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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Brussels: Immediate guilt of Rajjab Erdogan, Al Qaeda's top financier

Soon after the incident in Brussels the kingpin of terrorism spoke from Ankara saying that one of the bombers was "caught and deported" from Turkey in June 2015. He also claimed he warned European countries that the man was a "militant." ‪ Turkey's  terror president couldn't have made his guilty conscience more obvious, nay laughable! Neither could the E.U. have made its connivance any clearer by keeping silent at the lies streaming out of this man's reckless mouth. 

This statement from Rajjab Erodgan has proven that in addition to his AQ leadership, massive corruption and desire to befriend the Zionist State of Israel, he is also a careless liar.  Prior to deportation, a terrorist has to be arrested and in custody.  Such dangerous criminals aren't just deported like common visitors so they can resume leading a free life wherever they're sent away. They are deported in custody and handed over in custody of the law enforcers of the land deported to.  If that bomber was deported accordingly, how was he able to fly off like a free bird to Burssels in less than 9 months and do  what he did?  These are important details which Erdogan should be eager to reveal.  Yet neither he nor the EU have anything further to talk about.  Deported where and how, and from which part of Turkey?  When precisely was he arrested in Turkey and what were the circumstances that led to his arrest?  No answers whatsoever to any of these queries.  


Turkey has been and still is the welcoming host of Daesh fighters. They have added to Turkey's population, got their families over, purchased properties, established business relations with wealthy tycoons including Turkey's first family and even began publishing their own daily. The world knows nothing of any ISIL terrorist "deported" from Turkey ever, but there are plenty of news and images of Daesh leaders dining with Bilal Erdogan.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What is left of Turkey's press freedom? Baton charge, teargas, beatings, blood and moans of the stifled.

Zaman, Turkey's most widely read newspaper that didn't hesitate publishing the government's violative policies and corrupt dealings was seized by the police March 4, 2016.  Journalists were barred from entering the premises and their newsroom was taken over.  The editor was fired and managers arrested.  Previous stories posted on Zaman aren't available.  The newspaper's website zamantoday.com is no more accessible other than the message "web server down."  Zaman, which was also in the forefront of the Hizmet movement, was transformed into a speedy propaganda machine within 48 hours displaying little besides cover images of Rajjab Erdogan and AKP 'achievements.'  Days later, yesterday March 8, Cihan News Agency was also similarly seized by government agents.  A total of 7 journalists were killed in Turkey between 2014 and 2015.  Until now in 2016, two have already been killed.

Undoubtedly Erdogan's rising despotism will make it easier and quicker for Turkey to join the EU. As Finian Cunningham expresses in his latest piece "Western silence as Turkey slides to fascism," the dreaded scenario heralds the return of Europe's 19th and early 20th centuries policies.  Gerrymandering of the divide & rule scheme has variants.  Just as long as Turkey's fascism is directed at its own people and its traditional allies & neighbors would be Europe's dream-come-true.

Also on March 4, the French President decorated Saudi crown prince with Legion d'Honneur for slaughtering thousands of Syrian and Yemeni civilians.  "War criminals rewarding war criminals" stated by Syrian Free Press.  Modernism has variants too.  Gone is the brief era when fascists and killers were  compelled to face justice. They now demand reward as their legal entitlement.  It's unfair that GWB and Hillary Rodham Clinton  haven't still been granted the Noble Peace Prize.  After all, they too were instrumental in killing thousands, weren't they?

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ahmed Davutoglu‬ trots off to ‪Tehran‬

Turkey's titular PM puts up another gross performance to improve his country's soured relations with ‪Iran. He tries to win over the audience with sentiments babbling "we may have different views but we cannot change our history or our geography" (as if he never knew of their regional history and geography earlier). Conveniently enough, the prune mentions nothing on ending his country's calamitous support for foreign terrorists nor his government's deadly policy of ganging up with the House of Saud. Also oblivious of his government's unmatched contributions to bloodshed, robbery and smuggling across Syria for 5 long years, Davutoglu's trump card for reconciliation is MONEY.

After the recent removal of sanctions from Iran, Erdogan finds himself sitting on pins and needles. ‪  AKP crooks realize that there are too many $$$$$ at stake to act audacious. So, they send their little emissary to Tehran using "trade potential" to cajole their political rivals. Sniffing like a clawed frog behind the European Union which is unashamedly trying make hay while the sun shines "tapping into Iran's $400 billion economy," Davutoglu's only motive and modus operandi for rapprochement with Iran is the prospect of exceeding Turkey's planned trade target of $30 billion/year, a jump of more than $20 billion compared to the sanctions era!

Syria‬'s population has dropped from 25 million to 20 million in less than 5 years with at least 5 million Syrians displaced or dead. Many orphaned and maimed.  But all of that is expected to fizzle out into thin air with the razzle dazzle of dollars as the tool for mending broken fences.

It's what I call jaw dropping, mean-spirited inhumanity.

Occupied Libya: U.S. 'pledge' not to obstruct Daesh activities

Daesh (ISIL) is the prime cause for crisis in Libya. But at the 23-nation conference in Rome early last month, United States and its allies affirmed they had put "elimination of ISIL on hold" until crisis ended and a new government formed. That is a bit like a doctor telling a patient that the medical procedure to heal the disease would be done after the healing of the disease. They couldn't have reassured the world better that they would never hurt the interest of Daesh as American interest is so firmly tied to it.

Libya remains locked in battles between the forces of Abdullah Thinni (backed by Gen. Haftar) and Omar Al-Hassi with tribal groups supporting either one of the two sides based purely on self interest. The political landscape gets more complex with dozens of smaller armed Salafist factions declaring their allegiance to Al Qaeda. Everything is in synchrony for Daesh to plunge in and worsen the chaos infinitely as the leading beneficiary.

Daesh had set its eyes on Libya since early 2015, namely the city of Sirte, because of its close proximity to Libya's largest oil wells. Its clashes with Libyan forces have caused similar widespread destruction as in Syria and Iraq with at least 40,000 Libyans fleeing their homes. Daesh has already declared at least 3 wilayats (states) within Libya implementing their usual blood thirsty laws. Sirte had fallen in December 2015. Precise monitoring of daily events in Libya's anarchic society is just as difficult as in war-torn Syria and Yemen. The mainstream media is either silent or giving inaccurate information. However, it's commonly assumed that presently Daesh controls most major oil wells of the country including Adjabiyah oil fields near Sirte.

In Rome on February 2, the U.S. appeared very willing to help re-establish "peace and security" for the Libyan people. Interesting! Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton panicked in Feb. 2011 when Gaddafi decided to establish the pan-African gold currency, an African IMF and African Central Bank. NATO sent a horde of Al Qaeda vandals and jailbirds to Libya, imposed no-fly-zone, naval blockade, stiffer sanctions and within months Gaddafi was savagely murdered by NATO's henchmen on the ground. Apart from the immediate takeover of the Libyan Central Bank by the Rothschild establishment in U.K., in August 2011, two months prior to Gaddaffi's murder White House (via NATO) robbed $30 billion from Libya's Central Bank at Benghazi which Gaddafi had set aside for implementing his pan-African economic plan.

Since the murder of Colonel Gaddafi, six million citizens of Libya have been caught in a barrage of ugly civil wars, one after another, without a day's relief. And in February 2, 2016 the same criminals of Washington DC talk of re-establishing "peace and security" for the Libyans. What an amazing mix of sitcom and pernicious mischief!

By the way, has anyone wondered why the West was in such a mad rush to eliminate the Libyan leader that caused the transformation of Libya from Africa's richest state to failed state after NATO intervention? According to haphazard scoops, Muammar Gaddafi was disliked because he was brash and spoke of Western leaders in a derogatory manner. Was that a good enough reason for the "free" West to kill a person? Of course not.

Reasons why fear of Gaddafi deepened steadily consisted of a very different bunch of facts. The Libyan State Bank gave loans without interest and was burdened with NO foreign debts. Although there was little or no political freedom in Col. Gaddafi's Libya, that was effectively neutralized by nationalizing the vast oil wealth to fund:-
-  free education
-  free healthcare and electricity 
-  one of the world's best irrigation systems with amazing perks for farmers
-  cheap petrol
-  an allowance of $5,000 for every new mother and her new born baby ..

Amazing benefits like these made common Libyan citizens among one of the most privileged middle-class in the world. It was the same Libya that used to be among the poorest countries until 1968. The remaking of the country in less than four decades must have been infuriating.

Additionally, the Islamic Legion in Libya was underway since late 1970s, an army comprising of thousands of Libyans and dissidents from neighboring West African countries with Muslim populace. It was also joined by groups from Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan and more. The force was trained by skilled educators from Palestine and the Syrian Baath Party. Such a move signaled emphasis on the spirit of unification, an approach by far the worst nightmare of many.

Obviously, cutting off supply routes between Syria and Turkey will no longer be enough for the demise of Daesh. It will still remain in control of one of the richest lands in the world.