US backed terrorists in Kiev who  are blocking water to Crimea. This is not surprising since the  terrorists in Syria and Kiev are taking their orders from the same  master, CIA/US."

Aleppo is one of those Syrian cities in the north that has been under  siege for many months.  First the terrorists cut off essential  communication routes to hinder the transportation of food,   essential household commodities and medicines.  Early May 2014, they cut  off electricity and water supply as well. 

The world yelled loud and clear at the kidnapping of 300 school girls by  Boko Haram terror group in Nigeria, and the world was justified to  raise its voice.  But its deafening silence is astounding at the hostage  taking of 3 million Aleppo residents by Al-Nusra terrorists without  water, electricity and very little food.   The comparison of global  reactions tells us that those outraged by the action of Boko Haram  aren't humanitarians.  They are hypocrites and no less disgusting than Boko Haram itself.

With lack of a viable alternative to Assad and disregarding the will of the majority of Syrians who support him, the US has only helped to  strengthen radical Salafist groups in Syria.  A country known as one of  the most serene and neat spots in this planet, is now infested with filth and chaos. 

Along side the unprecedented miseries of the 3-year-old preemptive war,  Aleppo is now facing another harrowing scourge as a  result of the war - fleshing eating disease.  The parasitic skin  disease that causes disfiguring sores in the face and body is sweeping  across the war torn city of Aleppo.   This disease needs to be treated  with high doses of intravenous antibiotics.  Early treatment is vital as  well as critical.  Often the patient needs to be admitted in the  intensive care unit.  In many cases surgery is required to remove  infected fluid and tissues.  Such medical care isn't difficult in times  of peace, but it could be a very different story in a rubble-filled war  zone.

The  prolonged destructive war that's showing no signs of tapering has  broken down Syria's healthcare structure and its entire network by  destroying most of the country's hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical industries.   Similarly,  Syria's impeccable welfare system is in  disarray with large portions of the country having no electricity and no garbage  collection by the municipalities.  Hence, what else can one expect but a  complete public health nightmare with painful and infectious diseases  in epidemic proportions?   Breakouts of  gastroenteritis caused by contaminated food resulting in diarrhea, vomiting and  dehydration are rife.  Measles, that was non-existent in Syria with  of the country's meticulous vaccination program, has spread across  Aleppo and almost all Syrian cities and villages in the thousands since  2011.  Water borne illnesses like jaundice, typhoid and cholera, unknown  in Syria until 3 years in the past, are now daily occurrences.  Considering  the present situation in the northern city of Aleppo where people are  collecting drinking water from muddy puddles along roadsides and no  facilities for purification of water,  water borne diseases are bound to  skyrocket in the following months.

According  to some U.S. sources, flesh eating disease in Syria has been common in  Aleppo since many, many years and is also called "Aleppo evil."  Never heard of such nonsense  prior to the US proxy war.   They have also cited its source to be sand  flies which too was never talked about before the war.   According to standard medical information, majority  of infections causing the flesh eating disease are by organisms that normally reside on the  individual's skin.  Other common sources of flesh eating disease stated  by medical professionals include eating undercooked contaminated meat, working at municipal waste-water plants, exposure to secondary waste-water spray irrigation, consumption of contaminated raw farm products fertilized by human sewage viscous mixture or contracted from hospitals.    To make a long story short, Syria was a very safe and disease-free country.   The  American proxy war along with its terrorist allies has wrecked it in  just about every way imaginable.

It's pathetic how some U.S. health experts are trying to distort the  truth so not to blame the U.S. backed war by claiming such skin diseases were never  uncommon in the Middle-East particularly in northern Syria and the  emergence of war has only enabled it to resurface.   Syria was never a hub of any skin diseases ever in the past.   It's the preemptive war that has devastated the entire infrastructure of  the country, breaking down all civic amenities  and a complete  disruption of Syria's sound healthcare system.  Let such a war  prevail anywhere else in the world including the U.S. and Europe for  just one year and the entire community will be in shambles.  Syria has withstood a  lot, and has put up a great defense, particularly considering her  isolation and limited resources.

Syria: The conflict that won't end because the U.S. won't stop helping the terrorists

A new terrorist group that has emerged in Syria, Harkat Hazm, firing American-made antitank missiles at the Syrian Arab Army.

There are now more than a dozen groups of terrorists fighting within Syria to topple its legitimate government.  More than 80% of terrorist rebels within Syria are foreign infiltrators backed by FUKUS  (France, UK and the US).  Today is the 1,157th day of the Syrian war and until now FUKUS has spent billions of dollars on training, arming and the monthly salaries of mercenaries to fight its proxy war in Syria.  The terrorists are cajoling FUKUS to provide them with surface-to-air missiles or manpads to shoot down Syrian air force planes.  Reportedly, the White House is likely thinking seriously of sending manpads to these dangerous marauders despite realizing the risks that such sophisticated weapons in the hands of hardened terrorists could easily backfire and be used for targeting U.S. and its allies at some point in future.

FUKUS is eager to topple President Assad only because he isn't a puppet, he prefers thinking independently and he doesn't accept Zionist hegemony in the region nor its brutally bullying tactics.  For the infiltrating terrorists (presently allies of FUKUS), it's a sectarian war goaded by firebrand Salafist fatwas who do not mind serving imperialists as puppets, as long as they promote sectarianism in the pan-Islamic state.  Needless to say, such a divisive approach within the Muslim world suits the imperialists fine.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Modi and his bull-headed zealots

India is heading for a "change" that is yet more sinister than ever before.  The country's recent polls marked the culmination of  its final jump to decadence, a goal India had been contemplating and  sliding towards since long.

Narendra  Modi's aggressive brand of Hinduism will not only cause communal riots to get more frequent targeting India's Muslims and Christians, but will also hasten India's fierce brand of  nationalism at a breakneck speed which might eventually be difficult even for mainstream Indians to handle.  

We are talking about the man who was one of the  masterminds of the Gujarat riot in 2002 that brutally killed over 2,000  Muslims;  where Hindu executioners took special delight in slashing  pregnant women with their swords, opening the womb and extracting the fetus.  The ultimatum to the Muslim survivors who were hiding in fear  was that they could only return to their destroyed or burned properties  if they converted to Hinduism.  Modi's involvement in the  Gujarat massacre is not an allegation, it's a reality, just as much as  Ariel Sharon's involvement in the massacre at Sabra and Shatila in 1982   or the Myanamar  government's connivance in the genocide of the  Rohingyas.  The relief camps for thousands of displaced Muslims have  often been described in public statements as "child-breeding centers" by  Mr. Modi.   In the Wiki Leaks cables he has been mentioned as an "insular, distrustful person" who "reigns by fear and intimidation."

It was Modi's frenzied compatriots who attacked and destroyed the Babri  Masjid in the Indian town of Ayodhya in 1992 when another Hindu extremist, A.K. Advani, rode on a refurbished truck turned into a buggy  across India showing off his Hindu supremacist leadership and arriving  at Ayodhya to oversee the destruction.  There are countless allegations  of extrajudicial killings carried out by Modi.  During his controversial  political career, he was barred from entering the United States.  But  far from clamping India with sanctions for choosing a terrorist of the  underworld as its PM, the U.S. will recognize this man as the "PM of the world's largest democracy" with plenty of impressive rhetorical diplomacy in deference to the wishes of Indian hardliners.

Of course the "untouchables" who are at the receiving end of India's  archaic caste system should pull up their socks and get ready to do  dirtier jobs.  Any political power that promotes Hindu traditionalism  (in the name of 'modernism') can only widen the gap between so-called  "untouchables" and the more privileged ones.  Modi himself belonging to  the lower middle-class is hardly a reason to presume the possibility of  dismissing profound class differences within the Indian society which  is a part and parcel of conventional Hinduism. 

Narendra Modi is a permanent  member of the notorious Hindu nationalist organization, RSS, which has long  been inspired by fascist movements of white supremacists claiming "pride  of race" as the most important ideology.  This organization rejects all  policies it sees as being too sympathetic toward the Muslim and Christian minorities.  Modi has primarily been focused on instigating the younger  generation of Indians with the intent of stirring up a 'revolution' of sorts  for creating a "New India."  Though he portrays himself by using his  past credentials as a "tea-vendor," his closest allies today are  India's richest businessmen.  Modi began paving his path to strengthen  ties with wealthy Indians since the time he was Gujarat's chief minister in 2002 through endless prerogatives and gifts to the country's largest corporations. Majority of India's wealthiest entrepreneurs are now  comfortably controlled by Modi's cult, and their coordination has silenced every bit of dissent in the country, particularly from journalists and analysts.

Modi might not intentionally try to isolate India and neither will  the world view him as a Hindu fundamentalist (for the simple reason that the term "fundamentalist" is only reserved  for Muslims by the Western media).  But this man's hardcore traditionalism and racism is bound to  carve a silently negative image of his country.  Scare tactics by the Congress set aside, it's no doubt true that Modi's presence at the helm will help to bring about a rapid and blatant shift from secularism (whatever bit was left of it in India) to hardcore  Hindu extremism to the fullest.  It's like the completion of a lengthy task and finally putting a decomposed cherry on a toxic cake.  His election campaign  of reportedly traveling 200,000 miles in air planes and addressing 500  rallies was a show of his endeavors for ballot box success, not striving  for his anti-corruption manifesto.  One would need to be much too stupid  to be unable to look through that.

You can now expect relations between Pakistan / India to sour unless the  Pakistani government decides to act like the Fatah government of Palestine.   Any criticism of the Hindu religion will definitely carry dire  consequences within the boundaries of the world's "largest  democracy."   However, the international media will conveniently look  the other way as such condemnations are stashed up only for the  blasphemy law in Pakistan. 

The crackdown in occupied Kashmir by Indian forces and spying /  locking up of cell phones and internet sites within and outside Kashmir will get far more rampant.  As stated in the Guardian "Muslims have been imprisoned for years without trial on the flimsiest  suspicion of "terrorism"; one of them, a Kashmiri, who had only  circumstantial evidence against him, was rushed to the gallows last  year, denied even the customary last meeting with his kin, in order to  satisfy, as the supreme court put it, "the collective conscience of the people."  

Democracy was not promoted by the Congress either, which turned into  dynastic politics based on absolute power.  The gradual disappointment  of the Indians made them pick N. Modi on the rebound who offers "modernization without modernity .... offering old and soured lassi in new bottles" in the words of an Indian critic.  Emergence of Hindu middle-class nationalists into  Indian politics began in the mid to late 1980s who have done absolutely  nothing worth mentioning to give a voice to the middle-class nor the  lower-class.  On the contrary, widening of gap between the haves and the have-nots and wealth being  concentrated in the hands of fewer than ever before has led to greater fragmentation of  the Indian society and exacerbation of the caste system.

Presently, Modi's Hindu chauvinists are inundating  Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites with a string of  hate-filled propaganda such as "Pakistani agents,"  "terrorists,"   "jihadis,"  "sickulars" denoting secularism which they view as anti  Hindu bigotry.

India needs to create a minimal of 25 million jobs annually to keep the unemployment rate from rising which means its economy must grow at a minimum pace of 10% every year.  At present the growth of Indian economy is barely  5% per anum.  But even if that goal is achieved by Modi's government  (which is next to impossible), it's tagged with another downside.  Rapid  rise of industrialization and decline of the agricultural system which  provided bread & butter to millions of poor Indians for decades in  the past has made them more vulnerable and at far greater risk of  exploitation by employers of private sector organizations.  It's a tough  issue to tackle, and it will be interesting to watch what sort of  insipid hot-pot Modi cooks out of it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nakba Day (Day of the Catastrophe) - May 15, 2014; sixty-sixth anniversary from May 15, 1948.

Tomorrow,  May 15th, Palestinians and justice lovers around the world will be  marking the 66th anniversary of Nakba Day (the Day of the  Catastrophe).  It's the day when the illegal state of Israel was officially declared an  independent country on stolen land in 1948.  It is the day of displacement, a day when at least  700,000 Palestinians were expelled or fled their indigenous land and  hundreds of Palestinian towns and villages were destroyed and  depopulated after the Zionist mafia - Stern Gang, Hagana and Irgun -  went on a murderous rampage across Palestine.  These refugees number  several millions today scattered all over the world.  They are not  allowed to return home.  Talking of "diaspora" it must refer to the  Palestinians as 60% of them are living outside Palestine, barred from  entering their ancestral homeland.  Those Palestinians who are in their  country are stateless within their own land, abused and enslaved by  their occupiers on a daily basis.  Arab citizens of Israel have been  admonished for observing the Nakba Day. 

For  Palestinians and the world, Nakba is not only remembering the past.   It's striving to change the present as well for Nakba is still happening and getting more severe by the day.

Learn more of the Nakba through images:

May 15, 1948.

May 15 1948 - Palestinian survivors fleeing their homes.

Warsaw Ghetto?  Nazi Concentration camp?  No.  These are the young  Palestinian victims of Zionist Jews in a refugee camp after being forced  from their ancestral homes, villages, and lands.


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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fatah / Hamas unity government: Will it help? Should we be optimistic?

At best it can be viewed as a bittersweet step with the hope that the rancor subsides to help the nascent coalition.   The decision was based on political self interest, not coherent unity.   Both sides had their own  reasons intrinsic to their factions that led  to the  formation a unity  government.  Whether or not it can be interpreted as sincere  cohesiveness, it probably demonstrates that regardless of their  differences, Hamas and Fatah do rely on each other as a last resort.  

The change in the political setup in Egypt in July 2013 that deposed  MB's Mohamed Morsi was a huge setback for Hamas in Gaza.  Restrictions  on the Rafah Border and complete closure of tunnels to prevent Hamas  activists infiltrating into Egypt and assisting their ousted MB comrades  have put plenty of pressure on Hamas. Residents of Gaza aren't able  to crossover to Egypt for medical treatment nor to visit their  relatives.  Trade and transactions of essential supplies have come to a  halt.  After Sheikh Hammad of Qatar handed over power to his son in June 2013, Hamas already lost huge financial support from the  Qatari block.  Toppling of Morsi the following month made the siege of  Gaza still more unbearable.  Hamas felt it had no other choice but to be  more flexible and reach out to whoever was willing to befriend it with  the hope of easing the siege and having some 'friends' to count on.  Even  someone like Mahmoud Abbas would do.

Abbas has been illegally sitting at the Ramallah office for ten years  since 2004.  He lost a fair election in 2006 against Hamas. Out of 132 seats, Hamas won 74 while Abbas' Fatah bagged only  45.  Yet Abbas continued as the "president" of Palestine at the behest  of Israel and the Western leaders.  Having achieved nothing since the  last decade, he was getting a bit flustered over his illegitimate status  as "president."   Earlier he talked about taking his case to the ICC  but never did; instead he continued to trust the dishonest brokerage of  the U.S. for "peace talks."  He talked about going to the U.N. and  declaring statehood.  But when the moment arrived, he failed to take any  constructive steps. April 29, 2014 was set as the deadline for  Palestinian/Israeli peace talks by the U.S. and Abbas had literally  nothing to show that would compliment his ten years in power.  He is  hoping that reconciliation with Hamas and formation of a single  Palestinian government might help to 'refurbish' his tainted image of a corrupt opportunist.

Yet the move is seen by many as one that may compel Israel  to negotiate with Hamas and consequently an end to the bogus "peace talks" that have  so far yielded nothing.  It has definitely put Israel in an embarrassing  position (at least for the time being), exposing its genuine intent of  never wanting peace as clear as  daylight.  For a long time the  Israeli government refused to negotiate with Mahmoud Abbas over the  pretext that Abbas didn't represent the Palestinian entity as a whole,  with no control over Gaza.  That obstacle (if it was not meant to be a real cause) has now been removed.  But instead of showing the slightest appreciation or optimism, Israel suspended the "peace talks" altogether  as a gesture of disappointment over Fatah's decision to work with  Hamas. 

Plenty of seasoned analysts and observers are of the opinion that now is  the time for Palestinian leaders to seriously regroup, to officially  announce their complete distrust on the uselessness of U.S. brokered  negotiations for over two decades, to focus on alternative movements  such as the BDS  and encourage "popular resistance" to  awaken the world and to awaken Israeli households that the Palestinians have  their own voices as a consolidated entity to put their demands on the  table.  No need for phoney brokers any more!  

As a former member of PLO's negotiation unit, Diana Buttu, puts it:  " .. what Abbas and Fatah have done, which is to wag their finger at  everybody and say "Thou shalt not." They don't empower us to do  something, they just tell us what you shouldn’t do. That's why I think  popular resistance is an important strategyThere has to be a price that is paid for this continued occupation. I'm talking about popular resistance, not armed resistance. But I think that this image or belief that the PA had -- that somehow  the international community is going to save us -- has been proven to be  a false one, The international community is not going to save  Palestine, and I think the only thing that we can do is save ourselves  and make this costly for Israel. And it'll be costly on us for a long  period of time too."  The goal of a popular resistance as explained by Ms. Buttu "is to hold Israel to account. Whether it is holding them to account in an  international arena, or by holding them to account through popular  resistance, they need to begin to see that there is a price to be paid  for the continued occupation and the continued racism inside '48."

Pushing ahead with the BDS movement is vitally important.  The movement is  already growing, getting stronger, and reputable international  personalities and groups are endorsing it.  Recently it was  authenticated by the National Union of Teachers (NUT) which is the  biggest teachers' union in Europe.  It can greatly help to legitimize  the calls of a unity government in Palestine for sanctions on Israel  through its expulsion from international trade organizations.  The  economic impact could rattle large segments of the Israeli population  and their reaction felt by their government.

However, future hopes set aside and coming back to the present,  unity  government on both sides is primarily an act of desperation rather than  seriously setting aside differences and banging heads together to achieve a goal. At this point it would be presumptive to read it as a decision based on national interest nor as representing the visions of the Palestinian struggle for freedom.   Coalitions based on factional interests that do not cater to the needs of the masses are extremely fragile more often than not.   Additionally, both Israel and the U.S. are thoroughly astute and deft  at assessing and wrecking up such bonds with the 'divide and conquer'  stratagem to protect their political interests.  Usually the guile  involves nepotism, granting unjust favors to one side, causing resentment to  the other, followed by gradual disagreements between the two factions,  sowing dissension, pitting them against each other and eventually a  total split.  It has happened before.  There is no reason why it cannot  happen again.   

But at the end of the day, what's truly awesome and marvelous is the  resilience and restraint of the Palestinian people who have made it  ample clear that despite their selfish leaders, despite those numerous  checkpoints, the demolitions of their homes and schools, bulldozing  of their farmlands, land confiscations for construction of illegal Jewish  settlements, widespread unemployment, starvation, lack of potable water,  random arrests, indefinite incarcerations, torture, rape and child  abuse in prisons and much more, the Palestinians are there to stay .. to  rebuild their lives, and to continue their endeavors.  They're not  leaving their indigenous homeland.  They are not going away anywhere.   It makes Ms. Buttu's opinion of a popular resistance and not an armed  resistance more possible in the future.  But human endurance has  limits and the Palestinians are no exceptions.  Persecution by Israel's  apartheid regime is much too severe and only getting more grueling by  the day.  Palestine is precisely the place to be called a "powder keg,"  unity government or not.