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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Surfacing of Brexist's dark undertones

                    Image source:   Huffington Post

One would think the victory of Brexit to be a positive step particularly for Muslims living outside Britain as it diminishes the influence of Britain's foreign policy which has been detrimental more often than not .... divided they fall sort of story.  One would also presume that the success of Brexit would have major economical benefits for Britons.  Apart from minor hikes on trade tariffs (which too can be waived if the free trade policy isn't abandoned altogether), the British government should now have more money to spend on its people.  Its prime excuse for harsh austerity cuts year after year was its responsibility to bail out poorer EU countries heavily under debt unable to repay without assistance of the richer ones.  That burden is no more.  However, it seems the common masses of no country are able to positively utilize the benefits of their own decisions.  It was shocking to learn that soon after Brexit, racism in Britain rose to astronomical heights almost overnight.  Probably it never occurred to a lot of us that Brexit for many locals wasn't about economic and political independence of Britain, rather it was distorted and aimed at achieving xenophobic goals and the destruction of multiculturism.  Pathetically it has erupted into an ugly fete for ultranationalists and traditional hardliners calling for ban on immigration and deportation of existing immigrants including those living in Britain for over three or four generations.  The buzzword "go back to your country" has been rumbling like a broken record.  Bulk of confrontational racism has reportedly zoomed against people of color (namely British Muslims) while Poles living in Britain have received more subtle humiliative goodbyes with snide expressions of gratitude for supporting Britain in WW2.  If that's the argument, then how about a slogan telling the Queen to go back to Germany whose great-great grandmother (Victoria Saxe Gotha-Coburg, the pride of the British royals) was half German, raised in Germany and spoke English with a very German accent?

Perhaps they aren't wrong when they say success of Brexit sprung from two aspects in the minds of the country's masses.  Yes, xenophobia;  undoubtedly that was one of the determining factors.  Secondly, a profound dislike of politicians, bankers and the country's aristocracy in the hearts of common Brits.  The second of the two gives us reasons for optimism only to get washed away by the first.

Yep, no end to strange surprises that just keep killing our good cheer.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Yemen | AQAP | US boots on the ground 2016 .. beyond a proxy war.

                 Image:  Sputnik

Barack Obama decided to display his arrogant madness one last time before leaving the WH. To deal with the gigantic disaster in Yemen caused by the brutal and incompetent Saudi/Emirati coalition, US troops have now been sent to handle its messy aftermath. This is Obama's decision WITHOUT congressional vote and NO legal authority.

US troops in Yemen will be fighting shoulder to shoulder with AQAP (Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula) which has served as an ally of the Saudi coalition in Yemen since July 2015. In February 2016 BBC confirmed the coalition and AQAP terrorists were fighting together against Ansarullah in Taiz.

AQAP has benefited immensely from its collaboration with the Saudi coalition. Once again the US has been instrumental in strengthening a rag-tag Al Qaeda offshoot into a prominent terror fighting force. AQAP is now an indispensable partner of the Saudi Kingdom. Presently it occupies a 400-mile stretch along the coast of southern Yemen.

According to Pentagon, US troops will stay in Yemen "for a short time" which means any length of time. The Saudis with their AQAP allies have already killed 7,000 Yemenis and wounded, starved many more. By the time US troops leave Yemen, those figures could rise three-fold.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Libya: Tears of Sirte (سرت)

                                        Source of image:  Middle East Eye
Daesh occupied Sirte.  The once prosperous and pretty coastal city is now hell on earth, even worse than Daesh occupied areas of Syria and Iraq.

The ongoing ruination of Syria and Iraq has distracted the world from Libya, namely the city of Sirte, where the  scenario is just as gory if not more.

Sirte (northern Libya) is the birthplace of  Col. Muammar Gaddafi and also the place where he was brutally murdered by Al Qaeda (LIFG) terrorists after being tipped off by allied NATO forces flying illegally over Libya in October 2011.  Ever since, there has been no let up in the chaos and in February 2015 Sirte, which is closest to Libya's largest oil wells, got to see its worst nightmare come true.  ISIL established its "caliphate" in the port city, unleashing  havoc unprecedented in Libyan history!  Mainstream media surmises that the number of ISIL terrorists in Libya is close to 6,000.  That's a conservative estimate.  Six thousand would probably be snuggling in Sirte alone.  A young resident described life under ISIL in just one word - "unbearable."  Most residents of Sirte have left.  Those who don't have the money to flee are stuck.

                                   Crucifixion in Sirte carried out by ISIL
                                       Image source: Akhbar Libya
Beheadings, surprise kidnappings and public crucifixions are the most mundane of daily activities. Even those obeying the rules of the terror group aren't spared. ISIL's "Charter of the City" declares all public funds must belong to the terror group.  Woes of the residents of Sirte go beyond the usual  downsides of a post-war city.  Initially the grocery stores were without food and hospitals without doctors and medicines.  Then it got worse.   Quoting Human Rights Watch, terrorists "control Sirte's port, air base, main power station and radio station, along with all local government offices and finances.  The group has also set up three prisons, closed down banks, and established call centers so that it can control residents' communication with the outside world."  ISIL controls most major oil wells of the country including Adjabiyah oil fields near Sirte.  Schools and colleges are shut.  Kids as young as 16 and under are being conscripted into the terror group.  Those who made a living practicing homeopathy and acupuncture dare not any longer. Several of them have been accused of sorcery and their heads cut off in public.  Wherefrom is ISIL getting its regular supply of orange jumpsuits it forces its victims to wear before slaughtering them and the numerous brand new Toyota pickup trucks fluttering the black flag are questions too simple to require answers. 

Of the myriad of Libyan rival groups confronting ISIL, most have been subjugated by the latter in one way or another.  If the US coalition ever decides to go up against ISIL in Libya, that could be mission impossible as there are hardly any Daesh-opposing forces on the ground to assist with counteroffensives.

What one fears may eventually happen in Syria has already happened in Libya with Sirte as its base.

If really there were any Libyan citizens who felt "hopeful" soon after the murder of Col. Gaddafi, as claimed by Western sources, its outcome has surely been the lesson of their lifetime incarnating the blunders of sheer ignorance.

Operation Get Gaddafi (NOT the "Libyan Civil War") was a milestone in the history of terrorism.  It established a very special bond between Al Qaeda and NATO which both hold very near and dear to their hearts.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The mega hoax on Assad "changing" the Quran

                                               Source of image:  SANA

This tale was fabricated last July 2015 and is intermittently popping up its head to incite mischief. The slander was purposefully unleashed by mainstream media, cashing in on the sentiments of Muslims around the world to defame the Syrian leader.  
While the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) stated that President Assad had "launched a new standard version of the Quran" (which meant printing a 'new edition'), the Western media and several anti-Assad Arabic outlets changed it to a "revised version of the Quran" alluding that Assad had changed parts of the original Quranic contents. The lack of details in SANA provided an opportunity to rogue mainstream channels to distort the truth with offensive headlines giving the impression that the ""Syrian dictator is tampering with the Quran."" Independent and VICE mentioned, “Syrian President Bashar al-Assad updates Koran .." and “Syrian President Assad’s Government Has ‘Revised’ the Holy Quran,” respectively. Newsweek, the most bloody-minded and ignorant of all, called it "new copy of the controversial Quran." Such grossly misleading captions were followed by furious tweets in the social media stating that the ""dictator,"' the '"filthy pig"" had derived a new idea to cling on to power ""by revising the Quran."" One can imagine the zealotry that must have erupted during Friday sermons in Wahabi infested mosques soon after this myth began selling like hot cakes to biased rabble-rousers.

What is being trumpeted as "Assad revising the Quran" is in reality and unambiguously the calligraphic beautification of the Arabic script of the Quran which is similar to printing a written matter only with a different font; it also includes works such as marking the start and finish of sentences in the Ayats, standardizing the size of the script and placing the phonetic marks on words to enable correct pronunciation. All of this is simply for the purpose of better legibility of the Quranic script and assistance in understanding the Quranic grammar. It was a laudable task successfully accomplished by Syrian religious academics. NOTHING of the original has been changed. Ignorant minds fail to perceive (or purposely won't) that changing the design of the script and changing the words or contents of that script are two VERY DIFFERENT aspects. The Syrian scholars have constantly been extra-careful during their work NOT to disturb the original contents, not even a single word.

The Ministry of Awqaf (Religious Endowments) in Damascus has issued a detailed report on their works concerning their strict and careful adherence to maintaining the original. This report has been intentionally ignored by the rumor mongers.    

President Assad's statement: “We truly need such acts at this critical stage of distortion and misleading when it comes to the Holy Quran and the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him),” was a reference to those changes of script-design and phonetics for simplifying legibility. But the rogue mainstream media and parts of the Arab world used it as a nasty innuendo on changing the Quranic substance. The original Quranic substance has NEVER been changed NOR as a practicing Muslim would Assad ever conceive of such a negative idea nor would the Syrian scholars ever indulge in it.

Take a look at the article by Ryan Shulz at StepFeed titled "Did Syria's Bashar Assad 'revise' the Quran?" Although this author is politically anti-Assad, he has rejected this rumor as flatly false and needless.

The Syrian state media also stated that copies of this new calligraphic version of the original Quran were sent to Egypt's Al-Azhar University which is the seat of Sunni learning in the Muslim world. Would Al-Azhar ever accept these copies if they contained changes of the original Quranic text? The work is an improvement on the style and functions of Quranic script for which the religious circles in Syria have labored much. Works on developing the Script for the benefit of readers have been taking place periodically from the time of the second, third and fourth righteous Caliphs soon after the compilation of the Quran and throughout the era of the Abbasids and the Ottomans; and Syria has since long been one of the citadels of Islamic learning in our history.  

Countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwiat etc. that are too busy squandering their petro dollars, jungle-modernizing their cities, destroying Islamic heritages and financing terrorists for killing civilians and bombing mosques couldn't care less for the Quran, let alone work hard for a beautiful presentation of the original Divine Book. Those who do not know the truth nor are interested in knowing it, have the 'right to remain silent' instead of claiming utter nonsense and maligning well-meaning people who are rendering useful services to the Most Noble Quran.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Ramadi (Iraq) | An illustrated example of American foreign policy

Ramadi was liberated from ISIL occupation February 2016 at the cost of total destruction.
                                                    Image source:  LobeLog

Civilians fleeing Ramadi May 2015.  It was hardest for children and the elderly.

                                          Image source: The Malay Mail Online

In a city of half a million, no electricity, no water, no habitable homes, loads of rubble everywhere.  Schools & health centers destroyed.  Roads and bridges in shambles.  All businesses shut, no jobs.  Displaced residents cannot return as  Ramadi is peppered with landmines and IEDs.  Airstrikes, shelling, booby traps ... 80% of the city flattened.  Worst  destruction ever in Iraq since 2003!  Heaviest losses caused by US coalition bombings, chasing out its own creation. Plenty of devastation also inflicted purposely by ISIL during retreat.  Cost of rebuilding estimated at more than $10 billion equivalent to 10 years of Iraq's budget.  With a crippled Iraqi economy, selling crude at $28/barrel, no one knows who will pay.  America won't even talk of it.

Adding insult to injury, a US official stationed in Iraq stated liberation wasn't worthwhile considering the extent of destruction caused.  Strange they never thought of that when they raided the entire country in 2003.

ISIL attacked and captured Ramadi a year ago May 2015 when Iraqi security forces fled the city.  Suffering of civilians was heart-rending, indescribable.  They were sandwiched between the violence of ISIL and the callousness of the Iraqi government.  Soon after the occupation, 40,000 civilians fled to the capital Baghdad for safety.  But the bridge was shut and they were refused entry.  Wary of a dozen ISIL militants suspected of infiltrating into Baghdad, the government barred 40,000 helpless civilians - thousands of them women, children and elderly in wheel chairs - from entering Baghdad.  They were left  unprotected in scorching summer temperatures and harsh sandstorms with no arrangements for food and water..  Many died waiting to cross the bridge.
Below: Library of the University of Anbar, Ramadi.  During ISIL occupation of Ramadi, they seized the campus and used it as their headquarters.  This is what they did to the library.  While retreating they set ablaze some parts of the University and blew up other parts.                                               
                                          Image source:  Big Story