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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Al-Nusra Front confirms U.S. support

                                             Image source:  Syrian Free Press

This hooded bandit is a senior Al-Nusra Front commander named Abu al-EzzRecently in an intervieiw with Sputnik News journalist, Jurgen Tudenhofer, this is what Abu al-Ezz said:

"We have US-made weapons and tow missiles.  Americans are on our side.  The missiles were handed over directly to us.  Americans are on our side.  We will fight until the regime is toppled ...."  The murderer also threatened that if the Syrian Army does not withdraw, Al-Nusra would not allow UN food & aid trucks to enter war torn areas to assist the sick and starving civilians.

So, dear peops, these are America's ""moderates.""

It unveils the secret behind the dross that is circulating about Al-Nusra "rebranding," quitting Al Qaeda and changing its name to Jabhat Fateh al-Sham.  Initially the gossip claimed that ANF changed its name to  fend off Russian air strikes.  Not quite either.  It was a mutual decision with US foreknowledge to fool the dickheads of the international community into thinking that this major terror group has quit Al Qaeda and is rightly defined as "moderates."  After all, the U.S. and its allies are well aware that Al-Nusra is the big boss and mentor of the small conglomerate of Syrian fighters.  The latter is too insignificant to handle the war without constant support from the former;  moreover their fundamentalist ideology is too closely intertwined for either of them to dump the other. 

Change of name is one hundred percent irrelevant.  Undeniably, Al-Nusra and ISIL sprout from nowhere other than the mainstream Al Qaeda international terror network.  They worked together for years in Iraq as AQI (Al Qaeda in Iraq under Abu Musab Zarqawi) until 2011 when they began dispersing to neighboring Syria for "better future prospects."  It's now straight from the horse's mouth.  While the United States has fallen out (a bit) from one of the AQ cliques (ISIL), it's officially giving weapons to the other (An-Nusra .. Jabhat Fateh Sham .... or call them what you like). 

More details at Syrian Free Press (link above with the image).

Friday, September 23, 2016

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