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Monday, June 30, 2014

When abuse becomes a pastime of sick minds

All about truth, like it or not ....

"Yehuda Shaul, a former Israeli soldier who served in the  West Bank and Gaza, tells how he and fellow soldiers secured a  television screen one night while out on patrol, to watch a World Cup  match. It was 2002 and Brazil were playing. “The  way we passed those night patrols was to bang on random houses, no  reason and we’d go in, wake everyone up, men in one room, women in  another, mess everything up, onto the next house.  “That  night we wanted to watch the match so we were looking for a house that  had a satellite dish. We found one, went in and locked the family in the  basement while we watched the match. Why wouldn’t we? That’s what we do  in the occupied territories." "

Complete story: "Israeli soldiers speak out on abuse of Palestinians in occupied territories"  by Kitty Holland.

Friday, June 27, 2014

How about this?

Excerpt from the recent article by Brandon Martinez ..

"Remarking on the latest ISIS (Islamic  State of Iraq and Syria) incursions into Iraq, Netanyahu expressed the  desire of his regime to promote internal strife in Israel’s neighbouring  states. “We must weaken both [Sunni and Shia Muslims],” Netanyahu said,  implying that it is in Israel’s interests to have Muslims fighting and  squabbling amongst themselves."

ISIS insurrection serves Israel’s interests

Earnest request to both Shiia and Sunni Muslims:

For the sake of God Almighty, stop your sectarian strifes!  It only weakens the  pan-Islamic state and strengthens its enemies to divide and conquer.

Muslims are simply  "Muslims" - NO shiias, NO sunnis.  These are later time negative  interpolations with thoroughly negative consequences.  Abandon this nonsense, and return to the Glorious Quran.   Better late than never.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Audacious and cheeky parasites: Pinching $11 million from taxpayers' money and calling it a "gift."

Poor Willy.   He tours the world with his family for free, gets entertained for free, he and his wife get millions of dollars in  allowances  for vacationing, socializing, grooming and probably even for expelling flatus.   Life must be so hard for them with all those servants, valets and  nannies at their service doing all their work.  Who deserves a  $11 million "birthday gift" more than Lizzie's poor grandson?

Prince William gets $11M helicopter from Queen on his birthday

Other reports have stated $13 million .......

Prince William Receives a Helicopter From Queen Elizabeth for His 32nd Birthday—and it Costs $13.6 Million!

It's amazing how the media manoeuvres its strategy to win sympathy / admiration for this bunch of Bronze Age nincompoops of the British monarchy.  Less than four years ago it was widely trumpeted that Elizabeth Windsor  pleaded poverty and asked the government to pay for gas & electricity bills of Buckingham Palace from funds reserved for families living below poverty line.  And now she squanders $11 million on a "birthday gift."  

By the way, when she requested the government to meet this cost, she was already receiving a grant of  £15 million from the government for energy bills.

The Queen pleads poverty for help to pay Buckingham Palace heating bill

What a pack of suckers this family has made out of the British public!   Making celebrities out of descendents of medieval pirates and marauders who made a grand living by usurping from the defenseless.  That mentality in the 21st century hasn't changed a jot.

If this lamebrain so-called prince has an ounce of shame, he should donate this "gift" for the cause of those millions of Brits who cannot afford the basic necessities of life.  At least 33% in Britain are currently living below poverty line.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Stonehenge is fake

Stonehenge is supposed to be a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England, built approximately 3,000 BC by the Neolithic people. The site consists of a ring of standing stones.  Or it can be described as a circular ditch (of sorts), and the earth dug out has been dumped around it.  These stones are of different sizes, shapes and materials. Some are huge monolith slabs while others are smaller.  There is a lengthy list of different types of rocks used for building the monument - limestones, bluestones, sarsen stones, seaford chalk etc.   Archeologists are full of prehistoric stories on why it was built.  They say it was a pagan cremation burial site in 2,500 BC.  Others claim Stonehenge evolved during construction phases spread over a period of  2,000 years or more.  There are also stories of some postholes and stone sockets that were found, guessing that these could have existed since 8,000 BC. On some stone slabs, carvings such as dagger and axe are visible.  Archaeological excavation also claims that the builders abandoned timber for stone around 2,000 BC.  The site is a tourist attraction managed by the English Heritage.  Visitors gather around this spot to watch the summer solstice. 

So much fuss over a heavy pile of dirty looking rocks on a dismal field! Additionally and more importantly, Stonehenge is a suspicious monument with abounding questions concerning its authenticity.

David Icke Forum writes: "From 1901 to 1964, the majority of the stone circle was restored in a series of makeovers which have left it, in the words of one archaeologist, as 'a product of the 20th century heritage industry'. But the information is markedly absent from the guidebooks and info-phones used by tourists at the site." 

~  Gasp !!  ~

It's more or less an open secret that Stonehenge is more than  partially reconstructed.  Gradual process of its reconstruction has been going on since the 1700s.  There have been hush-hush reports of renovation works at Stonehenge in the 1950s.  In the 1960s, many of those stones now seen as massive monolith slabs of standing rocks were reconstructed. 

Throughout the first millennium, many smaller stones were pilfered or moved to be used for other purposes in different locations. 

The seemingly confident assertions of archeologists and historians in guidebooks and websites are in fact, inconclusive thoughts and ideas they arrived at after confused debates and indecisions.  There is no such thing as "original" Stonehenge.  Over the period of thousands of years until the mid 20th century, it has been tampered with, rearranged, removed and replaced.

Very few would like being told all of this.  Obviously no modernist wants to think they have been duped, and that the "great monument" they have been raving about is a ruse.  But that's a different matter.  Stonehenge is definitely and largely fake. The story tellers have been deftly silent about the controversial side of it otherwise tourists won't flock around "Stonehenge," the bulky mess may not be easy to clear and history would appear less sensational.


Iraq, the new pretext for jumping on to Syria

I knew this was coming. 

Syria in the Crosshairs: Obama Confirms Airstrikes Will Not Be Limited to Iraq

So now, while the US government might claim it's targetting al-Qaeda in Syria, it will actually be a lot more interested fingering the Syrian Army.  What a trick to topple Bashar al-Assad.

Apparently Nouri al-Malki's days are numbered, not because majority of the Iraqi politicians, including Shiias, want him to quit (which they do), but because the United States has refused to "endorse" him. 

The question is, all Iraqi political factions being infested with crummy office-seekers like Malki; who the heck will replace him to save Iraq? 

Wrangling among the country's politicos could go on for months to reach a consensus on a new leader, as suggested by NY Times.  However the other problem is, ISIS and its factions around Mosul and Tikrit won't wait for months.  They're in a hurry to advance south.  By the time the Iraqi politicians unanimously decide on a new PM, it could be the end of the story not just for Malki but for all of them. While so much goes on in Iraq, the US will probably be busy bombing Syrian government installations with the cover story of chasing ISIS. 

What a disgusting cesspool !!

 The New York Times

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Mess in Iraq – An Analysis by Lawrence Davidson

"The truth is that George W. Bush and  his accomplices are war criminals chargeable with the same indictment  brought against the German and Japanese leaders after World War II. I am  not talking about genocide, as that was not the charge against these  leaders. I am talking about the waging of unnecessary and offensive war –  launching an invasion without proper legal cause. Today’s mess in Iraq  is a direct consequence of that same sort of criminal act."  (Lawrence Davidson).

The Mess in Iraq – An Analysis by Lawrence Davidson

A fine piece by Lawrence Davidson, very much worth reading.

But just a few points I wouldn't agree with.  

Obama's  current decision not to re-send US troops to Iraq is not a  wise one, I doubt it.   Since the Iraqi invasion was initiated by Obama's  predecessor with endless ramifications until this very moment, Obama's  decisions cannot be altogether independent as if Iraq was never  attacked.   The muck has already been created, and the same ones who  created it must clean it.  If Iraq wasn't invaded and the civil war was  homegrown, of course there would be no question of foreign troops coming in.  But the awful consequences of 2003 are NOT homegrown.  From 2003 until 2014 and beyond, the events of this turmoil have been and will continue to be intertwined. 

Furthermore,  let us not forget how and from where ISIS came into the scenario of a  country where no such thing known as militancy ever existed for decades prior  to 2003.  Most of these Sunni militants aren't indigenous Iraqis  either.  ISIS is strongly connected with the US invasion of 2003 as that  gave the opportunity to Saudi Arabia to send its 'troops' to confront  the Iraqi Shiia majority.  Saudi  Arabia's move was (and is) in connivance with the US.  The magnitude of  this sludge is colossal and different had it been  entirely homegrown.

 Involvement of Iran to assist Iraq would likely make matters worse from  the sectarian view point.  It would not only turn the civil war a lot  more fierce, but would also be seen as a typically "Shiia-Sunni" issue by the  entire Muslim world.  The flames of sectarianism would heighten with firebrand fatwas from both sides not just  in Iraq but in other Muslim countries too, and the culture of  sectarianism would deepen. 

Let  the scoundrels who began committing the crime in 2003 return and pay  the price for it.  ISIS is America's frankenstein;  America now needs to  tame it.   Similar to the American government's decision of a preemptive invasion in 2003, its present decision of staying aloof  isn't based on any grand principles either.    It has decided to keep away  because its purpose has been fulfilled.  The Americans are in control of  Iraq's oil wells, and ISIS is no threat to America.

President  Obama has no clean intentions of reconciliation between Iraqi Shiias and  Sunnis.  That blatantly violates the 'divide & conquer' game.   Imperialism loves sectarianism otherwise it gets a lot harder to  control.   America's best choice now for Iraq is:  Let the Sunnis and Shiia fight,  let Iraq be a failed state so that its dependency on the West increases  while the West watches, controls Iraq's oil wells, continues its  backroom deals with ISIS and has enough military personnel in Baghdad to  protect its embassy.   No more, no less.  Mission accomplished!  Isn't the United States doing just that?  It's not a new move.  It's a hackneyed strategy that has happened many times in the past in connection with various countries.

After  a decade of occupation, the American government's hands-off approach at  this point is too little too late.  It definitely does amount to  abandoning Iraq after setting it on fire.  Pretty identical to the  scenario in Afghanistan during the tailend of the cold war in late  1980s.  As soon as the Russians vanished, so did American assistance.   Consequently the pre-war and peaceful  Afghanistan drifted into an endless  anarchy from which it never recovered.  

Last  but not least, don't get surprised because Obama never took any steps to  indict his sick predecessor for his war crimes in Iraq.  Didn't Obama do the same in  Libya, and is doing the same in Syria through proxy?

IRAQ: Sectarianism / Salafiism / Shiiaism / Saudi Arabia / Qatar / Iran / and the West

With an amalgam of participants, sectarian violence in Iraq is probably  at its worst at the moment.  It might have exceeded a similar situation between  2005-2007 when Sunni and Shiia death squads virtually ruled the streets  of all major Iraqi cities and the morgues were packed with bodies.  

The  recent successes of ISIS in Iraq have somewhat overshadowed Al-Nusra in  Syria.  It has been reportedly carrying out executions in Tikrit.  One of  Iraq's biggest oil refineries in Baiji has been shut.  Several foreign  diplomatic missions in Basra have left.  ISIS continues to threaten the  capital, Baghdad.  In Baqubah city, north of Baghdad, over 40  prisoners lost their lives as Iraqi forces battled to keep the militants  away.  According to some Iraqis, ISIS attempted a prison break in  Baqubah and the Iraqi security forces killed the prisoners after driving away the militants.  In Baghdad, a Sunni cleric, Imam Nihad  al-Jibouri, and two of his friends were allegedly kidnapped and murdered  by Shiia militants.  Their bodies were found in a Baghdad morgue.  A  group of Sunni jurists have threatened revenge.  The vicious cycle of  sectarianism goes on and on.

Washington Post writes on US / Iran relations:  "With Iraq’s Shiite neighbor rallying to support Maliki and the United  States sending up to 275 troops to protect its embassy in Baghdad, the  longtime adversaries have found themselves with mutual interests."  But a careful study gives a different impression that the supposed US/Iran alignment over the recent developments in Iraq could be unsustainable and therefore irrelevant.
ISIS with it's goal to establish a caliphate in Iraq and Syria is the  most trusted army of Saudi Arabia and NATO.   They  have spent billions of dollars to train and arm the mercenaries. 

Just as the militants in Syria are demanding President Assad to step  down unconditionally, ISIS and its affiliates are demanding the same of Al-Malki in Iraq.

Though lately differences have arisen between Al-Nusra and ISIS in  Syria, both are reportedly being assisted by the CIA center in Libya  (Benghazi) .. Libya itself being a gift to the Al Qaeda franchise, LIFG,  by NATO.

When the United States officially announces its decision of  aiding  "rebels," the allusion is helping Al Qaeda.  Do not  get misled into accepting the old myth that the "rebels" are fighting for  "democracy" in Syria to topple a "dictator."  Neither was that true in Libya. 

Info Wars sums up this story comprehensively in a few words.  "Otherwise  known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the caliphate  and its partners in Riyadh and Doha have transplanted tens of thousands  of murderous  paramilitary jihadists from the battlefields of Syria to the killing  fields of Iraq. For the fossilized monarchies of Saudi Arabia and Qatar  the objective is to spread a pernicious version of Sunni Islam and thus  defeat their longtime Shiia Islam rivals, while in the West the  financial  and global elite are playing a long-running game of conquer and divide,  a technique long used by the British Empire."

Another prime interest of Saudi Arabia and Qatar is to thwart Iran's influence in the Middle-East.  Qassem Suleimani, the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards' Al-Quds  Force is acknowledged by the US as the most powerful man in the region  and one of the most influential in the Middle East.  It was Suleimani  who reportedly played the lead role kicking out the Americans  from Iraq. The Americans are too embarrassed to talk about it, but the Iraqi politicians agree that Suleimani "outmaneuvered them in putting the government together."  According to Suleimani's backroom deal, he favored Nouri Al-Maliki and was determined that Ayad Allawi, a pro-American secularist must not become the Prime Minister. Consequently the Americans told Alawi to quit in favor of Maliki,  fearing trouble from Iran otherwise.  Alawi stated that the Americans  wanted to stay in Iraq as occupiers but were just as afraid of violence  during their stay. As a result, Suleimani's favorite government came to  power and according to Alawi, the Americans turned Iraq into an "Iranian  colony."

It's undeniable that the United States and its EU partners have more  often than not welcomed Al-Qaeda terror tactics, using them to achieve  their own political objectives. The most vital aspect of every political goal  of the West involving its foreign policy has been to destabilize and  topple governments primarily in Muslim states that choose sovereignty over puppetism.    

Various Al Qaeda groups on a rampage in Iraq for over a  decade have been responsible for the death of many US and  coalition soldiers.  Yet these terrorists simplified the political  objectives of the West.  Al Qaeda's violence in Iraq became a sound  pretext for the US and its allies to stay in Iraq indefinitely and  establish their military bases.  Secondly, the furious sectarian  infighting weakened the Iraqi community at large, making it more vulnerable to 'divide and conquer' policies initiated and  controlled by the imperialist block.   Unfortunately the world has a  very short and dismissive memory even when blatant mischief-mongering is  caught red-handed.  A blazing example of US/British collaboration with  Al Qaeda was in Basra in 2005 when British soldiers disguised as "Arab terrorists"  began shooting randomly at Iraqi civilians and were soon after nabbed by the Iraqi police.

What's conspicuous about the sudden eruption of sectarian violence in  Iraq and the successes of Al Qaeda is the eerie silence of the West and  America's apparent desire to stay aloof.  It's ironic that eleven years  ago battalions of US marines barged into Iraq when it was peaceful. But  they refuse to make any commitments to help when Iraq is actually at the brink of a disaster.  Though the news today was buzzing with President Obama  sending "300 military advisers to Iraq" to protect the US  embassy and other US interests in the country, it also carried a  reprimand for Al-Malki that he better pull up his socks, do better and  give the Sunni minority a greater role in the government or risk a  bloody civil war in his country.    

The US has still not approved  airstrikes in Iraq.  Some observers may presume the chaos in Iraq might be a  distraction for the radicals in Syria and a relief for Bashar al-Asad.  But the outcome could be the other way round.   Using the insurgency  in Iraq as an excuse for NATO intervention in Syria cannot be ruled  out.  US aircraft are flying over Iraq on intelligence collecting  missions.  US officials have admitted that if they were to carry out  airstrikes in Iraq, it's highly probable that they will also need to hit targets  in Syria from where militants are crossing over to Iraq. That was  straight from the horse's mouth.  If the US shows any interest in Iraq,  the ulterior motive will be to end the stalemate in Syria and get rid of  Bashar al-Asad with the supposed objective of attacking militant  targets. 

It's very unlikely that NATO will  step into Iraq to genuinely fight Al Qaeda.   The emergence of ISIS in Iraq was itself the brainchild of the infamous  coalition - US, EU, Saudi Arabia and Qatar -  toppling Saddam Hussein  and reducing Iraq to a failed state like Mali, Somalia or Yemen.  That  is precisely the direction where Iraq is heading to the pleasure of that coalition. 

But what if Iran, Syria and Iraq build up an alliance to fight the  Salafist horde and purge Iraq of mercenaries?  That could be the only  situation when NATO might want to jump in and fight ....  fight the rivals of  Al Qaeda .... with some lame cover story.

Think of it now.  Isn't it naive, nay wishful thinking, on the part of the Iranian president to contemplate confronting the Salafists in Iraq alongside the United States?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's reached Sri Lanka (via Burma Task Force).

Update on Muslims targeted by Buddhists.

Quoting Burma Task Force:

Assalamu alaikum
Burmese  extremists are now exporting their hate to another Buddhist country.   Just over the last couple of days the extremists in Sri Lanka have  destroyed a whole neighborhood of Muslims, killing and injuring about  100 Muslims, and destroying 3 mosques and dozens of businesses. Police  did not even show up, despite three days of appeals from  Muslims asking for protection.
Burmese  extremists must be stopped before they destroy Buddhist-Muslim  relationships in nine countries, where they have been living peacefully  together for centuries.

Watch this extremely crucial and timely New York Times video by  Nicholas Kristof. He is wrong about just one thing. He calls Rohingyas  originally from Bangladesh, which is incorrect. Rohingyas are the border  people of Burma, who are living in their ancestral land for ever.  It's titled 21ST CENTURY CONCENTRATION CAMPS. 

Video at Youtube:

21st Century Concentration Camps

It is slow-burning, but smart genocide. 
Rohingya  Muslims have just two choices: Either run in small broken cannoes to  any of the neighboring countries, or live to die in their ancestral  land, a slow death, without a doctor, with little food, where they are  not allowed to marry, have children, go to school, or have a job.

Burma Task Force is a united alliance of Muslims in America.  It's the only hope Muslims in Burma and other minority countries have. Allow us to strengthen Justice for All.



Burma  Task Force USA is a coalition of several Muslim organizations and  activists who have been working together to for years to stop genocides in countries like Bosnia and Kosovo.  Presently they are working tirelessly to stop the horrific genocide in Burma.  

Please help to spread their message.  Share this post.  The Rohingyas are getting slaughtered in the most merciless manner one can hardly imagine.  The only reason is the sheer intolerance of the Buddhist majority of Burma.  And now these mass murderers are trying to spread the culture of massacre outside their borders by instigating their Buddhist comrades in other countries to perpetrate similar bloodshed against the Muslim minorities of other Buddhist majority countries. 

Shame on Burma, shame on all Buddhist nations, shame on the master hypocrite Aung San Su Kyi.   Nicholas Kristof stats that she needs to "rediscover her courage."  She has nothing to rediscover.  She never had any courage to begin with.  She is nothing other than an outright dissembler and an unscrupulous politician filled with greed for power. 

Last but not least, shame on the Western leaders and bulk of the Western "human rights" activists who have unashamedly been ignoring this genocide for the last two years.  Silence on the face of murder and injustice amounts to COMPLICITY.  Period!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ancient homes - beautifully preserved heritage

These pics are awesome to say the least!   They make you travel back into the distant past down the time tunnel. 

700-year-old stone carved homes in Iran.  The homes are carved inside the rocky hills.  Many of these ancient homes are on split level. 

Turning the pages of history, a little to the west of Persia ..

This is the fascinating old  Damascus City.  The Old City is everyone's favorite.  No one who has been  there will say they don't like it.  It is fascinating for its history,  architecture and culture. Highlights include the Umayyad Mosque,  Straight Street, Al-Hamidiyya Souq, Azem Palace and the Citadel. But it  is also great just to wander around the various souqs and narrow streets  that people have lived and worked in for centuries.  The ancient  residential flats in the alleys here are over a thousand years old!   Often known as "Syria's icing of the cake."

The Damascus Straight Street was built in the Roman era and  runs from east to west in the old city of Damascus.  In Arabic it's known as Al-Shāri` al-Mustaqīm or  الشارع المستقيم

A typical part of  the Old Damascus Bazar with its famous and mesmerizing medieval alleys.   Except for the electricity that's lighting the shops, the basic  architecture and geography of the place is still maintained as it was  hundreds of years ago.  Truly gorgeous!  As soon as you get inside Old  Damascus, you dive into a maze of alleys, labyrinth of small streets  with arches, shops, mosques, churches and remnants of old defensive  wall with little eateries hidden behind small doors.  From every corner  the age of the houses dawns on you.  It's actually easy to imagine that  life here might not have been a whole lot different many centuries ago.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

"Iran may work with US to fight ISIS" - Hassan Rouhani.

This shrewd mullah tries his best to pick every event as an excuse to  rub shoulders with the White House, no matter what.  His mind is obsessed with the US, picking up from where the Shah left off.  The  idiot hasn't even observed that the catastrophe in Mosul was no shocker  for the US.  Why would it be?  Why would a country that has been arming,  financing and monitoring "moderate" militants for more than three years in next door Syria (that has until now butchered 162,000 people) be  surprised or concerned if its undercover allies expanded their nuisance value and captured more  cities in neighboring Iraq? 

As stated on top of Tony Cartalucci's article America's Covert Re-Invasion of Iraq referring to the image above "ISIS  has convoys of brand new matching Toyota’s the same vehicles seen among  admittedly NATO-armed terrorists operating everywhere from Libya to  Syria, and now Iraq. It is a synthetic, state- sponsored regional  mercenary expeditionary force."

Wake up Hassan Rouhani, you gold digger!   There are enough secrets between the US and ISIS for the White House to need your help to "fight" ISIS.

Source of Rouhani's statement:
Rouhani: Iran may work with US to fight ISIS

Was Baathist, Izzat al-Douri, behind the events in Mosul?

 It's surmised by many that what happened in Mosul was a "coup"  led by  Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri;  with other groups led by former Baath  officers, Al-Douri has been playing an active role in various Sunni  majority areas of Iraq .... that he was one of the senior commanders at  the helm for the successful take over of  Mosul via the rebel groups. 
If you aren't sure who Al-Douri is .. during Saddam Hussein's era he used to be  one of Saddam's most trusted military commanders.  He was one of the  very few Baathists who evaded capture.  Al-Douri was made the new leader of the banned Baath Party soon after Saddam's execution in  2006.

According to a story that began in 2003, Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri who is  now aged 70 has been suffering from leukemia since 1999 or earlier and requires to  undergo blood transfusion every six months.  If this was true, Al-Douri  should have been dead long ago.  There is no way he could have survived  with such a serious health issue nor received regular blood  transfusions soon after Iraq fell in 2003 when he was a wanted man and  in hiding.  Also, a 70-year-old  suffering from leukemia for more  than 16 years would be in no condition to actively participate in a coup  as reported on Al-Douri.  

Al-Akhbar suggests Izzat Al-Douri has been silently working on a coup since long.   Over time he was able to establish a network of former Baath officers  who were kicked out of the military by Iraq's Shiia government.   Al-Douri used  ISIS as a facade to frighten and terrorize his  opponents.   But in reality it was probably the other way round.  Knowing  Al-Dour's longstanding popularity in Sunni circles, it might be ISIS that's using his name to  cajole the residents of Mosul.  This is one possibility.  The other one  is that the Naqshbandi militias are using Al-Douri's image to acquire  support of the people of Mosul.  Naqshbandi group is a Sufi resistance  movement and Izzat al-Douri is supposed to be one of it's many senior  associates.

However, a former member of the Baath Party residing in Mosul confirmed to Niqash media outlet that  Al-Douri has not been living nor seen in Mosul for years.  That tallies with some other contents of the story via Niqash on June 13.  It reported that a day  after the fall of Mosul, gunmen with automatic weapons went around  telling the people of the city to gather at "central square" where  Al-Douri would be giving a speech to celebrate the event.  Hundreds of  excited residents went to central square with their cameras and  mobile phones.  But the person who emerged to give the speech was not  Al-Douri.  He was some other old and bearded man, never seen nor heard  of before.  He never even mentioned the name of Al-Douri.  The crowd was very disappointed.  Later it was again  announced on Facebook and Twitter that Al-Douri would be giving a  televised speech.  That turned out to be an old speech which Al-Douri  had given on Al-Arabiya more than a year ago.  The tricks are obvious.   Either the Naqshbandis or ISIS (most likely the Naqshbandis) are using  Al-Douri to keep the residents of Mosul calm and happy in their day dreams.

By the way, ISIS and the Naqshbandi army are not on the best of terms.  The former has  often furiously objected to the posters of Saddam Hussein put up by the latter.

ISIS is likely using the Naqshbandi Army and their links to the Baath  party for its own benefit.  But while the Naqshbandi movement can  cooperate with the Baathists, neither of the two would be able to manage an alliance with ISIS which is too demanding, selfish and  unprincipled to respect a partnership or a coalition for longer than a  few weeks. 

Smaller groups like Ansar al-Sunna and Mujahideen Army are  also purportedly appearing in Mosul.  Niqash writes that the people of  Nineveh province have been seen welcoming the different factions of militants.  Undoubtedly, there is a huge sectarian element in this entire scenario.  Nouri  al-Malki's fiercely sectarian policies, blatant discrimination against  Iraqi Sunnis along with his government's daily injustices and mind  boggling corruption pushed the Sunni population of Nineveh province over the edge and consequently they chose the Sunni militants over Al-Malki as the better of the two  evils.      

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fall of Mosul

What is going on in Syria is horribly distressing.  But let not that be a distraction for the events in Iraq where Al-Qaeda licensees, ISIS, are no more settling for freak bomb explosions.  They now have big plans of taking over entire cities within the Sunni majority areas of Iraq, identical to their failed but ongoing strategy in Syria.  To make matters worse, unlike the gallantry steadily shown by the Syrian Arab Army, what the Iraqi Army recently displayed in Mosul was extreme cowardice.  If that doesn't change fast, the goal of ISIS to expand its grip may not eventually be a failure in Iraq.

On June 9th the target was Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city of 1.5 million and the capital of the northern Iraqi province of Nineveh.  Mosul is only 250 miles north of Baghdad and close to the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan.

The city was taken by surprise.  Witnesses saw pitched  battles between the Iraqi army and  ISIS.  Military tanks  trying to combat black banner-waving militants flooded the streets of Mosul  filled with burned cars, shattered buildings and black smoke.  It didn't take long for  ISIS to seize the provincial government  headquarters, all security bases and several other major government buildings.  The  governor of the province residing in Mosul had no other choice but to  flee the city as did at least half a million residents of Mosul.  Thousands of Iraqis  living in Mosul have abandoned their homes.  A resident of Mosul told Wall Street Journal: "The whole of Mosul collapsed today. We’ve fled our homes and neighborhoods, and we’re looking for God’s mercy. We are waiting to die."  -  (Mahmoud Al Taie).   The exodus of refugees in cars and on foot from Mosul heading for Erbil, Kirkuk or Baghdad present the same painful images as the fleeing of civilians in Syria.

The bitter-sweet joke is that Nouri Al-Malki  is reportedly requesting the White House for US drone pilots and US airmen to  return and confront ISIS.  After sending tons of sophisticated  weapons to its Al Qaeda buddies in Libya and Syria, the US is now being  called to handle its Frankenstein.

In his excellent piece, Black flags over Mosul, author Michael Whitney writes (excerpts):

"The fall of Mosul is not a minor setback that can be corrected by deploying special ops and lobbing a few bombs on targets in Mosul. It is a complete policy collapse  that illustrates the shortcomings of the abysmal War on Terror. The American invasion and occupation of Iraq is entirely responsible for the problems that plague Iraq today.  .. 

The unexpected jihadi blitz has left President Barack Obama’s Middle East policy in tatters and created a crisis of incalculable magnitude. The administration will now be forced to focus its attention and resources on this new flashpoint hoping that it can prevent the makeshift militia from marching on Baghdad and toppling the regime of Nouri al Maliki.  The unexpected jihadi blitz has left President Barack Obama’s Middle East policy in tatters and created a crisis of incalculable magnitude. The administration will now be forced to focus its attention and resources on this new flashpoint hoping that it can prevent the makeshift militia from marching on Baghdad and toppling the regime of Nouri al Maliki. 

Events on the ground are moving at breakneck speed as the extremists have expanded their grip to Saddam’s birthplace in Tikrit and north to Baiji, home to Iraq’s biggest refinery." 

Though White House spend over $20 training Iraqi security forces, reportedly they left their weapons and fled as soon as Al-Qaeda began approaching Mosul.  Al-Qaeda is now in possession of Iraq military helicopters and tanks abandoned by Iraqi soldiers. ..

Obama and Bush have achieved what bin Laden only could have dreamt of, a city of two million people falling into the hands of his extremist spawn while Washington gazes helplessly from the sidelines. That’s what you call failure with a capital “F”.  Let’s face it: If the ISIS starts taking out pipelines and oil installations around Mosul, it’s Game-Over USA.  Oil futures will spike, markets will crash, and the global economy will slump back into a severe recession. Obama has a very small window to reverse the current dynamic or there’s going to be hell to pay.  .... 

The report suggests that the ISIS is not a ragtag amalgam of rabid fanatics, but a highly-motivated and disciplined modern militia with clearly outlined political and territorial objectives. If this is the case, then it is likely that they will not march on Baghdad after all, but will tighten their grip on the predominantly Sunni areas establishing a state within a state. And this is precisely why the Obama administration may choose to stay out of the conflagration altogether, because the goals of the ISIS coincide with a similar US plan to create a “soft partition” that dates back to 2006.   According to the New York Times the “so-called soft-partition plan ….calls for dividing Iraq into three semi-autonomous regions…There would be a loose Kurdistan, a loose Shiastan and a loose Sunnistan, all under a big, if weak, Iraq umbrella.”


New York Times stated: "The militants freed thousands of prisoners and took over military bases, police stations, banks and provincial headquarters, before raising the black flag of the jihadi group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria over public buildings. The bodies of soldiers, police officers and civilians lay scattered in the streets.  Having consolidated control over Sunni-dominated Nineveh Province, armed gunmen were heading on the main road to Baghdad, Iraqi officials said, and had already taken over parts of Salahuddin Province."

Bloomberg writes: "Dead bodies are scattered around western Mosul due to the fighting. The city is empty and most shops are closed." .....  "Fighters from a breakaway al-Qaeda group are in position to seize Iraqi energy infrastructure after taking control of Mosul in a strike that highlights Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s weakening grip on the country. …A day after guerrillas drove police and soldiers from the nation’s second-biggest city, there were conflicting reports on the situation in Baiji, north of Baghdad and home to Iraq’s biggest refinery"

ISIS is working precisely according to its title that describes its goal of establishing a joint caliphate in Iraq and Syria.  In 2011, the Syrian war was seen exclusively as a Syrian problem.  By 2012 it became a regional problem as its ramifications began spilling on to neighboring countries.  What we are watching now are some significant moves that are changing the geography of the region and redefining the Iraq / Syria borders.  Probably, this could be just the beginning.  ISIS is already active in Syria.  It's coordination with its comrades in Mosul will likely help to simplify its mission and add to its strength.   Not to mention, ISIS is already in control of one of the major oil refineries of Iraq  at Baiji.   According to reports, Baiji wasn't captured with guns and bullets.  ISIS took control of it by a single phone call, ordering the Iraqi police and army to put down their weapons and get out of Baiji.  

The US forces trained the Iraqi security typically in their own 'style.'  Thus, pre and post Saddam Iraq can only be described as a country that has gone  'from despotism to despotism.'  Torture and sexual abuse that was commonplace in prisons such as Abu Ghareeb during the American occupation are carried out by local Iraqi forces 'skilfully' trained by the Americans and British.  Rape has become a common threat for female prisoners.  The Sunnis have been blatantly at the receiving end and often victims of awful atrocities by government forces mostly in places like Salahuddin and Anbar.  As soon as the occupying troops left, Nouri al-Malki wasted no time targeting Iraq's prominent Sunnis.  Men and women are randomly detained for many alleged reasons such as terrorism, assisting potential terrorists, or simply "security threats" or as hostages to pressure their relatives to admit crimes they never committed.  

Could such gross violations in post-Saddam Iraq have worked in favor of ISIS?   It's a difficult question to answer considering the fact that ISIS is no less a bunch of savage sectarian fanatics which has been ostracized by some major groups within Al-Qaeda itself for its egocentric and monopolizing attitude.  But there seems to be no other explanation for the battlefield triumphs of ISIS, except that the hatred for Shiia-dominated Iraq by the country's Sunni community has surpassed its hatred for ISIS.
There is much talk from the Iraqi government of a counter-attack to retake Mosul by "special anti-terrorist troops"  and it's also optimistic on getting help from the peshmerga Kurdish fighters.   But the Iraqi government bragged similar claims when ISIS captured Fallujah in January of 2014 and seized control of Ramadi.  Yet it failed to retake Fallujah where Sunni anger against Nouri Al-Malki's government played an instrumental role benefiting ISIS, even though Fallujah is a much smaller city than Mosul. 

With the fall of Fallujah and Mosul, and ISIS in control of Tikrit and Baiji, the plan of "soft partitions" upheld by both the US and al-Qaeda seems to be moving ahead unhindered.


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Annals of History - Statue of Liberty

Capitalism: Other side of the story.

Heart rending, to say the least .. leaves me dumbstruck

"I would love to find this boy and provide him with my heart to dwell in. Please help me to find him"  --  (tumblr).

and ....

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Polls May 2014 Egypt: All pointers indicate Abdel Fateh Sissi would have still won otherwise

As per schedule, elections were held in Egypt on May 26 / 27 of 2014.  The low turnout wasn't  exclusively a result of political apathy with the thought of Sissi's  victory a foregone conclusion. 

Egypt has a population of 85 million with at least 40 million  eligible voters.  Muslim Brotherhood (MB) members and activists are approximately 1 million.   MB supporters among the general public would make up a maximum of 2  million and the MB block a total of around 3 million in a  population of 85 million - a comparatively small  segment. 

That leaves an overwhelming 82 million (approximately) who are not in the MB block.

In July  2013, the Egyptians were divided into two distinctive groups - anti and  pro MB.  The far  larger majority wanted MB out, all of whom flooded the streets of the  major cities of Egypt providing enough mandate to their army to remove  Mohamed Morsi and arrange for  re-elections. 

During the polls in the end of May 2014, that overwhelming majority was no more a monolith.  They had diverse political ideologies which included the supporters of  Abdel Fateh Sissi  and other political figures as well.  Sissi still had  greater support than his predecessor or anyone from the Brotherhood front, but it wasn't the same as during the uprising of 2013 .. obviously.  What happened in July  2013 was a popular revolt against the ruling party; what took place in May 2014 were elections.  That difference has passed unperceived by many. 

On July 2012 after Egypt's phoney  'revolution' of March 2011 with the involvement / intervention of the United States in  favor of Muslim Brotherhood that eventually toppled Hosni Mubarak, at  least 11 candidates contested the polls.  In May 2014 there were only  two candidates, one of them Abdel Fateh Sissi.  That explains why the  recent turnout in 2014  was 44% compared to 52% in 2012.  The difference construes that out of  40 million  Egyptians as eligible voters, approximately 18 million came out to vote  and a little over 17 million supported Sissi which gave him a landslide  victory of 93%.   Those 17 million plus who voted for him were his staunch  supporters as manifested by all reports. 

As  a standard occurrence in all polls even when the turnout is high, the  number of voters who come out to cast their votes are a little less  than the official number of voters estimated, sometimes considerably  less.  If the recent elections in Egypt had shown a big turnout, it would  unlikely be more than 35 million at the maximum.  With that in view, if a  few  more presidential candidates were in the race resulting in a greater  participation of voters, obviously the former General would not have won  by as large a   majority but gauging from the number of votes he got, he would have still been the winner by a narrower margin.

Abdel Fateh Sissi didn't make the wisest decision participating in the polls  almost unopposed.  Even if he had won by a smaller majority with more opponents in the event, it would have heightened his  credibility both at home and abroad.  Needlessly, he became too wary of a situation  that actually held very little or no threat for him nor for Egyptian voters opposed to radicalism. 

Nonetheless, he seems to be Egypt's best choice at present and under the circumstances.  Only time will speak of the future as events and the country's policies unfold.

Best wishes for the former General.  Allah bless.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Turkey: Belated blacklisting of Al-Nusra. Another hoodwink?

After years of honeymooning with Al-Qaeda terrorists, pampering them as  'guests' and helping them to cross the border into Syria to kill, rape  and plunder, suddenly early June 2014 Ankara reportedly blacklisted Al-Nusra as a terror group and froze its assets.

However, Turkey's support for the fragmented opposition and its profound  hostility toward the Syrian government is still intact just as fiercely  as before.  
Makes it highly likely that this 'shift of policy' is another theatrical  performance on world stage.  If the Syrian opposition (FSA) couldn't win  in three years with the assistance of thousands of savages from  Al-Nusra and ISIL, could it win without them despite increased foreign  support?  Or is this supposed to be a prelude to NATO military intervention in Syria by ditching the failed Al-Nusra? 

Some observers surmise that Turkey began getting concerned about the rise of  extremism and silent international accusations of backing terrorists.   Really?  Concerned now, after more than three long years of being  partners-in-crime with this huge band of thugs?  Isn't that a bit too  little, too late?

The media is feeding readers with the humbug that negotiations between US and Turkey over this new strategy began during a "high profile meeting"  last year 2013.  Well, the US had put Al-Nusra on its terrorist list  back in 2012.  But no need to mention what a farce that was.  The US  government continued sending weapons to Syrian fighters despite being  aware that Al-Qaeda and FSA were closely coordinating.  Sen. McCain was  particularly unable to conceal his enthusiasm, going as far as illegally  crossing into Syria from Turkey, meeting them personally and decorating  them.

Though the two major al-Qaeda groups, Al-Nusra and ISIL, have been living and moving freely in  Turkey since the summer of 2011, Turkey's FM, Ahmed Davutoglu, now sinks into the depth of shamelessness by  denying that reality. 

In November 2013 Rajab Erdogan lied telling the world that  providing shelter to Al-Qaeda in Turkey was out of the question while  Al-Qaeda was already using Turkey as a safe haven and gateway for  entering Syria since mid 2011.

The rogue Sultan, Rajab Erdogan, blamed President Bashar al-Assad for the twin  bombings in the Turkish border town of Reyhanlı in May 2013 that killed 53  Turks, even though he was perfectly well aware all along and with tons of evidence that Al-Nusra was behind it.

There are approximately 700,000 Syrian refugees in Turkey.  Horrific  violations of human rights carried out by the two Al-Qaeda franchises,  Al-Nusra Front and  ISIL, along with smaller groups of so-called "jihadis" and FSA in rebel-held areas within Syria have been as glaring as broad daylight since three years murdering over 160,000 people and displacing many more; and  Turkey wakes up now?

The West is still playing that old tune loud and clear, to "increase assistance to the cash-strapped and fractured moderate Syrian opposition battling Assad."   But Al-Nusra is still very much present in Syria; rather comfortably  commuting and lolling between Turkey and Syria.  Who will take the  trouble and responsibility to kick out Al-Nusra and at least three or four other Al-Qaeda  franchises from Syria and Turkey so that "increase assistance" to "moderate" Syrian opposition isn't grabbed by Al-Qaeda as has been happening for years?

If  Rajab Erdogan thinks he can double-cross Al-Nusra so easily, he could  be in for some awful surprises after carelessly turning his  country into a hub of international terrorists.  It's a tough and dangerous situation for Turkey.  A mere "policy shift" after a "high profile meeting" could be far from enough.  The chances are that the Turks will have to learn their lesson the hard way and ultimately pay a heavy price for electing a bigoted idiot as their PM for three successive terms. 

And is the West still stupid enough to believe that there is really something such as 'moderate'  within any of the factions fighting against the Syrian government?   Though there have been plenty of infighting between FSA and the al-Qaeda  groups, yet there is another side to it as well.  Many FSA fighters  have  joined different Al-Qaeda franchises (mostly Al-Nusra) who have been touting a very different agenda for Syria than whatever the West has in mind.

Recently addressing the US Military Academy, President Obama stated "In helping those who fight for the right of all Syrians to choose their  own future, we also push back against the growing number of extremists  who find safe-haven in the chaos."  But why weren't these  extremists pushed back earlier during the past three  years?  And  why wasn't there any support for millions of Syrians within and outside  the country who did want to choose their own future as recently as June  3rd?

To cut a long story short, this looks like another one of those wily stunts, blowing smoke up the butt cheeks.