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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Chronicles of ‪Al-Shaddadi‬ (north eastern ‪Syria‬) during ISIL‬ occupation

                                              Image source:  RT video
Shaddadi was liberated from the clutches of ISIL two months ago, February 2016, by Kurdish forces who surrounded the city after cutting off vital supply lines. Shaddadi is one of Syria's major oil producing cities. It was the most important oil smuggling route -- from Shaddadi to Aleppo to Turkey @ $30/barrel --- 6,000 barrels a day regularly sent to Turkey from Shaddadi in lieu of weapons from Turkey to ISIL occupied territories in Syria.

ISIL ordered all schools to be shut in Shaddadi. Boys as young as 13 slogged like slaves at Shaddadi's oil refineries with little or no pay.

When ISIL fighters learned they were trapped, they fled in a mad rush shaving their beards to avoid recognition. Their abandoned homes were strewn with shaven beards. Their deserted workplaces revealed invoices, documents and other transaction records of oil trade with Turkey indicating every detail including price per barrel, number of barrels and name of the driver smuggling each consignment.  Watch the video.

Kurdish forces mentioned they faced very little resistance. Passports of takfiri fighters from Libya, Tunisia and Kazakistan killed in Shaddadi bore stamps from Istanbul for entry to Turkey, the gateway for infiltrating into Syria. Captured Saudi and Turkish fighters in Shaddadi disclosed how easy it was to slip into Syria from unguarded Turkish borders.

During this proxy war, Shaddadi has had a harrowing history of terrorist occupations. It was first taken by FSA-AlNusra. Then Ahrar Shaam; and then Daesh (ISIL) showed up. Apart from the brutal murders/executions of innocent Syrian civilians, every bit of the city's infrastructure is wreaked. Formerly a peaceful, prosperous city, now looks like Mars!   ISIL's real purpose in Shaddadi was to smuggle oil for Turkey, otherwise the weapons delivery would be suspended. 

For details check:

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Burma: Land of the Buddhist Al-Qaeda

 While the West gloats on ""democracy"" in Burma, abuse of minorities slides from bad to worse to horrific!

Recently a group of 21 Rohingya Muslim men and children who were imprisoned in apartheid concentration camps of Burma with many more of their brethren, decided to travel by boat to seek essential supplies of food and medicines. They are not allowed to travel on land.  Unfortunately the boat capsized.  Fifteen bodies are still missing.  A week prior to this tragic incident, another group of 65 Rohingya Muslims drowned and died when they tried to flee the unbearable conditions in Burmese concentration camps where the Muslim minority are held prisoners in their own country.  The international media never uttered a word on either of these recent tragic stories and many more.

Buddhist bigotry against minorities has widened after Burma's rigged elections of November 2015.  Christian minority of Burma has also begun being targeted.  On 22 April 2016, a group of 500 radical Buddhist monks and their armed thugs forcibly entered the church compound of Church of England in the central Burmese city of  Mandalay to build Buddhist religious symbols.  This is a wake up call for all Christians of Burma.  Mandalay is the second-largest city in Burma.  All mosques are banned in Mandalay.  Not just that, but Muslims are not allowed to own shops nor work as vendors in this city.

Aun San Su Kyi's participation in politics has worsened minority persecution and violation of their rights.  By denying to condemn the 4-year-genocide against the minority in a BBC interview last month, the 70-year-old stone hearted hag and crook-politician confirmed that she accepts playing the role of a silent spectator with pleasure and ease.  

Monday, April 25, 2016

Recording angels or Kiraman-Katibin (كراماً كاتبين )


As per the Commandment of Allah Almighty, each human being has been assigned two recording angels.  These angels  write down all our good and bad deeds, thoughts and feelings. "He is the Omnipotent over His slaves. He sendeth guardians over you until, when death cometh unto one of you, Our messengers receive him, and they neglect not."  (6:61) Al-Anam.    Also  "Or deem they that We cannot hear their secret thoughts and private confidences ? Nay, but Our envoys, present with them, do record."  (43:80) Az-Zukhruf.

Allah Almighty created angels just as He created humans and other species.  Angels are incapable of disobeying Allah.  They follow His orders meticulously and most loyally.  Angels worship Allah Almighty alone.   As ordained by Allah, angels have a significant role in the life of human beings.  They are present with us (invisibly), they record our deeds and they are present with us while we worship Allah Almighty .. constantly noting every act and intent.  More on angels on our post Angels.

Allah Almighty created everything for a purpose. HE created the angels to worship Him and carry out His orders in the universe.  ".. who resist not Allah in that which He commandeth them, but do that which they are commanded."  (66:6)  Surah At-Tahrim.

These two recording angels are referred in the Glorious Quran as Kiraman-Katibin (كراماً كاتبين ).  This expression means  "honorable recorders" or "noble recorders."  An example of this expression are the following Verses.  "Lo! there are above you guardians, Noble and recording, Who know (all) that ye do."  (80:10-12)  Surah Intifitaar.

The Arabic terms "raqibun atidun" ( رَقِيبٌ عَتِيدٌ ) also used for the recording angels means "observer ready" as in Verse 50:18 quote:  "He uttereth no word but there is with him an observer ready."  In many articles written by our Muslim teachers who are not well informed mention of the recording angels named as "Raqib" and "Atid."  This is a totally wrong concept.  Please note,  raqib means observer or watcher and atid means to be ready or can also be interpreted as being prepared.  Hence, the vigilance or the alertness of the two recording angels are being described in the Verse as observers who are ready for their job of recording the deeds of every person.  Similar to the expressiion "two Receivers" in the previous Verse 50:17 quote "When the two Receivers receive (him), seated on the right hand and on the left," 

Another point that needs to be clarified emphatically is that uneducated clerics are spreading the story that the angel on one side of our shoulder is named 'Raqib' (Observer) while the one on the other side is called 'Atid' (Ready).  Needless to say, this idea is completely false.  First of all, the terms raqib and atid are NOT proper nouns. The word raqib or observer is a common noun and atid or ready is an adjective.  Secondly, the Quran does NOT mention any angels by their particular names placed on our shoulders.  We only know that there are 2 angels recording our deeds by our sides.  That's all.

The Quran mentions only four angels by name - Gibreel, Mikaeel, Harut and Marut.  For details kindly check our post Names of angels in the Quran.

Our acceptance of the presence of angels around us makes us feel that we are surrounded by other creatures of Allah everywhere we go, and that Allah Almighty is in charge of everyone and everything.  Alhumdulilah.   We can only confirm what's confirmed in the Quran that there are angels responsible for guarding people throughout their lives.   "For him are) successive (Angels) from (before) (him) and from and behind him, who guard him by (the) command (of) Allah."  (13:11) Ar Raad.   Human curiosity often runs wild with queries asking "if angels are guarding humans all the time then how do we fall prey to dangers?"  Well, God Almighty never promised anyone in this world that they wouldn't face a variety of unpleasant and difficult situations.  Neither did God ever guarantee anyone that they would never be victims of tyranny or tragedies.   This earthly world is a place for trials & tribulations, pain & misery.  The Quranic expression in the above Verse "They guard him ...." refers to the fact that no humankind is ever truly alone.  Allah has appointed His creatures, the angels, to watch each one of us, humans.  The basic purpose of angels guarding us refers to the existence of permanent witnesses recording all our deeds.  It's yet another display of the amazing power of Allah The Almighty, His creation (in this case the angels) constantly working for Him, following His orders and obeying Him.

Then again, some folks may ask:  Since Allah can see everything and knows everything, what need is there for angels to be on our shoulders to write down what we do?  The answer is simple.  Yes, of course, Allah Almighty knows everything.  The reason why deeds are written down or recorded is only to serve as witnesses against us on the Day of Judgement, to confront us with the precise acts and intents we performed or harbored that will leave us wonderstruck and fearful as most humans presume that Allah isn't aware of everything they do.  They take HIS All-Knowing Supreme Power as a joke.  But when they  see their own kitab (book) spelling out each and every deed of theirs noted in it, they will be dumbfounded and unable to make excuses nor refute it.  The recording book will be a pleasure for the righteous, but will leave the wrong doers numb with fright.  They will be left with no other argument but to concede that they were sinners / violators / transgressors.  This is Allah's purpose of writing our deeds, to prove to our own selves everything we did as evidence that Divine Justice is flawless; that in the Hereafter Allah only punishes us for the violations we committed in earthly life.  Thus, Allah says:  "And every human being's destiny have We tied to his neck; and on the Day of Resurrection We shall bring forth for him a record which he will find wide open; [and he will be told:] "Read your record! Sufficient is your own self today to make out your account!"  (17:13-14)  Surah Al-Israa.

Verses 17 to 21 of Surah Qaf are worth noting.

"When the two Receivers receive (him), seated on the right hand and on the left, He uttereth no word but there is with him an observer ready. And the agony of death cometh in truth. (And it is said unto him): This is that which thou wast wont to shun. And the trumpet is blown. This is the threatened Day. And every soul cometh, along with it a driver and a witness."  (50:17-21) Surah Qaf.

The above Verses describe the time of the soul's departure, that is, death.  The "two Receivers"  are apparently the recording angels who will receive the departing soul at the time of death.  And then on the Day of Resurrection and the Day of Judgement, the same two recording angels - "driver and a witness" - will accompany each soul.

There are several more Verses in the Glorious Quran that refer to the recording angels.  Those Verses are quoted as follows for a clearer understanding of this aspect.

"And every man's augury have We  fastened to his own neck, and We shall bring forth for him on the Day of Resurrection  a book which he will find wide open.  (And it will be said unto him):  Read your Book. Your soul sufficeth as reckoner against you this day. "  (17:13-14  Al-Isra)  NOBLE QURAN.

"And the Book is placed, and you see the guilty fearful of that which is therein, and they say: What kind of  a Book is this that leaves not a small thing nor a great thing but has counted  it!  And they find all that they did confronting them, and your Rab wrongs no one."   (18:49 - Al-Kahf)  NOBLE QURAN.

"Say: Allah is more swift in plotting. Lo! Our messengers write down that which ye plot."  (10:21)  Yunus - NOBLE QURAN.

"And thou (Muhammad) art not occupied with any business and thou recitest not a Lecture from this (Scripture), and ye (mankind) perform no act, but We are Witness of you when ye are engaged therein. And not an atom's weight in the earth or in the sky escapeth your Lord, nor what is less than that or greater than that, but it is (written) in a clear Book."  (10:61)  Yunus - NOBLE QURAN.

"Or deem they that We cannot hear their secret thoughts and private confidences ? Nay, but Our envoys, present with them, do record."  (43:80) Az-Zukhruf.

Hadith claims "good relations" more important than prayer, fasting & charity

As-salaam Alaikum sisters and brothers.

The following is the lousy unauthentic hadith I want to discuss:-

"Do you know what is better than charity, fasting and prayer?  It is keeping peace and good relations between people, as quarrels and bad relationships destroy mankind."

This offensive false hadith is from  Tirmidhi 2509, Abu Dawud 4883 and Bukhari 391 (a collection which the Hadisthists call "Adabul Mufrad").  A few other smaller hadith sources like Ibn Hibban and Al-Ihsan etc. have also narrated this falsehood.  All of these liars have declared this forgery as "authentic" or "sahih" by wickedly attributing it to our beloved Prophet (pbuh).

One hadithist tried to save himself from shame by claiming it refers to "voluntary" fasting though the hadith doesn't allude to that nor does it specify it.   Then also, what about charity and prayer?  He had no answers except the usual display of hostility. 

So .... according to this hadith, there should be no reason why a clever disbeliever expert in the practice of constructing "good relations" (for all sorts of reasons) cannot be better than an honest and kind believer who prays to Allah, gives charity and fasts but cannot maintain friendly ties with sly and cunning kuffar.  Well yes, this is precisely what the hadith under discussion includes and also alludes.   The mere expression 'good relations' is hypothetical.  It incorporates a huge assortment of relations many of which may not be Halal either.

But most importantly, would the Prophet (pbuh) ever say something to diminish the importance of the vital duties of every believer confirmed by the Noble Quran - prayer, charity and fasting - to promote general good relations between people?  The Prophet (pbuh) would NEVER say any such thing even by defining good Halal relations.  Good relations reflect good conduct, and good conduct enumerates from the principles set by Allah Almighty.  Prayer, fasting and charity are the basic principles teaching good conduct - goodness with the thought of Allah - NOT separating Faith from good conduct.  Bukhari & co. are clearly trying to dismiss this concept which must be indispensable for a true believer.

The Noble Quran has made it ample clear that mere good conduct without the thought of Allah Almighty or without belief in Him will be rendered useless in the Hereafter.  This does not mean that Allah is referring to ritualistic worshipers who offer prayers, observe fasting and give charity in a customary manner without utilizing all its principles to benefit their character.  Rather, belief in Allah The One and Only resulting in good conduct while interacting with humanity is the true Faith and the command of The Almighty.

To claim that maintaining "good relations" is better than prayer, fasting and charity also includes disbelievers, secularists or atheists who may establish "good relations" and their conduct might seem pleasing to you. Concerning such people, their deeds will not be fruitful in the Hereafter.  You can read this topic in detail at Good conduct without belief NOT enough to enter Paradise.

Do not please misunderstand my point.  Needless to say, I'm not against friendly relations and mending fences which is very important according to Quranic values, provided the persons concerned are worth it.   But can anything be more important than our spiritual duties confirmed by Allah Almighty as the deriving source of excellence and good conduct without which majority of relations are thoroughly lacking in trust, selflessness and consistency? 

Also, there are all sorts of folks around.  Though good relations is a positive step, it's not a compulsion if you're not compatible with someone who is getting on your nerves.  In that case we have every right to quit their company peacefully.  Allah does not force us to keep in touch with those who aren't like-minded and with whom we have irreconcilable differences.  For example, a true believer will never be comfortable in the company of a crafty kaffir or a hypocrite or some thick skinned secularist etc.  In this case the believer is fully entitled to kick out those critters from his or her life with the words "Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion."   But Bukhari, Tirmidhi etc. never believed in the Quran so it's pointless expecting them to consider Quranic principles of justice and fairness.

Bukhari & co. who were new converts from Zoroastrianism, paganism and altered Judaism are trying to promote secularism through this Hadith by very disrespectfully disregarding basic Quranic tenets imperative in the life of every true believer.  You will find many more falsehoods written or compiled by these lowly scoundrels on similar lines to dupe unsuspecting minds hovering around a weak iman.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Husband is not wife's boss, but both of them are slaves of Allah

The following illustrated statement was put up by a Facebook page called "Quran Explorer."  Yet the page has overlooked a basic principle of the Noble Quran. 

Read the following and see if you can catch the blunder.

Here is the truth which the Facebook page overlooked either ignorantly or intentionally.

Indeed we are all slaves of ALLAH. That goes without saying.  But if a husband is as pious as his wife, he should know he is a slave of Allah without the need of constant reminders from his wife. Furthermore, a true slave of Allah is humble who would never like to be treated like a "king" by anyone, particularly not by his housefolks.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hadith punishment in grave for wetting clothes with urine? Just crazy!!

As-salaam Alaikum everyone.
We have already discussed at Muslim Villa the gross misinterpretations of Quranic Verses by Hadith "scholars" trying to justify the un-Quranic concept of punishment in the physical grave. Check our thorough analysis at the above link please, if you're not sure of this topic.

Another absurd blunder by the unauthentic institution of Hadith claims that there is also a punishment in the physical grave for those people who could not keep their clothes clean or dry from the impurity of urine.  Apart from the fact that punishment inside the grave is not stated anywhere in the Quran, let us focus on the other aspect claimed by Hadith on Divine punishment for those who couldn't keep their clothes dry from urine.  Following is the silly Hadith.

Sahih Bukhari, Vol 2, Book 23, Hadith #443]
The Hadith of Ibn Abbas narrated that The Prophet once passed by two graves and those two persons (in the graves) were being tortured. He said, "They are being tortured not for a great thing (to avoid). One of them never saved himself from being soiled with his urine, while the other was going about with calumnies (to make enmity between friends). He then took a green leaf of a date-palm tree split it into two pieces and fixed one on each grave. The people said, "O Allah's Apostle! Why have you done so?" He replied, "I hope that their punishment may be lessened till they (the leaf) become dry."

Also quoting the scrappy commentary of a thoughtless Hadith follower below:

In the above Hadith it is clearly defined that the one who does not take precaution against urine deserves the torment of the grave. Imam Ibn Khuzaimah reported in his Sahih on the authority of Abu Huraira that the Prophet said: "The maximum torment of grave is for not avoiding urine", i.e. for not having kept away from urine to touch one's body or clothes. One reason for this torment might be that not cleaning oneself from urine causes ritual impurity and in the state of impurity prayer of the person is not valid so it causes annulment of the prayers which is also another great sin. Allah knows best.

If the clothes of a normal adult get polluted by urine, it can only happen if urine falls on the person accidentally from somewhere in the surroundings, in which case of course, that person will surely change, wash and perform a fresh wudu.  Or, it can happen if the person has a health problem involving incontinence or partial incontinence when the bladder cannot  control the urine.  Otherwise, no one ever enjoys peeing on their clothes for the fun of it.  Those who are totally incontinent have a catheter attached to their bladder and urine keeps dripping into the catheter almost constantly.  Such conditions of incontinence or partial incontinence can happen because of many different medical reasons and can happen to anyone, to a sincere believer or a disbeliever.  Supposing it happens to a true believer with a firm iman and profound love for Allah Almighty in their heart.  Would any one be stupid enough to claim that despite the believer's sincerity, Allah won't accept them because of their health problem which, needless to say, is NOT their fault?  Allah Almighty has confirmed repeatedly in the Noble Quran regarding His mercy, clemency, His eagerness to forgive and His infinite bounty & love even toward those who are not too worthy.  Will Allah ever punish anyone (not in the grave but in the Hereafter) whose bladder failed and the person was medically incontinent?  If such a person is a disbeliever, they will surely be punished for their disbelief, not for being physically unable to control their urine because of a medical condition.  And such a thing can only happen if there is a medical condition.  I repeat, there is no such notion as intentionally spraying your clothes with pee, unless you have a mental health issue.  In that case again, The Almighty will judge the matter from a very different perspective.

This nonsensical Hadith is talking about normal adults wetting their clothes, as if it's some sort of common sport which people go about playing to get a kick out of it.

When will the Hadith institution wake up and quit babbling such insanity?

If any believer reading this has a medical problem causing incontinence or has a catheter attached to their bladder, please know that you do not have to worry about it at all.  You can perform Tayyumum or dry ablution and offer all your salats just like anyone else.  All you need to focus upon is your sincerity towards Allah, The One and Only, and your righteous intent/deeds based on Quranic instructions and principles like it's required of any normal believer.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Dismemberment of Syria remains Erdogan's only hope to save Turkey

                                                       Brokered by America
                                             Image from RozNama Wordpress

 #UncleSam -
Delightfully creating monsters and then telling its people to watch out and run.

#Turkey - dismemberment of #Syria  is #Erdogan's only hope to save his own country.

#Daesh #AlNusraFront #FSA etc. etc. all of the #AlQaeda family tree.

After ganging up with the Turkish government for half a decade to arm, reinforce and entertain Al Qaeda groups - never to forget that memorable image of #SenatorJohnMcCain speaking to #Daesh leader #AlBaghdadi for sending fresh consignments of firearms - the #US tells its diplomats and military personnel on March 28, 2016 to leave southern Turkey due to "increased threats from terrorist groups." This style of preconceived perversity is all to familiar and has been the brainchild of Uncle Sam for decades across the globe. It marks the final stages of each of its destructive setup on foreign soil. And what happens to many of those poor Turkish civilians who never opted for all of this crap and cannot leave the land either?  Well, Uncle Sam apparently thinks that is their problem.

Tragically for Erdogan, 5 years have passed and Syria isn't showing any convincing signs of losing the war. And with Uncle Sam's unpredictable mood swings getting ever so frequent plus the political uncertainties that lie ahead with a new president coming into the #OvalOffice in less than 9 months, it's all quite unnerving. Many terrorists inside Syria are on the run. They cannot return to #SaudiArabia nor to the countries they originally belong where they will be incarcerated if nabbed. Their only safe destination is Turkey. That gives the Turkish leader another reason to pursue the war in Syria, to prevent the chickens coming home to roost, in addition to his persistent hatred for #BasharAssad and his crazy traditional fantasies of #AttilatheHun.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Armenia, Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan. More to the story than meets the eye?

    Source:  Video Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty

#Armenia has been characterizing itself as a "victim" of "genocide" since the last 90 years with loads of sympathy from the West, as expected. We are seldom told that this ""victim of genocide"" has been an occupying country for over two decades. #NagornoKarabakh, a province of #Azerbaijan, was taken over by Armenia in 1994, after a protracted war between Armenia and Azerbaijan that began soon after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. While 200,000 Armenians were displaced from Azerbaijan, over 800,000 Azeris were displaced from Nagorno Karabakh at the end of that war. Though the #UN recognizes Nagorno Karabakh as a province of Azerbaijan, never does the West refer to it as an occupied territory.

After a gap of some 20 years, fighting suddenly erupted in Nagorno Karabakh five days ago, April 3rd 2016.  Several civilians have reportedly been killed by Armenian forces. The international media says it's not clear who started it and why. But eyewitnesses based in Nagorno Karabakh confirm shots began being fired by Armenian forces with the appearance of tanks for no immediate or recent causes they know of. 

    Volunteers going to the frontline to join self-defense army of Nagorno Karabakh.
     Source of image: Reuters/Hrayr Badalyan/PAN Photo

#Russia has carefully been maintaining a neutral stance. Peace in this region is of utmost importance to the Russians because of its close proximity to their homeland.

The entire belt comprising of Azerbaijan, Armenia and the Armenian-occupied Nagorno Karabakh form a buffer zone between Russia and #Turkey. Trouble in Nagorno Karabakh at present would be hugely beneficial to #France, #UK and #US (aka #FUKUS). It would be a welcoming distraction if Russia got bogged down in the old conflict of Nagorno Karabakh, taking precedence over Russian interest in #Syria.

Cajoling Armenia to work in favor of FUKUS by fanning the embers of a smouldering fire would be no difficult deal to make.

Last but not least, despite Turkey's officially friendly ties with Azerbaijan, #RajjabErdogan would silently but joyfully love the idea of Armenian aggression in Nagorno Karabakh, if that facilitates his own aggression in Syria.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Aung San Su Kyi - Sickest criminal ever! She's the Radovan Karadžić of Burma

Recently BBC's Mishal Hussain interviewed the Burmese dissembler Aung San Su Kyi asking her if she condemned the violence in Burma against the Rohingya Muslim minority.  

Needless to say, this is one of the harshest 4-year ongoing ethnic cleansing, genocide & apartheid in Burma that has butchered and raped 300,000 Rohingya minority Muslims and displaced more than half a million, many of them locked in concentration camps and made stateless on their own land.  

Su Kyi replied she will not condemn it. After the interview while the microphone was still not shut, she was heard mumbling angrily, quote: ""I didn't know I would be interviewed by a Muslim.""

What makes the sub-human Su Kyi even more despicable than the Zionists, Sauds, US politicians etc. etc. is that these lowlifes make no bones about who they are. But the sub-human in this image is widely and traditionally depicted as a ""human rights advocate and campaigner of freedom & democracy"" making that portrayal the most misleading and cruelest joke in human history!

As wise minds have said so often:
"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor .... Silence in the face of injustice is complicity with the oppressor." Those words are the most precise and explicit description of Su Kyi's surreptitious intent and ideology who never gets hung up on ethics and unhesitatingly approves of turning her country into a slaughterhouse with the blood of the minority with complete disregard for peace and civilization.

Imagine the noise if a Muslim leader refused to condemn such genocide on public television against non-Muslim minorities in their country!

Sectarian differences within the Muslim world have further helped to overlook offenders like Su Kyi. Sunni Muslim governments often consider only Shiias to be their foes and do not bother to raise their voices against the oppression of Muslim minority by non-Muslim governments and their majority subjects. Similarly Shiia Muslims are too preoccupied with their own persecution by Sunni governments, and on the rebound, they sympathize in plenty with non-Muslim minorities in Muslim countries but forget the suffering of their Sunni Muslim brethren as minorities in non-Muslim states.

Those who rightly lambaste Al Qaeda and Talibans but prefer to stay silent at identical murders and mayhem committed by the Buddhist terrorists in Burma are sailing on the same filthy, hypocritical boat as the ruthless and unjust Aung San Su Kyi.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tawwakol Kamran of Yemen - a treacherous sectarian stooge rather than a peace lover

    Image from:  Syrian Free Press - Ikhras Shoe of the Month Award Tawwakol Kamran

Nobel Laureate Tawwakol Kamran of Yemen turns out to be a perfidious dirt-bag.  Not surprising, otherwise she would never qualify for that sleazy prize.


Proven again that the Nobel "Peace" Prize is the opposite of what it stands for.

Tawakkol Kamran was given the title "Mother of Revolution" by puppet lovers during the "Arab Spring," stage-managed by the CIA. And now, after leaving Yemen, she is slandering the homegrown Yemeni revolution led by the guile of her sectarian mentality. She claims the Ansarullah uprising is a tool of Iran which is orchestrating this war. The woman has actually called on the US to play a "bigger role to halt the war and revive a political process." In other words, this hater of sovereignty is inviting the US to help establish another puppet government in her country. Of course, she has been calmly silent over Saudi Arabia's brazen interference, brutal bombings and numerous war crimes across Yemen.

In 2011 she strongly backed the NATO-Al Qaeda led invasion of Libya. Her corrupted education has robbed the humanity within her and blurred her insight; she finds nothing wrong with Libya's calamitous transformation from a peaceful, prosperous and independent welfare state to a land ravaged by anarchy, death and debris.

As expected, Kamran presently supports the downfall of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. She is disappointed that the West isn't carrying out a similar Libya-type NATO led invasion and is trying to muster support for it.

Kamran visited the US in November 2014 and delivered a speech at CAIR (Council of American-Islamic Relations), the hub for Wahabi sympathizers and tale tellers in North America promoting sectarian divide. Back then CAIR was openly and fervently endorsing Al Qaeda (using the erroneous classification "Syrian opposition") against the Syrian government under Washington's protective umbrella. Goaded by CAIR, Kamran spoke much of her standard nonsense; also compared MB's Mohamed Morsi with Nelson Mandela. For her disgustingly crummy speech at CAIR, the Ikhras Foundation which announces the Muntazar Zaidi Ikhras Shoe Award bestowed the most appropriate prize upon this very unworthy woman. Writes Syrian Free Press, "The Muntadhar Zaidi Ikhras Shoe-Of-The-Month Award for November 2014 went to the Yemeni Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Tawakkol Karman."

For those who may not recall .... Muntazar al-Zaidi was the young Iraqi journalist who threw a pair of his size 10 shoes at GWB during the latter's farewell visit to Iraq. GWB narrowly dodged the flying shoes which is viewed as his only "success" during his disastrous 8 years in the WH. Zaidi became a hero overnight in Iraq and in many other countries, to the extent that reportedly the then puppet government of Nouri al-Malki ordered to destroy those shoes fearing they could become a part of Iraq's popular history, too embarrassing and derogatory for America.