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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Forced conversions of Muslims and Christians in India - world's largest starving "democracy"

Despite the presence of ISIL in Iraq, the Christian minority in Baghdad were reported to have defiantly gathered for Christmas eve mass.  Their situation is far from ideal.  However, compared to the Christian minority in India, they might want to count their blessings.

Since the election of Mr. Narender Modi as PM of India, Hindu hardliners have been demanding the transformation of India into a Hindu nation.  Their interpretation of a "Hindu nation" means having no minority at all.  The head of an extremist Indian organization called World Hindu Council (also known as Visva Hindu Parshad or VHP in the Indian language) said they plan "to take the percentage of Hindus to 100 percent in the country."  They are demanding all school text books to be rewritten and the Hindu scriptures declared as the national holy books.

Hindu right-wing groups, Rashterya Swaywak Sangh (RSS) and its branch, Dharam Jagran Manch (DJM), allied with the Modi's ruling Bharatia Janata Party (BJP) have conducted a series of ceremonies across India over the past week to convert Christians and Muslims to Hinduism through extreme coercion.   Muslims make up 14% of the Indian population and Christians are 2.3%.

In early December 2014, more than 300 Muslims were converted at the Taj Mahal in Agra, who later spoke, saying they converted to Hinduism out of sheer fear after being threatened with violence and dire consequences of communal riots.  They were also promised extra monthly food via ration cards if they left Islam and converted to Hinduism.  Most of them were poor, living in slums.  A Muslim woman and victim of forced conversion stated on condition of anonymity "We were forced to convert. We were promised our identification and ration cards will be made at the camp.Another person stated that they were tricked and called to attend a gathering without being told that it was a conversion ceremony;  after arriving they were trapped and told that were converted into Hindus whether they liked it or not.  Along side the duress and exploitation, the attitude is just as humiliating aimed at belittling Muslims by selecting the Taj Mahal as the venue for such oppression.  At present, it's mostly the impoverished strata of the Indian Muslim community that is being subjected to this very primitive form of tyranny and abuse.  It should be an eye-opener for the upper class as well.  When the frightful combination of illiteracy and bigotry takes roots at governmental levels, it doesn't take long to become a part of the country's official system and a nationalistic issue.

Over the last few days the bigots of VHP forcibly converted at least 250 Christians into Hindus in the Indian states of Kerala and Gujrat.   Against the claims of a Hindu official in Gujrat, a Christian priest asserted that every Christian was converted by force, none by "personal choice."  All forced converts were ordered to throw their crufix-pendants into the fire which were replaced with lockets or medallions with symbols of the Hindu religion.  Celebrating Christmas has been getting increasingly hard for Christians in India.  This year it's been still tougher.  Early December 2014, a Roman Catholic church was burned by a Hindu mob.  The injuries and death toll were never reported.   A fortnight later, a group of Christians in India's southern city of Hyderabad (which is considered one of Indian's most unprejudiced and liberal places) were attacked while singing Christmas carols.  The education minister of Modi's government wants to abolish December 25 as a holiday for Christians.  In the city of Aligarh, some insane Hindu zealots linked to RSS and DJM publicly announced its plan for mass forced conversions of Christians on Christmas day of 2014.  Later the district administration cancelled this embarrassing event and arranged for heavy security measures in the city. On Christmas day, police officers and security vans were posted outside Aligarh's churches for fear of extremist Hindu mobsters.

RSS is supposed to be the "ideological wing" of Modi's  BJP party who has remained silent and done nothing to stop hardliners of his party from forcibly converting religious minorities to Hinduism.  His complacency and that of most of the nation makes the situation awfully alarming.  It's no secret in India that he is one of the masterminds of forced conversions, just as he masterminded the Gujrat massacre in 2002.  Some parliamentarians expressed serious concern, though India ceased to be a secular state years ago contrary to the empty claims of its constitution.

The attitude keeps getting endlessly disgusting as well as preposterous.  RSS and hardline Hindus are calling this campaign of forced conversions "homecoming" claiming that all minorities who were Hindus hundreds of years ago  are now returning to Hinduism.  Absolutely repugnant!  And it's a stark indication of the rising concept that having an Indian passport doesn't make one an Indian any longer, unless they aren't Hindus.  It has already become much of the country's widespread mentality, and an extension of its practice of state sponsored terrorism from provincial to a national classification and magnitude.

The RSS and BJP fanatics are not targeting the Sikh and Buddhist minorities of India.  They are hellbent upon converting only Muslims and Christians.  Wikipedia states that a man by the name Rajeswar Singh (apparently a Sikh) who is in charge of the forced conversion programs in the Indian city of Aligarh has been appealing for monetary help to further push ahead the conversion campaign.  He said that each Hindu activist who works to convert Muslims incurs a cost of $8,000 and those who convert Christians require $3,200 each.  The same man stated that in 2014 his group had converted a total of 40,000 Muslims and Christians into Hinduism and the target for 2015 was 100,000.

Not to get on the wrong side of the international community (though the international community has been consistently and purposely blind to India's radicalism), BJP and RSS claim they are against forced conversions while on the other hand, their own party members including the RSS chief have been persistently asserting that India is only for Hindus, justifying mass and forced conversions.  None of the Hindu bigots responsible for these mandatory conversions have yet been arrested nor penalized.

No doubt every society has its own "Talibans" and what's going on in India is even worse than Talibanism.   Those who don't find this ugly bigotry plainly nauseating should not be condemning the sickness of ISIL either.  That would be undiluted pecksniffery! 

                  BOTH  TERRORISTS

Source of image:  Al-Arabiya

Story on Yahoo.ca
Story on Zawya (Thompson Reuters)
Washington Post on fear of Christians in India
Wikipedia on forced conversions in India

Friday, December 26, 2014

If only there were enough humans on planet Earth to understand Dr. Gilbert

As  a doctor, I say don’t send more bandages, don’t send more drugs, and  don’t send equipment. Stop the bombing, lift the siege, treat the  Palestinians as humans, include them in the human family, protect them  by international law and find a peaceful political solution to the  occupation of Palestine. That’s the preventative medicine of this mayhem  that is going on.” - Dr. Mads Gilbert.

Source: Eva Bartlett's article -
UN predictions fall short: Gaza uninhabitable today

Source of images:  Same as link above


It's a pleasure reading his work, his courage, ethical principles and the thoroughly non-partisan spirit.     Miko's very truthful assessment answers our question that if some European countries have recognized Palestine, then why aren't things changing for the Palestinians?

Please take the time to read this piece by Miko Peled.  It not only exposes the fallen mentality of the Zion colonialists and their European/North American allies, but of every corrupt, racist and apartheid regime, who are frankly allies to one another.

Last but not least, find out who Miko Peled is.  

BY Miko Peled  
Source:  Intifada Palestine

As the recognition by European countries of a so called “State of Palestine” continues, it is becoming obvious that this is nothing but an old colonial trick dusted and reused. The fact that liberal Zionist hypocrites the likes of the Israeli writers Amoz Oz and David Grossman are all over it says it all. 

In the triangular relations between the Europeans, the colonial regime in Palestine – Israel, and the Palestinians, all remains the same.  As usual, the Europeans profit, Israel is permitted to continue its brutal colonial regime over Palestine, and the Palestinians remain alone.

The recognition of the “State of Palestine” is nothing more than what Franz Fanon calls “the farce of national independence” (Franz Fanon, “The Wretched of the Earth”). It provides for a select group of Palestinians the illusion of power with titles like “President” “Minister” “Ambassador,” the all time favorite “Head of Security” and it absolves Europeans of their complicity with Israel.

There is now, according to some European countries, a Palestinian state.  Look, there must be one for even Britain and Sweden and a few others have recognized it, and they even have a “President!” Never mind the fact that nothing has changed. Gaza is still under siege with no end in sight, Palestinian prisoners are wasting away in the colonizers jails, armed Israeli mobs and the terrorist organization known as the IDF are terrorizing Palestinians, in the Israeli Knesset racist laws are being passed and not one refugee is allowed to return.

Israelis who are free and enjoy the privileges of the racist regime in Palestine like to remember people like my father, the retired General Matti Peled, and others like him who while remaining Zionists called for the right of Palestinians to self determination, but only within a small area, defined by Israel of course, so that we can maintain our racist regime and still feel enlightened all at the same time.

It works well for those who do condemn Israel and its policies but still want to see the state of Israel as part of the solution. We hear that the “Two States” are the first step to a single, unified democracy, a statement that only demonstrates the ignorance of those who express it.

In Palestine, speaking out against injustice is no longer enough. In fact it was never enough. As people of conscience we must act for the removal of the injustice and its replacement with a free, democratic system. But many forget that in order to achieve this there must be a struggle. A real struggle, and not some intellectualized version of a struggle as is often suggested by some Israeli liberals, is the only way to defeat racist, colonialist regimes.

Liberal Zionists, and even some who are progressive seek to continue to talk and to debate, which is why they like organizations like the Palestinian Authority, and the various NGOs that have sprouted in Palestine. They reduce the struggle to a philosophical – political debate on the issues of human rights and self-determination.

They allow people to live in the illusion that colonialism can be resolved around the negotiating table. They promote the deception that if only young Palestinian boys and girls could meet and play with young Israeli boys and girls at a summer camp, then one day all will be well. But the young Israelis return and serve in the brutal armed forces of the colonial regime and the young Palestinians return to the refugee camps, the various concentration camps and open air prisons that Israel has created for them, and to being unwanted residents in their own land.

But, as Franz Fanon writes in “The Wretched of the Earth,” “Colonialism is not a machine capable of thinking, a body endowed with reason. It is naked violence and only gives in when confronted by greater violence.” My father and the other liberal Zionists were wrong then and their successors are wrong now. For there is no way to stop the colonial machine once it has started. You cannot contain its insatiable hunger, its lust for power and its brutal force. That is why a “Zionist peace camp” is a sham, that is why there is no possibility of peace with the apartheid regime known as Israel.

European governments never liked people who were not white and Christian like them. They have a history of brutal colonialism, of theft of land and resources and one wonders if Africa and parts of the Middle East would not have been prospering democracies by now had it not been for the murderous, greedy policies of past colonizers.

Those of us who care and indeed struggle for justice in Palestine would do well not to fall for the old colonial tricks. Rather we should demand recognition that Israel is occupied Palestine, that all Israeli towns and cities are illegal settlements, and that it is time to free Palestine and its people from the illegitimate colonialist regime known as Israel.

Miko Peled is a peace activist who dares to say in public what others still choose to deny. Miko was born in Jerusalem in 1961 into a well known Zionist family. His grandfather, Dr.  Avraham Katsnelson was a Zionist leader and signer on the Israeli Declaration of Independence.   His father, Matti Peled was a young officer in the war of 1948 and a general in the war of 1967 when Israel conquered the West Bank, Gaza, Golan Heights and the Sinai. http://mikopeled.com/

Source of images:  Same as the Intifada Palestine - link above.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

U.S. media falsifies its own people

Americans were threatened earlier that Hillary Rodham Clinton (one of the most unpopular politicians in U.S.) would likely be running for the Democratic nomination in 2016.  That got still more intimidating when recently Jeb Bush said he would be "exploring a bid for the Republican nomination" with the possibility of another Bush-Clinton bout in 2016.  He's the same Jeb Bush (then Governor of Florida) who stole the 2000 election for his brother, George Bush Jr. when "uncounted ballot boxes went missing or were found in unexplained places or were never collected from certain African-American precincts" writes Michael Parenti in his article "The Stolen Presidential Elections." 

In the United States the people are not allowed to select the presidential nominees.  No one wins the nomination race without the stern approval of rogue lobbies like the AIPAC;  both Hillary and Jeb are the kind who could win the hearts and minds of America's undercover bosses.  But dissatisfaction has been growing within many segments of the American public since 2003 after they were fed and humiliated with a load of fictions by George Bush Jr. on Saddam Hussein's mythical WMDs.  A Gallup poll in September 2014 suggested 58% Americans want a third political party because they believe both Dems and the GOP do "such a poor job" representing them.   Yet, on the possibility of another upcoming Bush-Clinton race in 2016 the media writes: "It turns out that even though Americans profess to reject dynasties, in politics they're quite comfortable with familiar names."  Such slipshod fables are a personal affront to the American people.

Monday, December 22, 2014

It's not exclusively Pakistan's problem

There were six killers altogether who infiltrated into the army-run school in Peshawar, Northern Pakistan, on December 16.   Who were they?    The details are out.   The online Encyclopedia on the Peshawar massacre ratifies it.

1)  Abu Shamil (also goes by Abdur Rehman)— A Chechen fighter and thought to be a ringleader of the group.  No wonder seasoned observers couldn't overlook the resemblance of this attack with the Beslan school hostage crisis in north Ossetia, Russia, in 2004.

2) Nouman Shah Helmand — An Afghan citizen from Helmand.

3) Wazir Alam Herat —An Afghan citizen from Herat.

4) Khatib al-Zubaidi — An Arab speaker and an Egyptian citizen.

5) Mohammad Zahedi — An Arab speaker and a Moroccan citizen.

6) Jibran al-Saeedi — An Arab but his nationality is yet to be determined.

Scroll down to "Nationalities of terrorists" in the above link (screen shot below):

That confirms two-thirds of the attackers were non-Pakhtoons and all were non-Pakistani nationals.  It doesn't imply that the TTP isn't capable of carrying out such crimes.  It certainly is.  But if there was no multnational alliance of terrorists from the Levant across Iraq and onto Afghanistan and north Waziristan,  TTP's strength and resources would have  dwindled to almost nothing particularly considering Hamed Karzai is no more who, along with RAW, was blatantly protecting TTP terrorists hiding on the Afghan side of the border.

An alarming shift in the situation, it needs no explanation how it evolved.   Furthermore it debunks the statement of the Afghan Talibans who pretended to condemn this mass murder, and exposes yet again the misleading approach of the Western media, NONE of which has mentioned (not even hinted) on Mullah's Fazlullah's collaboration with foreign terrorists.  Again, needless to mention why.  And knowing Pakistan's relations with the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, there's little Pakistan can do to eradicate this scourge other than the continued army operations across Pak-Afghan border - treating the symptoms of the disease, not its causes.  It's like lifting the stopper of the bathtub and trying to drain the water with the tap running.

Unless the so-called 'Caliphate' in the Levant and Iraq isn't dismantled and Libya isn't returned to the Green Resistance, a permanent clean-up in Pakistan or elsewhere is practically impossible.  Each terrorist victory for Al Qaeda in Syria or Iraq reverberates into a triumph for their Taliban partners further east like the rippling seismic waves of a tsunami.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hearken: Catch and reject this claptrap

Following the tragic events of December 16 in Pakistan, a certain quote has gone viral in the internet from several Pakistani sources.

"You can't keep snakes in your backyard and expect them only to bite your neighbors."

This was stated by Hillary Rodham Clinton in October 2011, urging Pakistan to confront and squeeze the Huqqani terror group based in Afghanistan.   Pakistan has now learned her lesson and the gloves are coming off.  But those who live in glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones.  Clinton forgets the continued instrumental role of her country's government in the creation of those "snakes."  In October 2011, she condemned one group of terrorists in Afganistan/Pakistan and simultaneously nurtured another bunch of the same lot in Syria.

Shortly after October 20, 2011, Mrs. Clinton got the title of  "Butcher of Benghazi" from her own people when she was photographed with Al Qaeda terrorists responsible for the grisly murder of the Libyan leader, and also guilty of unspeakable war crimes against Libyan civilians during and after NATO's carpet bombing of Libya. 

At present, close ties between Al Qaeda groups (Al-Nusrah Front & ISIL/Daesh) and the United States of America are no more a global secret.   The Talibans are a part and a parcel of the "mujahideen" who were  armed, cajoled and pampered for years by the United States during the Soviet presence in Afghanistan.   And who are the Huqqanis?  Wikipedia writes "Al-Qaeda and the Haqqani network .. evolved together .. they have remained intertwined throughout their history. They remain so to this day."

There you are!

The 'serpents' owe a great deal to the White House for their 'well-being.' 

Grasp the double-talk and weed out deception.  This despicable old woman is no less a proponent of terrorists than Mullah Omar, Mullah Fuzlulah, Abu Bakr Baghdadi, Abu Mohamed al-Julani and their likes.

Ignorance is ignorance, even if your intentions are sincere.  Do not let emotions blur the factual course of history.   Replace this trickery with the foresighted words of the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, who has been confronting the most horrific terrorism led by the Al-Qaeda/Taliban partnership with unprecedented gallantry - "YOU ARE PLAYING WITH FIRE" (Bashar al-Assad, 2012) - alluding to the West, Turkey and the GCC Arab states for arming and financing terrorists and the far-reaching negative affects that would have.  His assessment was brilliant.  Two years later, its impact was felt as far as Pakistan with a massive death toll of 145!   The audio conversation found between a Taliban attacker and Mullah Fazlulah was in Pushto.  Khyber News Agency reports some of the attackers were speaking in Arabic.  Wikipedia mentions "According to the Pakistani FIA's early investigations, the group was led by the Chechen fighter, Abu Shamil who planned the attacks, accompanied by three Arabs and two Afghans ...."   Thus, what exists in Afghanistan and Waziristan (Pakistan) today is the same amalgam of multinational terrorists who are devastating Syria and Iraq with the courtesy of the US, Israel and their allies.

As Secretary of State in 2011, Hillary Rodham Clinton encouraged and facilitated the recruitment of hundreds of thousands of international terrorists to devastate Syria, a beautiful land that lies in shambles today.  Mrs. Clinton proved to be the worst Secretary of State ever in U.S. history and stepped down in 2012.

Former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton ("Butcher of Benghazi"), in Libya approximately November 2011, surrounded by Libyan al-Qaeda terrorists (LIFG) flashing a "victory" sign after the murder of the Libyan leader on October 20 same year.  And on October 2011 this shamelessly sick woman has the audacity to lecture Pakistan on how to handle terrorists.
Source of image:
http://www.4thmedia.org/2013/06/hillary-clinton-we-created-al-qaeda-protagonists-of-the-global-war-on-terrorism-are-the-terrorists/Former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton ("Butcher of Benghazi"), in Libya approximately November 2011, surrounded by Libyan al-Qaeda terrorists (LIFG) flashing a "victory" sign after the murder of the Libyan leader in October 20 same year. And in October 2011 this shamelessly sick woman had the audacity to lecture Pakistan on how to handle terrorists.
Source of image:  4th media.org 

Talibans in North Waziristan (Pakistan) have created a web of alliances not only  comprising of the Afghan Talibans and the Haqqani group, but also Chechens, Arabs,   Central Asians, Western Salafist converts and more.  Since the start of  the Syrian war in 2011, Al Qaeda and the Talibans have become a conglomerate with  separate 'assignments' for its various off-shoots across the pan-Islamic block from  northern Middle-East to Pakistan.    Affects of Syria & Iraq are being felt in Afghanistan & Pakistan and vice-versa;  reportedly an ISIL commander recently named a street in Iraq after Mullah Omar.  It's evolved into a  horribly worrisome situation over a wide region that no more  involves only Pakistan.

With Libya and parts of Syria and Iraq under its control, this entire militant consortium is now  filthy rich!   Thank the West and its tales on ""Arab Spring.""    Nothing  of this nightmare would have been realized if they hadn't started the  Libyan war and then on to Syria.  Until then, Al Qaeda was demoralized  and  emaciated in rags.  The Talibans were on the ropes, weakened and divided   with internal wrangling and strife.  Little did they know who was  getting ready to put a silver spoon in their mouth.   The ancient  love/hate relationship between the U.S. and the terrorists began its  phase of 'love' when terrorists were released from Camp X-ray en masse  in the spring of 2011 to serve the West as mercenaries in Libya and  Syria.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Prayers for the beautiful children of Pakistan - complete carnage

At least six Taliban gunmen disguised in army uniform entered an army-run school in the northern city of Peshawar killing 141 students (boys and girls including some teachers) and injuring many more. For several hours half the school was under Taliban control who went from room to room shooting kids as young as 11 or 12. All militants have now been killed by the army and police, but clearance of the site is still underway as militants had planted several explosives within the school and its compound.

Pakistan army runs at least 150 schools across Pakistan for children of military personnel as well as civilians. To combat Taliban's unending violence, military has been carrying out operations in north Waziristan near Pakistan/Afghanistan border (base of Pakistani Talibans - their group known as Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan or TTP). The coward killers claim this mass murder of children was a revenge attack for the army operation in Waziristan. Military operations will continue. Soon after this horrendous attack, the army carried out at least 10 airstrikes in Waziristan on specific TTP bases.

The government must declare at least three days of national mourning.  

Source of images:  Al Jazeera

Necmettin Erbakan

Why on earth did the AK Party give a ‘go ahead' to the membership of Israel in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and not block membership? Why did the government consent to multi-billion dollars worth of defense contracts with Israeli firms? He (Erdoğan) says ‘one-minute' to (Israeli president Shimon) Peres during Davos but conducts business as usual with the Jewish state. This is hypocrisy.” 

This was stated by former Felicity Party leader, late Necmettin Erbakan, in 2010 implying that Rajab Erdogan's AK Party was in the hands of the worldwide Zionist movement and the rise of the AK Party was helped by the international Jewish conspiracy.

Mr. Necmettin Erbakan was a Turkish academic and the Prime Minister of Turkey for a very short period, from 1996-97.  He was pressured by the Turkish military in collaboration with the West, to step down, accusing him of threatening Turkey's secular constitution and the separation of religion & state.  Subsequently Erbakan was ousted and banned from politics.  As expected, the European Court of "Human Rights," (the greatest violator of human rights) upheld this unjust ban and ouster.

Necmettin Erbakan wanted Turkey to run as a welfare state.  He was religious, not a radical.  He abhorred corruption and strongly opposed the double-dealing, misconduct and fraud of the generals and the autocratic leaders of established political parties. 

As stated in British Encyclopedia, Erbakan "advocated withdrawing from NATO, abrogating agreements with Israel, and developing closer ties with such Middle Eastern countries as Syria and Iran.

Writes Wikipedia: "His foreign policy had two main pillars: close cooperation and unity among Muslim countries, and struggle against Zionism.  He created D-8 or The Development Eight, to achieve an economic and political unity among Muslim countries. It had eight members, including Turkey, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nigeria."

It's thus clear why he was viewed as a threat and deposed within a year, while Rajjab Erdogan, a corrupt radical and master of backroom deals with foreign powers, has been allowed to stay in power persistently from March 2003 to date .. his family wealth multiplying tenfold.

Necmettin Erbakan passed away on February 2011 at age 85 of a heart attack in Ankara.  He did not want a state funeral though his funeral was attended by 20 million Turks, and was buried in Istanbul next to his wife.

It's interesting to observe that Rajab Erdogan's corruption and political violations became far more rampant and brazen since 2011. His aggressive policies toward Syria turned official dot from March 2011 - a month after the passing of Necmettin Erbakan - as he now saw himself unopposed.  That made it far easier to deceive the simple Turks who earlier supported Mr. Erbakan and wanted to return to an Islamic way of life, while simultaneously carrying out a variety of undercover deals with partners within and outside Turkey.

Todays Zaman
Source:  Today's Zaman  (also read Mr. Erbakan's interview here)

Turkish site Haberler.com
Source:  Turkish site Haberler.com

The name "Necmettin" is the Turkish spelling/pronouncement of 'Najamuddin' as would be spelt and pronounced in Arabic, Persian and Urdu.  Turkish language also belongs to the same right-to-left group of scripts but was changed in post Mostafa Kemal Turkey into English alphabets.  That's the reason why many words (common as well as proper nouns) of the Turkish language that are common with Arabic and Persian have different spellings.  

Monday, December 15, 2014

PEGIDA - no end to grim surprises

Germans think their country is swamped with too many Muslim immigrants and refugees (dubbed as "criminal asylum seekers" and the "Islamization of Germany") after the wars in Iraq and Syria, both of which were/are financed and supported by European leaders including Chancellor Angela Merkel.  In the southern German town of Vorra, three buildings prearranged for Muslim refugees were recently set on fire with swastikas and racist buzzwords.  Reports say Germans bitterly oppose the establishment of IS in Iraq and Syria.  But rightist fury is conveniently vented at those fleeing IS and the devastating Syrian war, not at Merkel nor her European counterparts who are squarely responsible for the situation.  This has consistently been the problem with the European public - lack of sagacity and inability to read between lines.

PEGIDA is a far-right populist movement in Germany, staunchly anti-Islamic, demanding the expulsion of Muslim immigrants and asylum seekers.  Starting only two months ago in October 2014, its leader Lutz Bachmann with a criminal record including burglary, drug dealing and two years in prison claims he is not racist.   A zealously radical movement itself, PEGIDA is supposed to be "opposing religious extremism."  It's still not clear what exactly is their definition of 'religious extremism.'   What kind of extremism are Muslims in Germany supposed to be displaying that Germans find so disturbing?   Wearing traditional clothes?  Eating traditional food?  The construction of a mosque?  The occasion of Friday congregational prayers?  Not being Christian?  Their agitation remains mysterious.

In German, PEGIDA stands for "Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes" or "Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West."

Merkel's government is desperately trying to send the message that this movement does not represent the majority.  But that might not be too accurate.  She's actually feeling quite challenged and helpless.  According to a senior German police officer, these ruffians are losers in life venting their frustration on others and trying to find "scapegoats" for their own failures.  There have also been leftist protests denouncing PEGIDA but much smaller in numbers.  PEGIDA looks beyond the usual supremacist hullabaloo that's not going to quell anytime soon.  The movement and its ideology appear to be spreading like wild fire and inspiring many.  Yahoo mentions "PEGIDA, launched in October, has grown and spawned smaller copycat groups nationwide, provoking much soul-searching in a country haunted by its history of Nazi terror ...."

Frilled with slogans of Christian Crusaders, it's supported by various neo-Nazi groups and the 'Alternative for Deutschland Party' (AfD).  "Deutschland" means Germany.  AfD Party, with far-right views politically and socially, is a spunky one.  It was established in 2013 after the financial crisis in Europe. Founded by a group of economic professors, it's an indicator that racism and extreme rightism in Germany have roots in academics as much as within skinheads and punks.

While Germany's far-right is largely against the political elites, that's no comforting feature under the circumstances;  it's equally xenophobic and opposed to multi-culturism with one of its favorite slogans, "We are the people that helped bring down the Berlin Wall in 1989."  The future of Germany's 4 million plus Muslims appears menacing at best.  One can only pray and hope this formidable scenario doesn't erupt into another Bosnia or Kosovo.

PEGIDA racists in Germany: Too intimidating to overlook 
http://www.dw.de/anti-islamization-protests-expand-in-germany/a-18113657PEGIDA racists in Germany: Too intimidating to overlook Source: DW Deutsche Welle

Huge crows of PEGIDA racists in Germany.
http://www.dw.de/anti-islamization-protests-expand-in-germany/a-18113657 Huge crowds of PEGIDA racists in Germany. Source:  DW Deutsche Welle

Anti PEGIDA protest but not at all as large.
Anti PEGIDA protest but not at all as large. Source:  News. com. au

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Violation of human rights ON Human Rights Day (Dec.10)!

Palestinian Minister, 55-year-old Ziad Abu Ain - father of four - had  scheduled a peaceful visit to the Palestinian village of Turmusiya (near Ramallah) to plant olive trees on international Human Rights Day (Dec.10).  He was assaulted and  savagely beaten to death by three Israeli soldiers after he walked up to  them to ask why he was blocked. Eye witnesses including Abu Ain's  assistant, Mohammed Mohesin, saw an Israeli soldier grab the minister's  throat. Then a second soldier choked him  by punching him forcefully on the throat and a third vigorously head  butted him on his chest .. all this amid heavy tear gas firing.  Abu Ain  collapsed and died soon after. Israeli doctors claimed the minister died  of "blockage of the coronary artery."  Autopsy indicated the  opposite. The death was caused by a heavy blow; no signs of any natural  causes. Abu Ain's front teeth were broken and fell to the back of his  mouth that caused food to regurgitate and enter the airway. This is NOT  the symptom of blocked artery.

I ask yet again, where are the humanitarians?  Every Tom, Jane and Harry claims to be one - movie stars, rock stars, models,  royals.  A senior Palestinian minister gets barbarically murdered,  unprovoked, in broad daylight on Human Rights' Day and none of those  claimants step forward, not even to express a word of sorrow?

Human rights violated ON INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS DAY followed by a deafening silence! This time Western hypocrisy needs the loudest applause, officially mocking the concept of human rights FOREVER !!

Source:  Common Dreams

Palestinian Cabinet member Ziad Abu Ein 
Source:  East Afro.com

Source:  Daily Sabah

Source:  RT

Source:  Daily Sabah  

Abu Ain's daughter grieves at her father's funderal.
Source:  Common Dreams

Singapore deeply saddened by death of Palestinian minister by Israeli troops

Family and officials mourn the Minister's death.
Source:  Asia one.com

A relative (C) of Palestinian minister Ziad Abu Ein mourns during his funeral in the West Bank city of Ramallah 11 December  2014.
Grieving members of the Minister's family.
Source:  BBC via Reuters

Palestinian honor guards carry the Minister's coffin.
Source Reuters
Ziad Abu Ain's coffin surrounded by thousands of mourners.
Source:  Ya Libnan 

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas (C bottom) prays near the coffin of senior Palestinian official Ziad Abu Ein during his funeral in the West Bank city of Ramallah on 11 December 2014
Palestinian officials, family and friends offering funeral prayers.
Source of image:  BBC via Getty Images

And below - striking resemblance, huh?  A hint at the broad and general similarity ... that sameness between evils is sometimes both from the inside and outside.
Daesh-IS leader in conversation with another Mossad agent, John McCain in Syria 2013, full image at:  Syrian Free Press at Wordpress

Source of 2nd image, murder of Palestinian Minister Abu Ain in progress:  Common Dreams

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Revolution overturned: Egyptians arriving at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac

Not even the freakiest of novels would close its final chapter so abruptly.

Protesters gathered at the iconic Tahrir Square in Cairo on November 29 after learning of  Mubarak's acquittal, the acquittal of his two sons, his ministers and at  least 200 police officers charged with torture and murder of protesters in custody in 2011.   One would expect the crowd at Tahrir Square to be much larger.  But the people have run out of steam.  Egypt is back to square one (not Tahrir Square any more).  Freedom has been lynched again.  Demonstrators are barred from demonstrating without police approval that could send them to prison for at least three years.   A few hours later on Novemeber 29, police shut down Tahrir Square with tight security all over the capital.   Other streets in Cairo remained deserted and silent. 

With the exoneration of Hosni Mubarak and all criminals of his regime, sacrifices and achievements of eighteen days of protests in 2011 have been wiped off, plenty of spilt blood wasted and the old order restored.  The Egyptians were emboldened and the culture of fear was overcome after the events in Tunisia in December 2010.  They're now seeing the old walled boundaries propping up afresh with a stern message that it's again time to fear, regardless of the injustices.

Mubarak and his family reportedly amassed countless billions in three decades of massive corruption and embezzlement almost putting them at par with corporate giants like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim and similar others.

Some quick details in a nutshell on the world's richest and most unscrupulous thieves.

-  Illegal sale of natural gas to Israel at reduced rates in exchange for luxury homes as payback.

-   Killed at least 900 protesters in 2011 uprising. Was given a life  sentence in prison in 2012 which was abruptly overturned in 2013.

-  Murder of Khaled Sayeed, a young internet cafe owner, fatally beaten by Mubarak's secret police for which no one was ever tried.

-  Until his acquittal, 86-year-old Mubarak was serving a short 3-year term for a bunch of corruption cases.  Of course he will be  released well before he completes that sentence.

-  Mubarak's closest friend, Hussein Salem, (aka "father of Sharm el-Sheik  for owning several plush hotels in the Sinai resort town) is reportedly  back in Cairo.  Quoting Foreign Policy "Salem made billions of dollars in the energy, arms, and hospitality industry in Mubarak's Egypt.  He was so close to the former president that the two even invested together, according to documents obtained by Foreign Policy. It was a lucrative alliance for Salem.  In the early 2000s, Mubarak granted him a monopoly over gas exports to Jordan, Israel, and Spain. Salem used this deal to sell gas at below-market rates for years, according to an Egyptian court ruling, costing the country more than $700 million." 

Egyptians were quick and justified to perceive that Mohamad Morsi wasn't the change they wanted.  They thronged the streets again in the summer of 2013, and consequently el-Sissi's disdainful snub to Anne Paterson (U.S. ambassador in Cairo) who tried to aggressively push him into ignoring the demonstrators and allowing Morsi to stay was an unusual and impressive gesture of political independence.  But the rejection of Morsi by the people wasn't a request for Sissi to make himself his successor.  That was his own idea.  Neither was it a pointer to place the Mubaraks above accountability.

In every nation that lacks an effective leadership with an independent ideology and proper plans for its future implementation, revolts and revolutions are standalone actions sustained with nothing ahead of them.  As soon as the bad guys are booted out and the platitudes have run their course, it's time to establish a new system.  That's when trouble begins to stir up again as new bad guys start showing up.  It's harder under the circumstances that include Egypt's proximity with Israel and its relations with Israel's allies.  To be a bit more politically correct, "revolution overturned" is somewhat misleading.  In the NWO a revolution in any country particularly within the pan-Islamic block would remain desperately incomplete without redefining its foreign policies that has a direct impact on the infrastructure at home ... something that never happened in post-Mubarak Egypt.  From Tantawi to Morsi to Sissi, there was no change of regime.  Just change of faces. The Egyptians have realized the odds stacked up against them.  Their hands are pretty much bound.

Their quagmire ahead gets still more icky.  The Egyptian society no more remains a monolith politically as it did prior to 2011.  The low turnout in the polls electing el-Sissi,  scant protests over Mubarak's acquittal and a meager crowd celebrating his  exoneration are all evidences of how fragmented, deeply polarized and exhausted the  society is at present.  Brotherhood has been a blessing in disguise for Mubarak and his circle.  Hatred of Brotherhood's one-year rule has turned several staunch opponents of Mubarak more sympathetic towards him.   

Deepening the existing divisions, sectarian cesspools have sprung up in parts of post-Morsi Egypt after the grisly murders of Hassan Shehata and four of his friends in the city of Giza, June 2013, by Brotherhood activists following an attack on a Shiia mosque.  The victims were beaten, stabbed and dragged on the streets.  Their  lifeless bodies were later stacked in a truck like garbage so disrespectfully that it left the Egyptian nation and the world aghast!  It was the first time in modern history that such a gory sectarian incident happened in Egypt, sowing the seeds of distrust between the Sunni majority and 3 million Shiia minority of the country.  The culture of sectarianism is like an obstinate p.u.p. or malware from the cyber world.  Once it trolls its way inside a community, it's almost impossible to get rid of it.  

Egyptians are also sharply divided over the Palestinian issue for the first time in the country's history.  It sprouts from Hamas' past relations with Muslim Brotherhood to which president Sissi's government and the local media eventually over-reacted.

All of these are dispiriting factors that can only cause setbacks within a nation, thwarting positive ideas for future movements and turning the people into helpless subjects of autocratic regimes.  That's precisely the predicament of the Egyptians once again, despite their best efforts earlier to remove those fetters.

Hosni Mubarak  might regain some of his lost power on the grounds of his past status and  influence within official and social circles.   Other than the enormous injustice inflicted on the families of the victims killed, neither is it impossible that the Mubaraks won't consign their thugs to go  on a vendetta campaign against many of those who were at the forefront in Tahrir Square in 2011.  Probably many happy days await the former first family.  Mr. Mubarak won't have to move around on a hospital bed with his eyes closed any longer;  that wheeled bed can now be sent to the dump.  No  more stories of age related frailty to amass public sympathy.   Don't be surprised if sons, Gamal and Alaa Mubarak (more notorious than Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) who were found "not guilty of corruption"  return to politics in due course, though el-Sissi will make darn sure he remains the boss.  Reportedly Gamal's marriage turned rocky after his status dropped from  first son to a prisoner in jail clothes.   After being groomed as the future first lady of Egypt for four years, the disappointment was too much for poor Khadija (referred as "Gamal's Queen of the Nile").  That marriage can now  be removed from the respirator and salvaged, if she hasn't already called it quits. 

It was the strangest "revolution" ever!   But the story needn't have been this bad.  It could have unraveled in a manner far more impactful.  The trend of settling scores in the  name of "reconciliation" with heavy sums of money mucked up the episode.  It was the unusually vast wealth of the Mubaraks that eventually bailed them out.  Most Egyptians wouldn't even know how to  write those billions in figures.  The final stamp of disgrace was the court decision discreetly endorsing that the former president's corruption wasn't his shame but his greatest asset that helped buy his freedom. 

Square one brings the Egyptians back to the spot where they have no other choice but to make the best of Abdel Fatteh el-Sissi.   They might as well.  In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king! 

Friday, December 5, 2014

White House and its transparent hoax

Just the other day U.S. sources were bragging that though IS hasn't been chased out of any of the occupied territories, it hasn't advanced either.  Probably true about IS in Iraq.  But today it did advance in eastern Syria to capture the air base close to Deir-e-Zour city, the Syrian government's last major camp of resistance in the region.

Failing to carry out direct military intervention in Syria via NATO, Obama's best bet was a psychological war through his heavily armed terrorists; first invading portions of Iraq already weakened by Al-Malki's years of corrupt and sectarian rule and then demoralizing Syria with a doomed scenario in neighboring Iraq.  So,, what's happening now are symbolic coalition airstrikes in IS occupied Iraq as part of the coalition-IS setup, while allowing IS to make millions per day selling hundreds of barrels of Iraqi oil in the international market and buying every equipment it needs to continue fragmenting Syria.

Simultaneously the other assignment involves training programs of "moderate militants" (Al-Nusra Front and the so-called FSA) along with biometric checks and stress tests by U.S. military and foreign intelligence agents with the goal of pressuring whatever is left of Syria in the south.

In the meantime more nonsense is being ratcheted up by agents provocateurs, aiming a wallop at Iran and intensifying sectarian hatred within Sunni Muslims.  Bad man, Ali Khadery (a Dubai based CEO and political negotiator serving the U.S. government from 2003 to 2009), is calmly and shamelessly pelting stones from his glasshouse accusing Qasem Suliamani of controlling all Shiia sectors across the Middle-East by proxy.  With Iraq losing it's sovereignty way back in 2003 after a devastating preemptive U.S. invasion and the sovereignty of Syria in shambles since 2011 by a brutal U.S. proxy war, Ali Khadery claims: "For the Iranians, really, the gloves are off.  Suleimani is the leader of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.  Iraq is not sovereign. It is led by Suleimani, and his boss, (Iranian Supreme Leader) Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei."  This man, Khadery, doesn't only look like a dried up nose scab but also talks like one.

Source of image only:  Yahoo video, link given above.
Source of above image:  Yahoo video - link below under fact check.

Source of above image:  Mr. President your plan won't defeat ISIS ....

Well, of course not, because "Mr. President" has no plans to defeat his terror boys.

Fact check:

IS militants attack last major military base in Syria

US to carry out psych evaluations of Syrian militants

Ali Khadery's claim - Business Insider

Thursday, December 4, 2014

"Burmese security filled mass graves with Muslims" .

Source of above image Al-Jazeera: 'Mass graves' for Myanmar's Rohingya
.. acknowledges and writes 'The Telegraph' more than a year ago despite  being a firmly rightist outlet and a long time supporter of Burma.  The  genocide and ethnic cleansing that began in the summer of 2012 has  leapfrogged since 2013 and the death toll currently stands at a minimal  of quarter of a million Muslim minority murdered in cold blood.
Story:  Burmese security filled mass graves with Muslims  - Telegraph

A  riot in progress burning Rohingya villages and farmlands while the  victims can only pray to Allah Almighty for protection.  At such moments  one can only think of saving one's life.  Saving property is a far cry.
Source of above image:  Telegraph video, link above.

Muslim  men in Sittwe concentration camp, Burma.  Source Aljazeera.   I don't  know why Al-Jazeera (like the mainstream media) keeps calling it  "refugee camp."  These are NOT, NOT, "refugee camps."  These are  CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

The  number of Rohingya Muslim women in concentration camps are less because  many have been taken as sex slaves to serve in Burmese military  barracks.

Source of above image Al-Jazeera: 'Mass graves' for Myanmar's Rohingya

A  Rohingya Muslim mother with her young son in Maungdaw town, western Burma.    Brave lady in a land where the majority need to be classified as the  lowest of beasts.

Source of above image Al-Jazeera:  'Mass graves' for Myanmar's Rohingya

Monday, December 1, 2014

When political bias merges with monetary greed

The ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Muslim minority of Burma  began in June 2012, slaughtering at least 250,000 and  displacing/expelling many more.  It's now almost 2015 and the  bloodthirsty instincts of the majority, their government and political  leaders show no signs of abating. 

But why are the US and other Western nations so soft on the issue of  violation of minority rights in Burma?  Other than the usual attitude of  downplaying the victimization of Muslims, there  appears to be another reason as well - Burma's unexplored offshore oil  and gas reserves.  Not much drilling work has been done yet to confirm  the magnitude of the natural resources but they're presumed to be  comparatively small.  Nonetheless, expectations are running high.  The  Economist in its article "Drilling in the Dark" writes "The outcome of  the bidding for the 19 deep- and 11 shallow-water blocks is one of the  most eagerly awaited events in the hydrocarbons industry.  The  competition attracted almost all the global giants, including Total,  Shell, Statoil and Chevron."

How many more mass killers, marauders and racists will get through  unscathed, unpunished and loaded with favors by tantalizing the West  with the possibility of corporate gains?


Burma blog on oil : Myanmar state of Rakhine campaign of ethnic cleansing against  Rohingya Muslim 
Buddhist rioters burning Muslims homes (Source: The Guardian)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

"US to carry out psych evaluations of Syria militants"

This mess is getting much too ludicrous.   No one expects the befuddled  Barack Obama to act like a president any more.  But he should at least  act his age and not his IQ.

Story at: US 'psych evaluations' of Syria militants

ISIL is a costly handcrafted product of the "anti-terror  coalition"  that needed to be planted as a regional tool and formidable opponent of the Axis of Resistance.  Mr. Obama couldn't have made his reluctance to hurt  ISIL more obvious.   Even the simplest of minds can discern that his hullabaloo over bombing ISIL is meant to further damage Syria's  infrastructure rather than target the enemies of Syria.  United States, the allied GCC states  and Turkey were the ones most supportive of the Syrian war; and now they are the ones masquerading as the "anti-terror coalition" targeting  the fighters they trained & armed.  Would they ever squander their efforts spanning over almost 4 years by weakening that regional tool for the sake of global principles and just?   Any surprise why ISIL is only  getting bolder with each phase of US "bombing?"

The only fiasco US, GCC and Turkey is now facing is the split between their  2 major products - ISIL and Al-Nusra Front.   Though ISIL has gotten a  bit too big for its boots, US and its allies haven't written it off altogether as they might need the nuisance value of this commodity in the future.   At present they're depending on Al-Nusra to get rid of Assad.  All this humbug on psychic evaluation simply implies the continuation of subversive policies against Syria via deadly terrorists that have been going on since March 2011.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Unusual .. Shin Bet chief gives an earful to Netanyahu and his cabinet

Shabak (aka Shin Bet) is Israel's internal security service.  It's catchphrase translates in English as "Defender that shall not be seen" or "The unseen shield."  Shabak or Shin Bet is one of the three branches of Israeli intelligentsia along with 'Aman' (Israeli military intelligence) and the infamous Mossad (Israeli foreign intelligence). 

In the recent spate of violence after barring Palestinians from entering the Al-Aqsa compound, a 32-year-old Palestinian bus driver was kidnapped and hanged in East Jerusalem by Israeli settlers.  Hassan Rammouni was driving home after work when the incident happened in the neighborhood of Ras al-Amud.  Though the Israeli side claimed it was "suicide," a Palestinian pathologist had no doubts that it was murder. A day later two Palestinians attacked a synagogue and killed 5 Israelis.  The following day a Palestinian youth was seriously injured by Israeli police in East Jerusalem.  On all of this, and for the first time since the creation of Israel, the chief of one of Israel's intelligence branches, Shabak (or Shin Bet) lashed out at the hate-mongering policies of the Israeli PM and his cabinet.

Quoting a few interesting excerpts from "Déjà Vu in Jerusalem?" by Neve Gordon:

A few hours after the synagogue massacre, Netanyahu maintained that the attack was “a direct result of the incitement lead by Hamas and Abu Mazen [President Mahmoud Abbas].”  Naftali Bennett, the right-wing economy minister in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Cabinet .. concluded that “Abbas, one of the biggest terrorists to have arisen from the Palestinian people, bears direct responsibility for the Jewish blood spilt on tallit and tefillin .. This is the moment when the déjà vu becomes most apparent. Arrows just like these were shot at Arafat in the years and months before his mysterious death a decade ago.

Yoram Cohen, the head of Israel’s secret services ... Shabak, weighed in against Netanyahu and his cabinet members.  On the day of the attack on the synagogue, Cohen asserted that no one among the Palestinian leadership is calling for violence. “Abu Mazen is not interested in terror,” he explained, “and is not leading [his people] to terror. Nor is he doing so ‘under the table.” The head of Shabak went on to blame the Israeli leadership for the religious turn. He warned that the Palestinian reactions in East Jerusalem were exacerbated due to “a series of confrontations centering around the Temple Mount—including the ascent to that holy site by MKs [Knesset Members], as well as proposed legislation that would change the status quo in the compound.”  Wittingly or not, Israel’s top security officer thus accused the prime minister and his comrades of incitement and spreading lies, exposing how these political leaders are fueling religious tensions as well as producing the “no partner” myth in order to sustain the strife. This is not a minor event, since it is the first time in Israel’s history that the head of the secret services—during his tenure in office—has contradicted the prime minister and has publicly revealed his duplicity.

If even the Shabak, the organization responsible for torturing and assassinating Palestinians during forty-seven years of occupation, thinks the Israeli leadership has gone too far, then matters are becoming really scary. Yes, there is a sense of déjà vu, only this time it seems that Israel’s political entourage has already fallen into the abyss."