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Monday, July 29, 2013

Khan al-Assal Massacre in Syria by US/EU allies, Al Qaeda & FSA

After offering a phoney truce for the month of Ramadan only with the intention of breaking it, the Al-Qaeda invaders and US allies once again crossed all bounds of humanity and civilization in Syria .. this time in the Syrian town of Khan al-Assal.

Khan al-Assal is a small town in the western countryside of Aleppo province.  It was taken over by the terrorists of Al-Nusra and Ansar al-Khalifa Brigade on July 22, 2013.   Until five days later by July 27, every gruesome detail of the murder of unarmed civilians and the executions of captured Syrian soldiers emerged and were published for the world to see.   Needless to mention, such criminals have completely lost their humanity and principles;  they have NO links with the Islamic Faith nor any civilized ideology.  

The current Wikipedia on Khan al-Assal town writes:  "The Khan al-Assal Massacre was committed by the FSA on Syrian army soldiers after the FSA captured Khan al-Assal on 22 July 2013 during the Syrian civil war.  At least 150 Syrian army soldiers died in the fighting with te rebels for the control of the town in the northern Aleppo province.   51 Syrian soldiers were executed by rebels after the fall of Khan al-Assal, while the rest died during the battle, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.  Rebels had for months tried to take Khan al-Assal, a strategically located town in the west of Aleppo province.  It finally fell into rebel hands but fighting continued on its edges the next day."

With an unprecedented flow of foreign weapons from the United States and European Union channeled into Syria by Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey through the so-called jihadists, the two deadly branches of Al-Qaeda, Al Nusra Front and Ansar al-Khalifa Bridade along with a handful of FSA mergers, launched a multi-pronged attack on the town with mortars and rockets supporting an earlier infantry assault. The town was taken after two days of heavy fighting.

Except for the so-called jihadist news outlets, even many of the Western sources are talking about this massacre, its  awfulness and its complete violation of all international norms and human rights.    Ahmad Khazem, who heads the Syrian human rights network of organizations, stated that after the executions the terrorists set the bodies of many Syrian martyrs on fire to erase evidences of their crimes.

Syrian Arab News Agency reported on July 27, 2013 that in the aftermath of the horrific massacre carried out by foreign terrorists in Khan al-Assal town, 123 Syrian soldiers were martyred and many are still missing .. majority of the victims of this massacre being unarmed civilians.   The Syrian Army and people are now reported to be "on high alert."   In addition to incinerating the murdered bodies, the terror fighters of Ansar-al-Khalifa Brigade admitted killing, mutilating and dumping the bodies of dozens of civilians in a large pit in a suburb of Khan al-Assal.

This isn't the first time Khan al-Assal has been targeted by a vicious attack.  In March of 2013, the Al Qaeda terrorists attacked Khan al-Assal residents with rockets containing chemical & poison gas which they acquired from their Western allies.  It resulted in the deaths of more than 25 people, with well over 100 injured and leaving plenty of farm animals dead .. somewhat similar to the Halabja incident in which Saddam too was assisted by the US.

Intifada Palestine reports: "The new massacre which came in light of the continued international silence and open Western support for the armed terrorist groups, stirred all the Syrian in resentment calling for quick and firm response towards the murderers who have been allowed access to enter Syria across the border."

Quoting Omar Aussi, chief of National Initiative for Syrian Kurds: "The new massacre in Khan al-Assal aims at escalation by the terrorists, a step they usually resort to before any chance for political solution."

The Union of Syrian Students in particular blasted this 'wild-West' style of crime by Al-Nusra and its colleagues as a reflection of "the barbarity and savageness of the takfiri terrorist groups that are implementing the agendas of the Al-Saud monarchy."

The largest coalition of Syrian political parties, Popular Front for Change & Liberation stated: "This crime which adds up to the black record of Jabhat al-Nusra will only make Syrians more determined to achieve a political solution."


Shameless terrorists of AQ and usurpers assisted by US & EU for the benefit of Israel, declare their victory at Khan al-Assal by gross misinterpretation of Islamic values.

Another image showing the psychopathic invaders & killers of Khan al-Assad.

Civilian residents of Khan al-Assad murdered by US-ally, Al-Nusra and Ansar al-Khalifa.

Unarmed civilians of Khan al-Assad murdered by US-ally, Al-Nusra and Ansar al-Khalifa.

Syrian soldiers and civilians murdered in Khan al-Assad by American backed Al Qaeda.

A Syrian soldier executed by US-ally, Al-Qaeda, at Khan al-Assal after being captured.

An unarmed civilian, a young boy, murdered in cold blood by US ally, Al Qaeda at Khan al-Assal, Syria.




Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tayyip Erdogan and Abdullah Gul - the tough guy and the gentleman

There are widespread rumors of growing rift between the Turkish PM and President.

Though Erodgan and Gul have been longtime political partners working together within the AK Party, temperamentally they have begun to appear being poles apart.

Tayyip, with a reputation of being brash, macho and never shy of being aggressive, is more commonly known as the "Kasimpasa man" in Turkey.  Kasimpasa is a rough 'n' tough Istanbul neighborhood where Tayyip Erdogan was raised and spent most of his childhood.  Abdullah Gul, on the contrary, is elegant, courteous and smoothly agreeable.  He is said to be much better educated than Erdogan, his charming diplomatic mannerisms never going unnoticed particularly by the local and foreign press.

There has been a marked difference of opinion between Erdogan and Gul over the violent protests in Turkey.  While Erdogan has been verbally combative and often furious, Abdullah Gul has constantly displayed the characteristics of a through gentleman. He never lost his calm and suavity, speaking with a distinctly conciliatory tone.  This aspect is seen as a dynamic that could have repercussions on the upcoming presidential elections of 2015.  On the Turkish protests, Gul stated: "Democracy is not just about voting.  If there are different opinions, different situations, different points of view and dissent, there is nothing more natural than being able to voice those differences."   When asked for his comment on the President's statement, the Turkish Prime Minister shrugged it off saying: "I don't know what the president said, but for me democracy is all about the ballot box."   On this, Turkish Hurriyet Daily News published a headline:  "Erdogan fails to get the point, Gul does."

Over the past few years, there have been growing differences between the two men.  As PM, Erdogan will be reaching his term limit in 2014.  Still ambitious enough to continue holding the reins of power, he is now  seeking to be elected President in 2015 with new powers similar to Putin’s in Russia. In 2011, with his highly authoritarian style, Erdogan purged several of Gul supporters from the Party's list of parliamentary candidates.  He has been eyeing Gul's presidential post for a long time with no pretenses to conceal his desire of getting into the Cankaya Presidential Palace.  Consequently, he has been exploring the possibilities of putting up all sorts of draconian laws to prevent Gul running for  re-election.

Among the 47 countries of the Council of Europe, Turkey is supposed to have the worst record on press freedom.  Thanks to Erdogan.  It takes him very little time to get agitated and hyped at the slightest of criticism by the local media.   Erdogan and Gul appear to have disagreed on the topic of press freedom several times with conflicting comments.  Erdogan's new idea to frame and prosecute journalists has been through an anti-terror legislation, according to which, "propaganda" in favor of an officially declared terrorist group is punishable by imprisonment.   More than 120 journalists are behind bars in the country, making Turkey one of the "world's leading jailers of journalists."  Unlike Erdogan, Gul has always been a keen proponent of a free Turkish press.

While Erdogan has been endlessly grumbling with disappointment over Morsi's ouster in Egypt,  Gul sent a congratulatory message to Egypt's interim leader, Adli Mansoor.  However, this shouldn't be taken as Turkey's softening of stance towards Egypt's Tammarod revolution.  Any softening would have to come from the government .. that means from the Prime Minister, not the President.  Gul has a largely ceremonial role as President with virtually no authority to challenge the hostile tone or bad policies of the government.

It's unclear yet whether this show of disunity involving Gul's humility symbolizes his effort to safeguard the interest of AK Party by trying to allay the anger of the people or might it be a strategy to distance himself from the Prime Minister to consolidate his own political future.   Only time will tell.

Concerning the demonstrations in Turkey, it's interesting to note that the  military has reportedly refused to join the police force.  Even if Erdogan isn't intimidated by the leaderless Turkish protests, no matter how large, the military's gesture (if true) surely needs to be heeded as a worrisome warning. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Zaatari refugee camp of Jordan - a nightmare for Syrian women

Zaatari is a desert town in Jordan along its border with Syria.  In July 2012, a refugee camp for Syrians fleeing the brutal war in their country was set up known as the Zaatari refugee camp.  Today, more than 150,000 Syrian refugees reside here.  Population-wise, Zaatari has become the fourth largest "city" of Jordan.  Approximately 2,000 Syrians arrive at Zaatari every day.  Due to the large number of refugees coupled with Jordan's lack of arrangements and inhospitable attitude, these refugees find no proper accommodation within the camps, no healthcare, scant food, not even enough warm clothes and blankets to keep warm in winter.  However, medics in the makeshift canvas clad clinics are said to be doing their best, often delivering up to 20 babies a day!  There are more than 65,000 children, many of whom have arrived without their parents, and only two schools.  Obviously most children don't have access to education either. After witnessing the violence of war and no schools to attend as refugees, many kids at Zaatari have already turned into vandals.  One organizer of Zaatari camp who is a German national, reported being attacked by angry children wielding tent poles and stones.  Jordanian law doesn't allow refugees to work.  Just as adult Iraqi refugees were unemployed in Jordanian refugee camps during the invasion of Iraq, Syrians in Zaatari camp are unemployed too.

Worst of all, rape and its constant fear keep lurking for Syrian women at Jordan's Zaatari refugee camp.  The local mafia has been quick to start its commerce of trafficking young girls.  These girls lived in fear of the foreign invaders in Syria.  They now live in fear at Zaatari.  Their honor and well-being are in jeopardy.  That's how little it takes for the strong to exert pressure over the weak and helpless.

Rape being an unspeakable stigma in a conservative community, most women who have been raped will not admit it.  At most, they may say they've seen it happen to others.  A few NGO funded clinics set up in the region have reported receiving up to 300 rape victims per day who may speak only if the female doctor succeeds in winning their trust and confidence after long periods of counseling.  

Daytime portrays a picture of much hustle 'n' bustle with people trying to get on with their daily businesses .. as much as they can in a makeshift refugee camp.  Sometimes it may even feel a bit cheerful.  The nights are sullen and intimidating with sounds of gunfire from the borders and perpetual fear of local marauders vandalizing the camps.

The widespread feeling is that of fear, insecurity and despair.  Middle-aged mothers have no  choice but to marry off their very young daughters with the hope that they may escape the insecurity and have someone to take care of them.  They have no time to think of the emotions or feelings of the bride.  Choosing between marrying their daughters to strangers whom they neither love nor know OR staying unmarried with the constant threat of rape -- they obviously consider the former as the better of the two evils.

Also, marrying off young Syrian girls to well-to-do Arab men (mainly from the gulf region) serves as fulfilling the financial needs of the parents.  Several social workers around the camp have observed an influx of gulf Arab men visiting these camps, eagerly in search of young Syrian brides.   Taking 'war brides' as wives belonging to far away lands from desperate families is a sort of sexual fantasy in the wired minds of Saudi and Kuwaiti men.   One observer commented:  "Yesterday I heard a man I know accepted 9,000 dinars [£8,420] from a Saudi guy for his 15-year-old daughter. He will take his ‘wife’ to a flat and stay with her for a few months then go home without her. It’s illegal to marry women under 18 in Jordan and Saudi men cannot marry non-Saudis without permission. She is not a wife but for sex only.

Hurried marriages with the purpose of providing security to young girls and money to the parents have become so commonplace all over Zaatari refugee camp that a bridal boutique of sorts has sprung up in the midst of the premises with colorful glittering bridal gowns being given out to rent.  

Many families choose to walk away from Zaatari camp and settle down in the nearby Jordanian towns. But that doesn't resolve their problems.  It doesn't take long to face a new set of stress and misery arising from lack of finances and mounting debts of unpaid rents.  Being beyond the reach of community workers who visit the camps, their helplessness only deepens.  Yet, a lot of them consider such a plight preferable to staying in the camps.  According to one of many reports, a woman with her 16-year-old daughter slipped out of Zaatari camp in the Jordanian town of Mafraq and rented a small house (or probably a portion of a house).  After a few months she exhausted the cash she brought with her from Syria.  She was unable to pay the rent and was laden with debt.  The landlord suggested he would waive the debts if she married her 16-year-old daughter to his 28-year-old son.  She refused, and now the landlord is threatening to evict her.  One may assume they would be better off at Zaatari for at least they wouldn't have to worry about a chunk of money as rent every month.  But I guess those who have suffered the agony of staying in such camps would know better.

That's as far as the lives of Syrian refugees go in Jordan's refugee camp, women undoubtedly being the worst hit of all.

Some images from Zaatari camp.  Nothing happy nor amusing but definitely informative.

Zaatari's bridal boutique ..



Sunday, July 21, 2013


The Syrian opposition activists of anti Assad camp are coming up with mind blowing geopolitical gossips to soothe their defeated egos.

The common phrase we've been taught is "if you cannot beat them, buy them."  That's changed a little in this case into "if you cannot beat them, belittle them into insignificance."

The consequences?  Unleashing a chain of incredible propaganda against the Resistance.

Guilty minds are religiously prone to emptying out their characteristics on their opponents.   Defeating the Syrian government being a far cry, the lack of coordination and endless infighting between Al-Nusra and FSA has left many FSA fighters and commanders dead at the hands of the foreign Arab terrorists.   Bickerings between the two factions are steadily growing into deadly brawls.  Unable to help that, FSA's restless soul weeps to calm itself with stories of "split between Najaf and Qom."

There has been no such edict from any Iraqi Shiia cleric discouraging assistance to the Syrian government, but FSA somehow never fails to bundle up amazing collections of tall tales!  Headlines reading "Rift between Iranian and Iraqi Shiia on Syria"  are splashing across Syrian opposition news sources.  It's being addressed as "split between Najaf and Qom."  FSA claims Iraq's Ayatollah Sistani doesn't agree with the idea of sending fighters to Syria as he considers it to be a political conflict, not a religious one.   Pro-opposition and Western sources add: Iran ignored Ayatollah Sistani's stance and encouraged Shiite participation in helping the Syrian government.   But the fact on the ground with the establishment of an united front to defend the invasion of Syria remains intact.   Much like the Iranian reserves, numerous Iraqis are enthusiastically volunteering to enlist themselves to defend Syria.  Neither Iran nor Iraq seem to be worried at the slightest about any "rift" between them over their young men going to Syria.  

Another rumor spreading like wildfire among anti Assad circles comprises of promoting a fractured analysis that involvement of  Hezbollah and Iran in defending Syria has diminished Assad's authority ... he's  no longer the commander-in-chief ..  "Iran is calling the shots."  The story-telling goes further by depicting a frail image of Assad claiming that his dependency upon Hezbollah and Iranian fighters signify his lack of trust in the Sunni elements of the SAA. 

Rebel commanders and activists are pointing at Hezbollah, Iraqi and Iranian fighters as being key to re-capturing many rebel held areas.   The opposition is endlessly frowning at Assad seeking "foreign help," when the opposition itself has broken all records with its sole dependency on foreign AQ terrorists, foreign weapons, foreign poison gas and foreign money.  

It's FSA's style of shedding tears and crying fowl in a war it hasn't been able to win in almost three years despite the most hefty assistance from some of the richest and most powerful nations of the world.

Foreign-backed Takfiri militants stroll in an unknown location in Syria. (file photo)  
Here's another squalid story.  The image shows a bunch of routed takfiri sickos who are now planning to set up an independent occupied state in Northern Syria after Eid-al-Fitr of 2013.   Complete story at  Press TV.